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2020 has forced us to adapt in a multitude of ways in order to survive this once-in-a-lifetime experience we find ourselves in. As a small business, this has meant months of hard work to troubleshoot and navigate the uncertainty in order to completely reimagine what lujo bar could be and offer you as a 100% online retailer.

Keep reading to learn more about all the ways we plan to shower you with love.

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,
deserve your love and affection." - Buddha

By March 2020, it became clear that soap and hand sanitizer would be our primary defense in combating the 'rona. An interesting reality given I was sitting on a mountain of soap ready to sell and all events were being cancelled through the summer. The country was in lockdown. Shipping was at a crawl. It seemed at the time that although there was little I could do for the business, there was clearly something I could do for those with an immediate need for something as basic as a bar of soap. To date - and with help from friends, lujo bar has donated a total of 800 soap bars to local nonprofits, community clinics and transitional housing programs throughout the city of New Haven and the plan is to do more! Keep an eye out for the next blog release where I share more about the great work happening locally, testimonials and my own desire to do more.
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I'm excited that you've made your way to this post. First, it means people are visiting the website (YAY!), but it also means that folks are looking to see what's going on over here at lujo bar and that makes me very happy - so thank you!

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Starting October 2020 lujobar.com will launch our first monthly subscription box! Subscribers will receive a monthly assortment of signature artisan soap, shower steamer minis, shower whip and body polish. You can pick the fragrance profile and note any allergies or preferences and we’ll deliver your monthly handcrafted bath and body products straight to your door!
What's your favorite lujo bar product?
Artisan Soap
Shower Steamers
Body Polish
Shower Whip
Product Highlights
Amapola + Limón Bar | Mango Butter Collection
The Amapola + Limon Bar has a bright lemony scent matched with a bubbly soft scrub, providing skin with a gentle exfoliating cleanse.
Bamboo Dry Body Brush
The Japanese style dry brush has stiff natural bristles that provide a vigorous exfoliation and improves skin radiance.
Jardín Shower Steamers
An aromatic experience of fresh notes of cucumber, ivy and menthol makes for the perfect wake-me-up.
Sirena Bar | Shea Butter Collection
Nighty Night Sleep Mask | Leopard
Manzana + Champán Shower Whip
Aguacate Bar | Shea Butter Collection
Awapuhi Bar | Glycerin Collection
Natural Wooden Soap Dish
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