Summer is so close we can almost taste it and -- one thing's for certain -- we'll definitely be tasting lots of delicious beverages this summer, specifically from longtime clients Narragansett Beer (12 years) and Bully Boy Distillers (10 years). Top off this issue of marlo monthly with another longtime client, Zoo New England (15 years), and we've got three of the reasons we're still in business following a global pandemic that destroyed 2/3 of the beloved industries in which we specialize. Grateful, always.

Speaking of restaurants, stay tuned this summer for news of the hottest new restaurant openings, as that industry begins its triumphant return. As we remain cautiously optimistic as the U.S. comes out of COVID, there's nothing cautious about the plans we're all making for the warm weather months -- wishing you tight hugs with family members and friends, live music, sweaty workouts at the gym, movies in the dark with strangers, and everything else we've collectively missed as a nation. We will absolutely raise a can or two to that!

narragansett beer
Few brands have as long and storied a history as Narragansett Beer -- it became the highest selling beer in New England in its first decade, survived Prohibition, quenched the thirst of Red Sox Nation, was famously crushed by Quint...the list goes on. Sure, our beloved 'Gansett went through some dark times in the 80's and 90's but, TBH, who didn't (looking at you in the neon tube top and rubber bracelets, Stacy!)? After being sold to its current Prez, Mark Hellendrung, in 2005, 'Gansett became cool again...and hasn't looked back since!

Now, 'Gansett's writing a new chapter with the return of its brewing ops to its home state of Rhode Island. Many years in the making, the new brewery in Providence's Fox Point neighborhood includes an indoor taproom and bar and sprawling outdoor patio with waterfront views of Narragansett Bay. Along with a range of craft brews, imbibers can enjoy a menu of delicious local snacks and sandwiches. Lee Lord, the first female head brewer in the company's history, is spearheading the creation of new craft beers on site, starting with three new releases: Prima Doppia, a hazy, full-bodied, double IPA; Musik Express, a balanced, fruity IPA; and Pink Boots Pale Ale, a collab with the Pink Boots Society. Diehard 'Gansett fans can get a first taste by purchasing cans to-go from the brewery.

We can't predict the future, but if the new brewery is any indication, we think it's safe to say that 'Gansett has many more chapters to write in the storied history of an iconic brand.

bully boy distillery
Summertime and the livin' is easy. Okay, COVID still exists, but this summer is fated to look quite different than last. Yep, we're talking ALL the restaurant dining, big gatherings with friends and -- according to the CDC -- mask freedom (for those of us who are vaxed, anyway)! Just in time for our warm weather activities, our friends at Bully Boy Distillers have whipped up not one, not two, but three new ready-to-drink concoctions that we'll be sipping all summer long.

Introducing Bully Boy Italian Iced Tea, Grapefruit Spritz, and bottled Negroni. Italian Iced Tea combines their award-winning Amaro with cold-steeped black tea and orange. Grapefruit Spritz is a crisp and refreshing canned cocktail that blends Amaro, grapefruit, and cherry. Add the bottled Negroni, an expertly balanced blend of Bully Boy's Estate Gin, Sweet Vermouth, and bitter liqueurs for an exceptional take on the iconic Italian cocktail, and you've got the trifecta of refreshing seasonal bevvies!

So, while we maybe shouldn't totally ditch all the masks just yet (thanks again for the confusing guidance, CDC!), we'll certainly be sipping and celebrating like it's 2019 this summer!

stone zoo
Zoom school, drive-by birthday parties, no visits with the grandparents -– COVID times have been no walk in the park for the kiddos (literally –- even parks closed for a while!). Now, the sun’s out, school’s out, and the youngins are ready to get a little crazy (sorry in advance, mom and dad). Here’s something to give the cooped-up kids something to roar about – the dinos have invaded Stoneham’s Stone Zoo!
At T. Rex Adventure, Stone Zoo’s newest seasonal experience, you’ll come face-to-face with colossal creatures from the past, from a towering 42-foot-long Tyrannosaurus Rex to the 20-foot long plant-eating Plateosaurus. Nestled within the trees, bushes, and undergrowth awaits an array of moving and roaring animatronic dinosaurs, as well as realistic dinosaur skeletons. The dinos are calling Stone Zoo home through September 6th and the exhibit is included with general Zoo admission (which should be purchased online in advance). 
Forewarning: things may get a little wild when antsy kids meet life-size dinosaurs. But hell, if you got through the last 14 months of remote/hybrid schooling without your sanity going extinct, you can get through anything, right?!