[yep you read that right folks-- Co. Leg.'s Francena Amparo, Hannah Black, Kari Rieser, and Craig Brendli all signed on to my new  letter below to Cuomo/DEC and state legislators to stop Dover's 1100-megawatt frack-gas Cricket Valley power plant and Orange County's 650-megawatt frack-gas CPV power plant from firing up;  hope to see everyone @ Clinton Town Hall this Thurs. 5:30 pm for our forum on all this (with Pramilla Malick of http://www.ProtectOrangeCounty.org , Caroline Fenner of http://www.DCPAA.org , Lisa Marshall of http://www.MothersOutFront.org , more; click here for details Thurs.:  https://www.facebook.com/events/892046610946090/  ;
Pramilla in RBK 9/26 too(!):  https://www.facebook.com/events/261606011019753/ ; moral of the story?...call Cuomo @ 518-474-8390; state legislators @ 877-255-9417; significance cannot be emphasized enough that 5 of 7 Dutchess County Legislature Dems signed my letter on this tonight folks (Micki Strawinski was ill/absent; I could be wrong but I firmly believe that if she was at meeting tonight she would have joined Francena, Hannah, Kari, Craig, and I in signing on to the letter)-- this really and truly means something folks-- because now it's much easier for us all to approach local Dem (and GOP) state legislators representing Dutchess County re: Cricket Valley-- Didi Barrett, Kevin Cahill, Frank Skartados, Sue Serino, Terrence Murphy-- call 'em all!]

[again-- thx tons to Francena, Hannah, Kari, and Craig for signing my letter here!]
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Governor Andrew Cuomo;
NYSDEC Commissioner Basil Seggos; 
Senate Leader John Flanagan; 
Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie; 
Senators Terrence Murphy and Sue Serino; 
Assemblymembers Didi Barrett, Kevin Cahill, 
Kieran Michael Lalor, and Frank Skartados:

Dear State Leaders: 

We, the undersigned members of the Dutchess County Legislature, urge you strongly to stop the toxic, frack-gas Cricket Valley and CPV power plants from becoming operational now. Dutchess County property taxes go up when air pollution issues are exacerbated for some/all of the 35,000 Dutchess County residents with asthma, bronchitis, or emphysema who may be on Medicaid-- 
that is a simple fact. 

It is also a simple fact that, as far as emissions from the frack-gas Cricket 
Valley power plant in Dover are concerned, we're talking at least: Over 200 
tons of nitrogen oxides. Over 100 tons of particulate matter. Over 60 tons of volatile organic compounds. Over a dozen tons of sulfuric acid mist. Over 50 
tons of sulfur dioxide. Over 10 tons of hazardous air pollutants. Over a ton of formaldehyde. 4 million tons of carbon dioxide (even more from the gas 
pipelines feeding it); bare minimums are cited here. http://www.blog.protectorangecounty.org/faq-2/ 

That is the pollution that will come out of the emission stacks of Cricket Valley every year right into the air we breathe every year unless we stop it (the 650-megawatt CPV plant in Orange County has two gas-fired turbines and a steam generator; Cricket Valley will have three gas-fired turbines and a steam 
generator if we don't stop it). It doesn't have to be this way-- there is an alternative-- a clean-energy future through wind, water, and sunlight. As a 
2013 Cornell/Stanford report found, extrapolating for our county, right here 
in Dutchess our county could create literally 67,000 new green construction 
jobs each year, 800 new green jobs each year, saving $537 million annually 
and the lives of 59 Dutchess residents each year. http://web.stanford.edu/group/efmh/jacobson/Articles/I/NewYorkWWSEnPolicy.pdf

  Dutchess County and New York State would do well, instead to follow the amazing example of GOP San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who, working together with the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, just agreed to make the entire city fossil-fuel-free by 2035-- to create green jobs, save on energy/electricity, clean local air, and cut carbon emissions (along with 1400 
other mayors across our country this year working with Sierra Club's Ready 
for 100 campaign). 

Governor  Mario Cuomo knew Shoreham nuclear power plant was fully constructed  and shut it down anyway in 1984 before it went fully online 
because of the massive, justified outcry against it and public health concerns. It's time to  kill both Cricket Valley and CPV-- there are better ways to create jobs--
far  more of them, in fact-- without killing all of us.