april 2019


Happy 15th anniversary to US! Yes friends, that's right...if you've been living under a rock and haven't seen our "15 Years of marlo" on your Instagram stories or seen our anniversary-year logo splashed all over our social channels or read my m.pov, on April 1 we turned 15 years old. So that must mean I'm 35 (I know, I know...child prodigy  �� ).

Seriously, it's been a big month so far in marloland...and with much more still to come! First, you'll notice that this issue of marlo monthly strays a bit from its usual format; normally it's all clients, all the time. This month it's all marlo, all the time, as we reflect back over the past 15 years.

Because here at marlo we're all about the give back, we suggest you Marie Kondo your closets this weekend and pack up your gently used clothing, bags and shoes for our 4th annual #OneBostonDay clothing drive to benefit Goodwill. More on that, below.

This coming Marathon Monday will be  c old. And it will be rainy. But we've got you covered. I f you're in DTX, stop by for a complimentary cup of coffee to warm you up courtesy of your friends at marlo! We'll be located right in front of Macy's on Summer Street, around the corner from our office, passing out Starbucks coffee (the agency's first client, natch ��) to celebrate our milestone 15th with our neighbors and friends. For those of you who've attended our legendary Marathon parties in our old office at the finish line, you'll know why this day holds special meaning for us as we continue a tradition of remembrance based on giving back and celebrating life.

And finally, we've got a contest happening. More deets in the marlo monthly section... Insider tip: get your friends to enter and then make them promise to take you if they win the grand prize. Hey, you can thank us later! And THANK YOU, loyal marlo monthly readers, for all of your support over the past 15!

This very newsletter, marlo monthly, has hit thousands of inboxes every month since the first issue went out in January of 2005. The idea stemmed from the desire to use our network to deliver ROI to clients back when PR and advertising were the only two marketing options. (Can you even imagine such a world?! Oh, the horror!) The format and design may have changed over the years, but the concept has stayed the same: to offer the real deal inside scoop on everything from the hottest new nightlife destination to the newest must-try treat for your snack drawer.   
We thank you for being a subscriber and are grateful for those of you who read this all over the country and even internationally (ciao, Italia!). While we always encourage you to share the fun, this month we especially encourage you to let your friends know about marlo monthly; if  they sign up before the end of April, they'll be entered to win an exciting night out for two in Boston at just the kind of places you read about every month. 

And with a pro tip like this, we're pretty sure you'll lock in your spot as their date out on the town if they take the top prize!

marlo monthly  certainly isn't the only news you can use that we've long been delivering -- on January 1, 2009, we started m.blog . With posts every weekday, m.blog keeps your current events game tight with the latest on pop culture, trends & more, from the eyes of the savvy marlo staff. And, #humblebrag, but we've scooped traditional media more than once with our timely topics!
Whether we're dishing on the newest feature on Instagramthe latest boy band revival, or the weirdest hotel trends around the world, we guarantee you'll want to make m.blog your newest daily read (if you haven't already, of course). 

And for anyone over 40 (the truth comes out!), Marlo can attest it's a must-read if you want to stay relevant with what those crazy kids are up to these days! 

The most recent addition to our digital cache is probably our most exciting yet (but we could be biased!). This year we launched m.pov, a blog written exclusively by Marlo, featuring her signature unfiltered view on marketing, trends, generating ROI, and whatever else feels right in the moment. 

So far she's touched on  why allocating real money for marketing matters (hint: if you build it, they won't just come) and how to "hire for hustle." Make sure to check out the blog on the reg for plenty of insight & inspo from Marlo herself, including what it really takes to use marketing to build a brand!

In case you haven't heard (but we really hope you have), we launched a new website in January, and we are pretty frickin' proud of it. Not only does it better reflect who we are as an agency, but it kicks off the next era of marlo marketing with updated brand messaging, fresh case studies and more! Two words: it rocks!

Over 15 years, we've had the privilege of working with over 200 local & national brands across a wide range of industries, from food & beverage to beauty, hospitality to health and wellness, non-profits to real estate, and everything in between.
We are forever grateful to still be working with clients who've been with us since the old school days of the agency -- Eastern Standard, Grafton Group, SalonCapri, Narragansett Beer, Zoo New England, The Colonnade, and Bully Boy Distillers. In addition, we've partnered with household names like Perdue Chicken, Cape Cod Chips, Paint Nite, Pretzel Crisps, Publishers Clearing House, Shake Shack, Shinola, WeWork, and more during our tenure.

Whatever we're working on, we're always passionate about building brands and -- most importantly -- maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients forevea eva.

It goes without saying that marlo marketing wouldn't be what it is today without an amazing team of talented individuals over the past 15 years, each of whom brought something unique to the table and embodied a "good things come to those who hustle" mentality during their tenure. Since the day we opened our doors, our team has worked  our asses off doing what we love, and we've racked up more than 30 communications industry awards, including the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce's Small Business of the Year in 2018, Bulldog Reporter's "Small Agency of the Year" and "Best Agency Blog" in 2011, and several dozen Bell Ringer Awards from the Publicity Club of New England to prove it!
As for our namesake, Marlo was named one of Boston Business Journal's "40 under 40" in 2006, one of BizBash's "Most Innovative People in Events" in 2011, a Player by Stuff@Night (remember that one!) in 2007, one of Boston magazine's 25 Most Envied People in October 2008, and has been recognized by PR News and featured in PRWeek, among many others.
And earlier this year, Marlo was awarded a Pinnacle Award for Entrepreneurship from the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce -- an impressive achievement to kick off our 15th year!

We like to say giving back is in our DNA; philanthropy has been a part of our MO since day 1. We have been honored to donate our time and services to countless organizations over the years, including Rehearsal for Life, Boston Police Athletic League, Rodman Ride for Kids, Boston Bites Back, Esplanade Association, Jumpstart, Boston Book Festival, Goodwill, Dress for Success, ReadBoston, United Way, the Emerald Necklace Conservancy, The Wonderfund, and many, many more.

Since the inception of #OneBostonDay in 2014, we have held a clothing drive for Goodwill (this year's drive runs through April 19 -- stop by any day between 9AM - 6PM to drop off your donation and say hi!),  as our way of "paying it forward" and showing solidarity on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. 
Whether we are redesigning a non-profit's logo to better represent its mission or digging through our closets to donate to those in need, we are committed to giving back to our community now and in the years to come.

coming down the pike
April 12-14:
April 17: Earth Day at Franklin Park Zoo
April 20: Bunny Bonanzoo
April 28: 10th Annual HAIRraising Charity Cut-A-Thon at SalonCapri
May 3: Banned in Boston