Thank you for your continued interest in myTRI 2030. The monthly subscriber update spotlights one of the six Opportunity Area Councils (Agriculture, Education, Energy, Life, Inclusion, or Prosperity). This month the Inclusion Council, chaired by Kimberly Harper, shares how they are driving action and shaping the future of our region.
“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This quote speaks to the importance of recognizing our collective strength as a team and valuing the diversity of our individual contributions. 

It would be hard not to notice how much the Tri-Cities has grown in the past ten years. In that span of time, our beautiful community has welcomed citizens from all around the country - even from across the world. As we think about what it means to be an inclusive community, we have committed ourselves to having authentic conversations and thinking about how to work together to create “America’s Most Welcoming Community."

The Inclusion Council began meeting last spring and got right to work - developing a framework to guide how we do our work.

Early on, we utilized the Top 10 strategies as a North Star to think about how to describe our vision. Our vision is “to be a courageously authentic community that embraces its growing diversity”.  

Our mission is to CULTIVATE champions for an inclusive community; COLLABORATE with the entire community to create an inclusive future for all Tri-Citians; and CELEBRATE the advances we make in the development of our inclusive community. These subcommittees (Cultivate, Collaborate, and Celebrate) have been stood up to provide necessary focus.  

To that end, the three subcommittees for Cultivate, Collaborate, and Celebrate require leaders from the Tri-Cities that can influence, bring expertise and solutions, and meaningfully engage in the council’s work to meet its mission.  

As its initial project, the Inclusion Council will create a centralized, strategic DEI community partner with a mission to ensure access, equity, and inclusivity throughout the community; align organizations; cultivate and connect resources to needs; and promote best practices. 

Our inaugural project - with the over-arching goal of becoming “America’s most welcoming community” - will take a multi-pronged approach.  

We are standing up a DEI Speakers Bureau with the intent of sharing best practices/ concepts/applications in diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the community. The first speaking engagement is scheduled for August 19, 2021 with the Columbia Center Rotary Club. 

The Inclusion Council is also working with various subject matter experts and organizations to gather tailored Tri-Cities’ regional statistical data to inform a prioritized list of areas of foci around DEI - with the ultimate goal of putting together a regional “WE Day-like” event in 2022.

We are looking for interested parties in the Tri-Cities who are interested in adding value to this work. Please let us know of your interest in serving via one of the subcommittees described above (Cultivate, Collaborate, and Celebrate). 

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Based on the belief that our collective future is enhanced through collaboration, myTRI 2030 is a regional visioning initiative with the fundamental goal to engage the community, create a shared vision for the region, and drive collaborative action.

myTRI 2030 celebrates the Tri-Cities as the sum of multiple, distinct and independent parts, yet will provide a unified strategy for the future.

What makes myTRI 2030 unique, is the thoughtful and inclusive steps taken to build broad community support for both the process and the impending product.
Thank you for your continued interest in the progress of the myTRI 2030 Regional Vision Project. Your support is the key to success. For more information, or to get involved, go to