august 2018


We're in the dog days of summer...and we're not hating it! We'll take the intense heat and humidity over the snow and sleet of the dog days of winter any day -- especially when we've got a new spot to get our fried clam fix on, interesting things to read on our iPad at the beach, and  Ros é Gin. Yep, you read that right: Rosé Gin. Read on for more deets on all!

Plus, August gets us closer to September, which means DETROIT! If you're still thinking about joining us, sign up stat as we only have a few spots left. We've got a great crew, a killer agenda, and a city that should be on everyone's Bucket List. Hope to see you there!

kristin canty
In a time when juice detoxes, crystal healing and trendy fitness studios are synonymous with wellness, it's important to remember that, sometimes, the best remedies are the most simple remedies.

Kristin Canty learned that firsthand when she set out to find a way to manage her young son's debilitating asthma and numerous environmental allergies (a feat all of his doctors had given up on). Much to her surprise, her son made an impressive recovery after she began incorporating raw milk into his diet. Raw milk was Kristin's gateway into the healing powers of ancestral health -- an approach to food that is defined by traditional farming practices and the consumption of raw and fermented foods -- and she's gone deep, way deep, ever since!

Today, Kristin is one of the country's staunchest advocates for ancestral health and sustainable farming. When she saw small family farms being shut down by the government, she became a first-time filmmaker, directing and producing Farmageddon. She opened one, then two and soon-to-be three restaurants that are inspired by the principles of ancestral health. Oh, and she bought a farm to ensure she could provide the quality of product she would need to support her restaurants.

So while we aren't ready to give up our monthly yoga studio membership yet, because of Kristin Canty, we are totally sold on the power of ancestral health. Learn more at her just-launched website, chat her up at one of her restaurants or watch her movie...and we're pretty sure you'll say the same.
bob's portland
We've all heard the phrase "less is more ;" we would argue, "less is more, but consistency is key." And nothing is more consistent in our eyes than Bob's Clam Hut: a 60+ year-old iconic seafood shack that  has been filling the bellies of discerning seafood lovers, faithful locals, hungry vacationers and outlet shoppers   with fresh, classic fried seafood since the '50s. Now, just in time for the heart of the summer season, Bob's is taking its talents up the coast to Portland.
Bob's second location retains the nostalgic feel of its Kittery mainstay, but adds a more modern aesthetic fitting to its new Portland residence. On the menu are all the summer staples you have grown to love, with a few newbies like enhanced salads, seafood tacos and a Fried Lobster Tail basket. A rotating list of area craft brews from Maine Beer Company, Allagash, Oxbow and more serve as a refreshing complement to a mouth-watering meal.
You don't have to be flashy to win over the hearts (and stomachs) of generations of seafood lovers -- you just have to make damn good food, every time, and serve it with a big ass smile. Check, check & checkity-check!

dry line cape cod rosé gin 
From fashion to branding, tufted couches to Starbucks drinks, "millennial pink" is having a serious moment (if a "moment" = five + years). While pink is traditionally a feminine color, millennial pink is much more androgynous -- a "genderless mascot," according to New York magazine, and a symbol of a more progressive generation. History aside, millennial pink is Instagrammable AF and just plain pretty, which is why we've had a collective obsession with rosé wine that we're pretty sure will translate into South Hollow Spirits' just-launched Rosé Gin.

The Cape Cod-based distiller's new Rosé Gin blends the distillery's signature Dry Line Gin, which is distilled from 100% cane sugar and infused with locally-grown botanicals, with an elegant rosé of California Grenache, creating a delicious, perfectly pink-hued spirit. The refreshing, nuanced gin is delicious sipped on the rocks, with tonic or in any of your fave gin cocktails -- talk about a perfect end-of-summer sipper!

While here at marlo we are forever loyal to our signature orange, when it comes to South Hollow's newest spirit -- we say "yes way, ros é " all day long! july
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August 15:
August 16:
August 18:
August 21:  roofTOP Chefs, guest Chef Brian Poe, Tip Tap Room
August 25: 
Teddy Bear Check-Up Day at Stone Zoo
August 29: 
RTP Yoga with Rebecca Pacheco
August 30: 
'Kick it' with Eliza at RTP
September 8: 
Gibbon Birthday Party at Stone Zoo
September 9: 
Bully Boy Distillers Barre Class & Distillery Tour
September 11: 
roofTOP Chefs, guest Chef Mary Dumont, Cultivar
September 15: 
Ales and Tails at Stone Zoo
September 15: 
Narragansett Hi Neighbor! Fishing Tournament