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january 2018                                                       #102  

SallyAnne Santos

Happy New Year

This first month of 2018 will feature TWO Supermoons--  one on 1/2 and the other on 1/31!  A supermoon occurs when the moon is at its closest approach to the Earth, making it appear slightly larger and brighter than usual. The second supermoon on 1/31 (and last for 2018), Blue Moon will also be a Blue Moon-- so called due to the rarity of 2 full moons in one calendar month.

Let's hope that this exceptional celestial beginning bodes well for an auspicious 2018! 

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Narrows Center for the Arts 5th Annual Blues Festival This month the Narrows Center for the Arts presents their 5th Annual Winter Blues Festival on 1/12-1/13. Friday's line-up includes Carolyn Wonderland, Scott Sharrard (formerly Greg Allman's touring guitarist), Delta Generators and Black Cadillac Trio. On Saturday catch Anthony Gomes (whose website made me queasy- click at your own risk ;-), Damon Fowler, Neal McCarthy Band and Lois Greco.  Also this month are The Funky White Honkies (added show) on 1/4, Wille Nile Willie Nile on 1/11, Girls Guns & Glory on 1/20 and Tinsley Ellis on 1/25.

Among the eclectic offerings at the Greenwich Odeum this month is a screening of Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense on 1/27.

Here on the island you can easily hear local talent at any number of Open Mics. Among my favorites are The Wharf Pub on Tuesdays, Parlor Bar & Kitchen on Wednesdays and  Ocean Mic at Jimmy's Saloon every Thursday.
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Darkest Hour The Darkest Hour continues at the Jane Pickens Theater through 1/4. The Shape of Water is scheduled from 1/5 - 1/18 followed by The Phantom Thread opening on 1/19 and running through 2/1.

The Newport Public Library's Very Funny Film Series starts on 1/19 with Florence Foster Jenkins
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