may 2019


Talk about an epic April! We celebrated our 15th anniversary in style, giving out coffee to passersby in our DTX neighborhood in homage to our very first client, Starbucks. And speaking of coffee, we launched a brand new ready-to-drink coffee, along with two other new bevvies, last month that we promise are going to rock your world this summer. Read on for more!

May is already shaping up to be pretty epic in its own right. I was humbled to be included in Boston magazine's 'The Powers That Will Be' feature, portray Kirsten Gillibrand in Rehearsal for Life's annual fundraiser, Banned in Boston, and we  learned that our annual #OneBostonDay Clothing Drive broke our previous year's record of lbs of clothes collected for Goodwill. It's the last one that means the most to me, and I thank all of you who donated for your participation in helping those less fortunate than us all.


elemental beverage company
As much as we love a good glass of cold coffee on a hot summer's day, we don't love the dilution that comes when we chill it with ice or the oxidation that is the dirty little secret of every overpriced glass of cold brew. Yep, with most cold coffees on the market these days, every sip just isn't as good as it should be. Problem. No. More. Enter Elemental Beverage Company and get ready to have your mind literally blown as you drink cold coffee with all of the flavor and aroma of hot coffee intact.

Just launched last month, Elemental's patented Snapchill technology harnesses the power of science to chill hot coffee in seconds -- no ice, no chemicals. Skeptical? Give it a try with one (or all) of their Single-Origin Snapchilled Coffees, available to buy online/shipped directly to your doorstep. Our fave is the Ethiopian Kolla Bolcha; ever hear of coffee described as "juicy on the front end, with hints of watermelon and lavender and a finish filled with sweet, luscious notes of raw honey" that actually tastes that way? Yea, that's what we thought!

So, ditch your overpriced cold brew and give Snapchilled a try. Just sit back, crack open a cold one, and enjoy being on the cutting edge of what promises to be the next big thing in coffee!

the rum cooperative
We've all heard the phrase widely attributed to Aristotle, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." In 21st century speak, we know this to mean that some things are just better together and, in the case of The Rum Cooperative, this certainly rings true. Yep, the boys of Bully Boy Distillers have done it again with the introduction of their new award-winning rum blend, an extension of their prized Bully Boy portfolio.
An expression of the Willis bros' passion for exploring unique flavors of rum across the globe, The Rum Cooperative blends authentic, super-premium rums sourced from five distinct rum-making regions: Panama, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Jamaica, and of course, Boston. Each has a distinct character, adding something unique to the spirit's diverse flavor profile. Beautifully wrapped with a design inspired by the local flora of the five regions and the composition of each spirit, The Rum Cooperative has earned a permanent spot on our bar cart.
We're fairly certain that were Aristotle still around he would be thrilled to see how far alcohol has come since his days of swigging mead with his buddy Plato. After all, a little bit of liquid inspiration goes a long way in all that philosophical thinking!

del's watermelon shandy
"Summertime and the living's easy." Okay, we prefer not to utter the "s" word until we are reclined on a beach chair with our newly-pedicured toes in the sand for fear that Mother Nature will hear us and have other things in mind...but stay with us.

Once again, Rhode Island staples Narragansett Beer & Del's Frozen Lemonade (name a more iconic duo -- we'll wait) have teamed up to create the ultimate summer sipper: Del's Watermelon Shandy. Joining the wildly popular Del's Lemon Shandy, Del's Watermelon Shandy is a refreshing addition to Narragansett's "Hi Neighbor Mash Up" series and is already hitting packies wherever Gansett is sold.

So, pack your cooler, stock up on sunscreen and dust off your beach umbrella because sum.... (uh...the "s" word) is right around the corner. And hey, those Del's Watermelon Shandies aren't going to drink themselves! may

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