Do you use recycled glass? The presence of metal attached to cullet only adds to your complex task of risk management. As pieces begin to drill into the bottom of your furnace, a new potential hazard must be monitored.

I am happy to report that SmartMelter® has successfully demonstrated a solution to this problem for a major container glass manufacturer. Our team mapped the furnace bottom and demonstrated 3-D mapping of the infiltration.

We also had the recent opportunity to present SmartMelter® technology at Furnace Solutions 12 in the UK. This was our first time to attend the conference, and we were glad to participate in the conversation on practical glass issues.

All of these opportunities to showcase our technology have increased demand for our furnace monitoring programs. Therefore, our team is growing. We are currently looking for a Field Applications Engineer and a Mechanical Engineer to join us as we commit to maintain a high level of quality in both our product and our service. Please review our job postings to learn more about these positions.

We still have several veteran team members that we would like to you get to know. This quarter, Chief Scientist Eric Walton shares some insight into the development of SmartMelter® over the past several years, including the challenges along the way.

This has reminded us to appreciate the success of SmartMelter® as we remain committed to serving our customers well. I hope you enjoy the summer months ahead.

Yakup Bayram | CEO