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Hello !
Your encouraging messages and the offers of support have meant the world to us this week. As a small business owner, deciding to put everything we know on the line and suspend class was the toughest and most heart-wrenching decision we have made. What it came down to? When all of this is over, we want you to come back to us healthy and without heartache. We could not in good conscience even hold the morning classes once we came to the realization of what we really needed to do for our community. The very next day, the city of Dallas confirmed we made the right decision by saying we MUST close for the time being.

While we are closed, the expenses continue, and it weighs on us heavily that our instructors and staff are without the income they depend on. We are asking your help to support our beloved instructors, staff and the studio expenses (rent, utilities, etc) through t his MoveStudio Fundraiser, while we are closed during the health crisis.

It's only been a few days, but we miss you! We have been spending our quarantined time learning how can we connect with you virtually! Who knew MoveStudio would have online classes? Because we do now! We are learning and growing, which will only add benefit to you- now and in the future!

Join our new private MoveStudio Community Facebook Group, where we can connect, offer support, post resources, and announce scheduled online classes! Go there and see all the faces you know and love in your community, from fellow students to teachers. Also, 'Like' & review our MoveStudio Facebook Page, where online classes will be set up as events so you know when they are and how to join.

On to new horizons, together!

Jackie & Chad Smith