It's been a spectacular summer so far, with generally delightful temperatures and relatively low humidity. Alas, we're expecting the good times to get a little steamier next month, as the dog days of August set in, so this issue of marlo monthly shares three ways to stay cool: frappes, beer, and ice cream Sundays (not a typo). Read on for more!

The aforementioned frappes are only one of the many differentiating elements Kelly's will share with the rest of the country as the Boston institution begins expanding later this year. A great story in the Boston Globe ran earlier this month, with yours truly interviewed about our branding strategy, including going all in on the 3-Way. Intrigued? Click here to read all about it for yourself!

However, you choose to stay cool, enjoy every moment of the remainder of summer!
Iconic is not a word thrown around lightly 'round these parts. After all, we here at marlo have had the pleasure and privilege of working with some pretty damn great brands during our 18+ years in biz. But when we got a call from the folks at Kelly’s last year to help with a brand refresh as they prepare for national expansion, well, even our 'been there, done that' little hearts went aflutter!
Known for their signature thinly sliced roast beef sandwiches (the inspiration for the brothers who founded Arby’s no less. #NBD #FunFact) and seafood specialties since 1951, first and foremost we had to come up with a tagline that truly captured Kelly's GOAT status. After settling on Boston’s Legendary Roast Beef & Seafood, our team got down to business on the other phases of modernizing the brand identity which can now be seen in all its glory in the logo, website, and social channels…with much more to come (all you 3-Way fans, just wait for the Kelly’s Loyalty Program we’re launching shortly!).
Speaking of amazing New England traditions, if you’re planning to head to the Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival later this week, be sure to hit up the landmark original Kelly’s location just steps away, and order up a mouth-watering roast beef sandwich, fresh lobster roll, or tasty frappe right where it all began. Or, hold out (if you have more restraint than we do!) to check out new locations opening later this year in Florida and New Hampshire. Either way, Boston’s legendary Kelly’s is poised for a wicked great year with a brand new look and feel that's as fresh as its food!

You know that feeling when your bestie next-door neighbor from childhood meets your bestie next-door neighbor from adulting and they instantly hit it off? That. But make it beer. This summer, worlds collide in the best possible way as our friends at Narragansett Beer team up for the first time ever with fellow New England brewer Sam Adams. Hi Neighbor, indeed! Their limited release, Good Luck Malt Liquor, is a modern malt liquor interpretation crafted in celebration of the legacy of Rudolf Haffenreffer. We know what you're asking yourself: Rudolf, who??!! Well, kids, grab a brew and strap in for a quick history lesson...
A brewing pioneer and owner of the former Haffenreffer Brewery, legend has it that way back in the early 1900s the Haffenreffer Brewery was the hot spot in town, often frequented by Red Sox players for a good luck bevvie before games. When they closed their doors, the famous smokestack remained and eventually became part of the original Samuel Adams brewery. Now, where does ‘Gansett fit into this tale? Well, Rudolf Haffenreffer’s son, Rudolf II, left the Bay State for the Ocean State to become the owner of Narragansett Beer in 1932 -- talk about worlds colliding! 
And with that, class is dismissed -- now onto the beer. Good Luck Malt Liquor is available for a limited time at the 'Gansett Brewery in Providence and the Sam Adams Taproom in Jamaica Plain. Can’t make it there? You can also pick up 4-packs at liquor stores throughout Mass and Rhody. But whatever you do, be sure to raise a glass with your fave neighbor-turned-bestie today!

puro gusto
Convinced ice cream sundaes are just for kids? Think again! In Italy, there is a tradition of “drowning” gelato with a hot shot of espresso (a treat known as an Affogato al caffe), along with a custom of topping one’s gelato with a drizzle of olive oil and/or aged balsamic vinegar (hey, don’t knock it ‘til you try it!). In celebration of these Italian customs, Puro Gusto, downtown Washington, D.C.’s modern all-day Italian café, invites guests to turn their Sundays into Sundaes with “Affogato Sundays.”
Featuring two scoops of creamy gelato and an unlimited toppings bar, there are plenty of offerings for grown-ups and kids alike. Simply choose your gelato flavor, add a shot of espresso or make it a Sundae FUNday (wink, wink) by adding a boozy shot of Kahlua or Amaro. You can also try a drizzle of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar from D.C.’s very own Georgetown Olive Oil, or if you prefer to channel your inner bambini, try fun toppings like crumbled cookies, fresh fruit, sprinkles, mini Bombolinis and so much more.

Summertime Sundays are already special; add in a sundae and Sunday may just become your favorite day of the week!