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New Technologies Serve Innovative Programs Worldwide

In a time when our assumptions about professional and personal life are turned on end, it almost comes as a shock to realize that major work proceeds and extraordinary feats are accomplished. Moore Ruble Yudell has been fortunate to have an exceptionally dramatic series of major buildings and sites now under construction and/or about to be completed. The new work represents our deep commitment to humanistic architecture and planning that celebrates our time with innovative approaches to building programs, spaces, systems, and technology. The five projects presented here use powerful organizing principles to bring together places of habitation at many scales, adapting the latest 21st Century design and fabrication capabilities to craft buildings that nurture community inside and out. 
In presenting these groundbreaking projects we also celebrate our forward-thinking clients, dedicated design teams, collaborating consultants and partners, and hard-working construction crews that provide the ‘energy of phase change’ from the virtual to the real.
A New Global Hub for Next Generation Leaders in Southeast Asia
Asia School of Business (ASB) / MIT Sloan  Construction Completion: Winter 2020

An international collaboration between ASB and the MIT Sloan School focuses on innovative teaching and research, supported by partnerships with industry and community, to address emerging global challenges. Teaching spaces are reimagined as flexible loft-like laboratories to create adaptable environments for experimentation, collaboration and emerging AR and VR technologies. Immersive Action Learning, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and digital and cultural leadership support student and faculty engagement in the world’s fastest growing digital economy. The 400,000 square foot graduate school is a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional Malaysian villages and combines with new housing for students and faculty to create a 24/7 community. The design integrates passive solutions, data driven environmental analysis and timeless techniques for sun control, daylighting and natural ventilation to respond to this tropical climate. 

Design Architect: Moore Ruble Yudell
Executive Architect: GDP Architects
Architecture and Design Power-up the Center of a Dynamic International Campus
College of Architecture and Design at Wenzhou Kean University (WKU)
Wenzhou, China  Construction Completion: Fall 2020
Kean University’s new campus exemplifies the successful collaboration of an American university with its partner institution in Asia. The new College takes front and center position as the gateway to WKU’s fast-growing campus, with a grand scale that addresses the major quad on one side, and a central campus lake on the other. A series of flexible loft spaces for labs, maker spaces, offices, and library form a 2-story podium for a pair of multi-level studio wings that hover above, all framing an 800-seat assembly space that serves the campus as a whole. The white-surfaced upper structure takes advantage of the strength-to-weight ratio of Ultra-high-performance Concrete (UHPC) panels to give a remarkable lightness to the 6-story high portico and ‘floating’ studio facades. The extensively landscaped rooftops of the podium and active ‘alleys’ between provide accessible outdoor learning.
“One Global Place” for Technology Enhanced Innovation and Collaboration
Arizona State University Thunderbird School of Global Management Construction Completion: Fall 2021

The new ASU Thunderbird School of Global Management creates a physical and virtual Hub for Global Leadership.  The project builds on the Thunderbird School’s founding mission to support global understanding and peace through dialogue and collaboration. A gateway identity in downtown Phoenix encourages ASU’s leadership in cross-disciplinary research and community engagement with adjacent institutions and industry partners. This 124,000 square foot project balances an array of technology enhanced research, study and collaboration spaces. The technology enhanced innovation spaces span all scales of collaboration—including a Global Forum for a 24/7 physical and virtual Hub linking students and Centers worldwide, an Innovation Center with immersive AR and VR research and learning, and Situation Rooms that allow teams to model real time global challenges and solutions.

Co-Design Architect: Moore Ruble Yudell
Architect of Record/ Co-Design Architect: Jones Studio
A First-Year HUB of Campus Interaction
Community Commons University of Denver  Construction Completion: early 2021

The Community Commons is shaped to create multiple scales of connectivity along tiered paths that evoke the canyons of regional landscapes. Spaces are designed to encourage interaction and welcome a diverse student community. The concept of “FLOW” –a guiding design principle--creates a fluid and dynamic environment to encourage the encounter of people, ideas, and resources. The 138,000 square foot project, in combination with a new First Year Residence Hall, is a major step in realizing the aspirations of DU Impact 2025. Generous openings interconnect multi-levels bringing daylight to interior spaces that include student services and support, campus dining, multi-use forum, event, and lounges. The building’s locally sourced copper cladding has antimicrobial qualities that are even more beneficial during the current environment.
Design Architect: Moore Ruble Yudell
Executive Architect: Anderson Mason Dale Architects
New Housing Captures the Scale and Serendipity of Dublin’s Historic Neighborhoods
Cherrywood Blocks 3 and 4 of TC4 Hines Global Development
Dublin, Ireland  Construction Completion: Summer 2021
Moore Ruble Yudell has designed one of the first blocks of Hines’ Cherrywood development at the edge of Dublin. The five-story complex features an irregular interior courtyard, shaped to maximize open space and to capture early morning and late afternoon daylight for 209 units. The street edge responds to the urban grid while interior open spaces are animated to provide a sense of diversity and surprise. Building massing is shaped into four distinct “Houses” to provide a residential scale and capture daylight and views- meeting carefully prescribed natural light requirements in Ireland’s housing codes. This distinctive character is accomplished using prefabrication throughout. Exterior façades are detailed in prefabricated brick panels. Interior planning makes use of fully finished ‘Pods’ for all bathrooms and kitchens.

Design Architect: Moore Ruble Yudell
Architect of Record: Henry J. Lyons
A Flexible Matrix of Media-Rich Spaces Points to the Future of Progressive Education
The Discovery Building at Santa Monica High School
Santa Monica, California   Construction Completion: Summer 2021

Education in the K-12 and Community College world is in constant change to meet the new demands of our economic, climatic, and social environments. To answer the progressive and fast-evolving educational aims at “Samohi”, the design team created a flexible, 3-story loft building with generous multi-activity classrooms and class labs connected by active student commons areas. Engineered for change, the new Discovery Building demonstrates the principles of Open Building- a comprehensive approach to resilient, future-ready design- using a unique, pre-fabricated moment-frame steel construction to eliminate obstructive shear walls in the large open floor plates, and adaptable building systems using raised floor plenums for air supply and wiring. An exterior courtyard and extensive rooftop areas provide outdoor learning and social interaction.

Co-Design Architect: Moore Ruble Yudell
Architect of Record/ Co-Design Architect: HED