While it may not be as bad as January 2021, so far January 2022 hasn't been all that. With Omicron surging, limited testing, and confusing AF public health guidance, I can't imagine there's anyone not wishing for a return to the simpler days B.C. While we can't assist with time travel, we can help you stay healthy both physically (via probiotics) and mentally (via chocolate, natch). Read on, and be sure to enter to win a $100 prize pack that will help boost that now-more-than-ever important immune system.

While the past couple of years may not have been the easiest at marlo (thanks, Covid!), I'm proud that we've continued to deliver the above-par work we have always been known for to our beloved roster of clients. Our creative work in 2021 was off the charts -- enjoy a small sample of some of the projects we worked on last year, and we appreciate (and are eternally grateful for) any referrals you may have to send our way. Finally, like seemingly every employer in the U.S., we're hiring to grow our team; thanks for helping to spread the word to anyone you think may be a fit!

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2022 (fingers x'd from February onward)!
The snow has arrived, and with it the adventure that is living through a New England winter. While there are many ways to make it through -- a long trip South being among the most effective -- indulging in a warm mug of cocoa comes in a close second. And this year, we've got just the place to indulge, Cocorico at the Omni Boston Seaport Hotel.

To find a bakery/cafe of this quality is rare, let alone in the lobby of a hotel. Once you learn it's from the team behind Coquette, Yvonne's, Mariel, etc... it all starts to make sense. Both the Dark and White Hot Chocolates are made by melting down Swiss chocolate with steamed dairy, almond, or oat milks. A selection of house-made syrups (caramel, lavender, peppermint) allow you to further choose your own adventure. Pair either with one of Pastry Chef Mai Nguyen's baked goods or Culinary Director Tom Berry's breakfast sandwiches and the adventure just got real.

So while we all make our way through the excruciating exciting journey that is winter in New England, trust us when we say this is one worth going out of your way for!

calise bakery
Ask anyone about their New Year's resolutions and eating healthier is sure to be at the top of the list. That said, after a month-long stretch of feasting on our favorite holiday treats, cutting out sugar and finding healthier carbs isn't always an easy feat!

Enter the latest offering from New England's favorite family bakery, Calise Bakery: the all-new Golden Flax Seed Scala Bread. Packed with protein, fiber, and nourishing Omega-3s (we know those are good for us, right?!), Golden Flax Seed Scala Bread is light and fluffy on the inside with a crispy golden flax seed coating that's sure to satisfy.

Whether you're craving a loaded avo toast, the ultimate sandwich with alllll the nutrients, or simply toasted with some butter, not only does Golden Flax Seed Scala Bread fit the "new year, new me" bill, it tastes pretty darn good, too!

golive & lively
You know what they say... "New Year, New Gut." Okay, maybe that's not exactly right, but that's what we're focusing on all 2022 long. Why? Because we know that the gut is the foundation of the body's digestive, metabolic, and immune functions AND we know those functions are critical to our overall physical and mental health. But where do you even start to get gut healthy?

You could try the trendy 'probiotic' product your kid showed you on TikTok, or you could take your chance on whatever is labeled "probiotic" and "prebiotic" in the grocery aisle. But, unfortunately, most of those contain little, if any, viable probiotics -- yup, true story. Enter GoLive & Lively Brand's ready-to-mix prebiotic and probiotic blends that are formulated (by a team of MDs, PhDs, dietitians, and microbiologists) to emulate nature and ensure live and active probiotics in every serving.

So while gut health may not be the sexiest of topics, it's one of the most important for one's overall health and well-being. So as our New Year's gift to our marlo monthly readers, we're offering five prize packs of their top-selling synbiotic blends, valued at $100.00 each! Click here for prize details, including how to enter, and then don't miss out on your chance to start the year off right by boosting your health from the inside out!