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Measure seat height, handlebar drop, and more!
We showed a prototype of this tool at the CABDA Expo back in February to wide acclaim.  After more testing and improvements it is now available for purchase in 3 options.
This is an all in one tool for taking multiple bike set up measurements quickly and accurately. Click below to see the full description, options and pricing.
Yes, you can fit Mountain Bikes
Here in our bike fit studio I see quite a few mountain bikers. Some of them tell me they get laughed at when they go into their LBS and ask about getting fitted. They are told a fit is not relevant or needed on a mountain bike. Now as a group, mountain bikers generally don't place much emphasis on getting fitted, but if a mountain biker asks for a fit, encourage it and do it.  A cyclist who is uncomfortable and gets laughed at is about to become an ex customer. Do you want to keep or lose a customer?

For some articles directed toward mountain bikers about bike fitting, scroll through the blog posts on BikeFitr.
Builders Chris Connor and Jamie White comparing notes at NAHBS.
Fit Measurements for Frame Builders
I took the opportunity to attend the North American Handmade Bicycle Show held in Salt Lake City in March 2017 to meet up with frame builders and ask them what information they wanted from clients to ensure the bike was built to ensure a good fit between human and machine.
As expected, answers varied but there were some consistent and recurring themes.

Elevating the Cyclist's
Riding Experience.

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