Military equipment—such as shipboard, surveillance, mobile artillery and control stations, combat aircraft and unmanned air vehicles—often consists of highly technological and sensitive electronics. It is likely that these electronics could be exposed to harsh environments, including extreme heat, dust, moisture, shock and vibration. Within these harsh environments, Card or Wedge Locks are used for printed circuit board retention and thermal management to ensure continued reliability and performance. 

nVent SCHROFF has worked with leading engineers in the industry to develop innovative board retention and cooling products to satisfy requirements for SWaP and Second Level Maintenance.
  • Reliably secure and cool mission critical electronics in military and defense as well as commercial aerospace applications
  • Meeting advanced requirements for heat dissipation and shock and vibration resistance
  • Allows for up to 15% increased thermal performance over similarly sized card locks
  • The HTS series minimizes thermal resistance and allows for heat to flow almost directly from the board to the cold wall
  • Featured sawtooth design provides a continuous and uniform surface along the PCB/heat frame and along the cold wall
  • Allows for up to 91% higher clamping force over similarly sized card locks (280HTS)
  • Drop-in replacement for series 260, 265, and 280 nVent SCHROFF card loks

Designed to retain and cool PCBs in rugged, heavy shock and high vibration environments commonly found in military and defense and commercial aerospace systems.

  • Order one part for the assembly: kitting including CCA, Card Loks, extractors, thermal pads, gasket and mounting hardware to simplify order management
  • High thermal CCA designs, with option of integrated HTS series card lok
  • Downloadable CAD/STEP files based on VITA standards
  • Custom design and build to print
  • 3D printed prototypes for fit checks at no cost

The need to simplify and streamline maintenance has resulted in Two-Level Maintenance requirements. Conduction cooled assemblies equipped with HTS Card Loks can be paired with 311 Tolerance Compensating Extractors to ensure effective and efficient maintenance.

  • Self-compensation for board tolerances
  • Positive pressure on connectors during Card Lok actuation
  • Compliant with VITA 48.4 & 48.2
  • Provides 10:1 mechanical advantage
  • Other high load extractors according to VITA and IEEE standards available

The nVEnt Technical Solutions Schroff Brand

A world leader in electronic packaging and protection for over five decades. When there is electronics to house and protect nVent Schroff Brand is your source for sound, reliable products and support.
The Schroff brand contains a broad product portfolio from printed circuit board (PCB) accessories, such as card retainers and extractors, front panels and handles to subracks, cases, backplanes, power supplies, cabinets and pre-assembled chassis for embedded computing systems.
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