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April , 2017     
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  Detox before 
you Re-tox
Thursday night 6 pm class has special pricing for college students!  $5 drop-in (in cash) or a $10 minimum for credit card.  Come in before you go out! 

On Tap
Don't forget about the kombucha on tap in the lobby. (YUM!) 


"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." ~ Muhammad Ali














Dear friends, 

April is a turbulent weather month in Montana. We can wake up to 8 degrees and snow, and find 40 degrees and sun by 4 pm. The mountain snow begins to melt and makes the fat, turbulent rivers swell against their banks. But no matter what the sky looks like out your window, the weather in the hot room is as tropical as ever. So come on in - you know you want to. 

  We can't wait to see you in the hot room.

and the BYM crew


Easter Sunday (April 16th): no 4 pm class

Easter  Sunday  there will be an Easter egg hunt! (Woo-hoo!) If you see an egg open it up (*one per person*). There will be lots of goodies... change for parking, free kombucha, popsicles, coconut water, % off retail etc. Come early for redemption of goodies (and remember 9:30 is the only class that day). 

Amazing Training Opportunity: 
Foundation is Coming!

Many of us have heard Pam talk about the life-changing things she's learned through Foundation Training - and now we're going to have a chance to lean for ourselves. If you are trying to move past a plateau in yoga, are looking for ways to balance your yoga practice, or are interested in learning how to move through your life with more physical confidence, please consider this amazing opportunity to take a workshop with Foundation Training.
On May 6, teachers from Foundation Training will host a workshop at BYM from 10am - 3pm. Foundation describes their workshop as "A 1-day hands on exploration of Foundation Training principles and exercises where we unearth the barriers and habits that create pain, personally teach you the exercises, and help you discover how to properly apply Foundation Training to your life so that you can achieve strength, health, and become the best version of you."
Pam can certainly tell you more about it. However,  this link will also offer more information. If you're interested, you should consider committing soon - the early registration is coming up fast on April 22, so sign up to save money!

New Season, New Schedule!
Summer Schedule starts May 1 - WOW - yes, summer is upon us. Here's an overview of the upcoming changes.

 Sunday 930, 4 bikram w/music *silent led class
Monday 630, 930, 4
Tuesday 630, 8:00 pilates, 4,  6 pm hour bikram
Wednesday 630, 930, 4
Thursday 630, 8 pilates, 4, 6 pm hour bikram
Friday 630, 930, 4
Saturday 8 pilates, 930
6:30 am classes bikram all an hour
6 pm classes bikram all an hour
pilates 8 am classes an hour
all other classes are 90 minute  bikram

Let's Welcome our New Neighbors: 
Perennial Bodywork

Perennial Bodywork is a therapeutic massage practice that will be accepting appointments beginning Monday, April 10.  Massage sessions at Perennial incorporate a variety of modalities, including deep tissue massage, myofascial release, injury treatment, neuromuscular techniques, sports massage, and relaxation.  Owner and licensed massage therapist Melissa Wardlow has been practicing bodywork for nine years, and enjoys working with clients to design sessions that are specific to their individual needs.  She would love to meet you and help you along your journey towards balance, structural integrity, and holistic well-being.  Learn more and schedule online at
Let's Give a Big BYM Welcome 
to Our New Visiting Teacher
Dan will be visiting us from Seattle from April 12-19.  Here's what he wanted to tell you about himself:
Back in 2006, I noticed that my co-worker stood-up straighter, and seemed calmer.  When I asked her about that, she immediately and enthusiastically said, "It's my yoga, you should try it sometime."

After struggling through my first two classes, I was intrigued but unsure about this uncomfortable yoga.  Thankfully, I was persuaded to go back at least one more time.  During that third class, a surprising, powerful, and unequivocal conviction came over me that I should continuously keep practicing.  More and more, I have seen how consistent and forceful participation removes obstacles from our paths to better ways of life.  It's difficult, but it's worth it.  I see great benefit from developing Bikram's principles of Faith, Self-Control, Determination, Concentration, & Patience.
Over the years, I decided to teach because of my growing confidence that this practice changes lives for the better.  After ten years of practice, I graduated from Bikram's Teacher Training, Spring 2016.  Since then, I have been teaching around North Seattle, and now I'm so glad to visit Missoula to teach and practice with you!!  I strongly believe that we honor everyone through this meditation. Let's meet soon! 

Schedule Updates:
Stay up to date with our daily or weekly schedule  HERE.

Posture of the Month: Rabbit

I'm just going to come right out and say that Rabbit pose is one of my all-time favorite postures. I love the feeling of turning in toward myself and I often find that no matter how tired I am, Rabbit helps me find the extra reserves of energy I need to be strong until the end of class. 

Rabbit improves the flexibility of your spine, stimulates the immune and endocrine systems, and stretches your arms, shoulders, and back. (However, if you have neck injuries, please let your teacher know before diving into this one!)

Here are some tips to help your rabbit:
  • Move into the posture slowly. Focus on securing your hand position before moving on.
  • When you begin to curl forward, initiate the movement from your core muscles, not your head or neck. The goal of this posture is to create a tight, strong curl of your front body (not to get your head to the ground quickly).
  • Eventually, the goal is to be able to place the crown of your head on the ground, with your forehead touching your knees. In order to progress toward that, imagine trying to place your head on your knees until you come all the way forward.
  • Remember to keep your hands active! You should continue pulling on your feet in order to keep your shoulders away from your neck.
  • When you begin to curl back up out of the posture, initial the movement from your core. Pull your stomach muscles in toward your spine, and uncurl yourself like a lovely, bright green fern frond.