october 2018
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a message from jill

Newsletter. Take 3. I'm now running out of time. All I can say is, if you don't want to hear any more about it, scroll down now. But trying to write about anything else just stinks of elephant. And is also impossible.
How to write a letter to you on a day like today, in a week like this week? How to walk a careful line of respect for everyone in our community, each opinion, each personal experience, while staying true to my own opinions and experiences? How to speak my truth knowing it will be offensive to some; when my professional mission is to create inclusivity and community and my personal work is to climb out from under the directive to "be quiet" "keep your head down" and "do as you're told?" 

giving back

A big thank you to the blue teachers and community for coming together in seva, the yoga of selfless service, to provide much needed assistance to our neighbors impacted by Hurricane Florence. We raised more than $1,500 in funds from cash donations and teacher's pay to provide 10,500 meals, filled several carloads with needed supplies, and joined our helping hands to sort and bag produce for the NC Foodbank.

Looking for another way to serve your community? Join the blue's Kristina and Rayneen this Saturday at 9 am at the Food Shuttle Farm tending to current gardens and preparing fall plots. Sign up here.

On October 17 at 7 pm, Kristina and Rayneen will teach a special Kirtan & Flow class for continued Hurricane Florence relief efforts. Cash and checks donations will be accepted at the door. Sign up in advance for this offering.

gift of silence
Weekend of Silent Reflection with Jill
November 9-11

hands mala

In a world that begs us to speak up and participate, the need to turn inward is more imperative than ever. There is no better way to connect to your purpose and receive clear guidance on your next step than silence. The weekend includes meditation, pranayama, restorative yoga and yoga nidra with time dedicated to clearing out where you've been and preparing to step forward.
All are welcome for this special weekend, as there is no teaching component of any kind. Start now to prepare:

Week 1: sit 5 minutes per day, twice a day
Week 2: sit 10 minutes per day
Week 3: sit 15 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes in the evening
Week 4: sit 20 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening

Early bird $235 pricing ends October 9. Register here.

new series offerings! 
Deepen your yoga practice with some of blue's beloved teachers every Sunday and Tuesday evening beginning in October.

Tap into your feminine energy by exploring the goddesses of Hindu mythology- timeless figures which are powerful archetypes of the divine feminine.  Each practice will include storytelling, mantra, pranayama and asana inspired by a different goddess each week. The first class of the series will introduce shakti, the divine feminine energy, and the goddess Parvati, a symbol of strength, devotion and love. The following weeks will include:
  • Durga, warrior mother and goddess of protection
  • Saraswati, goddess of wisdom, speech and music
  • Lakshmi, goddess of abundance, beauty and love
Class pass and drop-in friendly, or register for the 4-week series for $50. 

101 Series: Exploring the Fullness of Yoga
Tuesday Evening Series with Rayneen and Glenda  
Have you ever wondered about the meaning of a chant? Are you interested in working with a mantra or understanding the benefits of breathing techniques? If so, join Rayneen and Glenda for a 101 series that focuses on broadening your yogic tool belt to experience the fullness of this ancient practice.  
Beginning with the Yamas and Niyamas, the moral and ethical guidelines for life outlined in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, each week a different topic will offer ways to live with more ease while deepening your connection to the wisdom that lives in the heart.

October 23 - Yamas and Niyamas 101
October 30 - Pranayama 101
November 6 - Chanting and Mantra 101
November 13 - Meditation 101
November 20 - Home Practice 101

Purchase for $60 or attend weekly with a drop-in or class pass.  
teacher spotlight: Rayneen
Q & A with Rayneen

What is your favorite season?
Autumn is my absolute favorite. I love bundling up for the cool and brisk air, enjoying the colorful and falling leaves, carving pumpkins, and gathering around the table with loved ones. But as with all things, there's a fullness of the experience that we cannot escape, and with this season in particular, it's the spin. Life this time of year brings it's own flavor of excitement and overwhelm, fluidity and ungrounded-ness, and so I find myself eagerly awaiting and cautiously preparing in equal measure.

How do you find balance?
For me it comes down to nourishing myself in every way - sleep, exercise, diet, balance of effort and ease, and DAILY practice. As a personal trainer and yoga teacher, I am blessed with the resources and skills to practice true self care, and it is my intention to share these teachings with whomever seeks.

What do you recommend for your students?
I'll be sharing a special Vata Pacifying Practice on October 19 to help students invite balance through grounding, creating warmth, and finding serenity through a slow and steady flow, pranayama, and meditation. I'll also be co-teaching a Yoga 101 series with Glenda beginning on the 23rd to help students explore the other powerful components of a yoga practice - topics will include the Yamas and Niyamas, pranayama, mantra & chanting, meditation, and home practice. These offerings are designed to add to your toolbox, so that you too can give yourself exactly what you need. If you have any questions, I'd love to talk to you.


immersions & trainings

Refine Your Assisting
Balancing & Inversions
with Michele
October 20
2 hours CEU

Session 4 of the alignment and assisting series focuses on techniques for Half Moon, Warrior III, Tree, Plow, Dancer, Side Plank, Crow, Shoulderstand, Forearm Stand, Handstand, and Headstand. Open to all levels. 

with Jill
November 9-11
Save $25
Early pricing ends Oct. 9
13 hours RYT200 CEU
14 hours YTT300 CEU   
Through meditation, pranayama, restorative yoga and yoga nidra practice, this workshop invites deep self-study and inquiry. Join us to take stock and set intentions for growth in the year ahead.  

workshops, series & events
Yoga Foundations I
with Kathleen
6-week series | Thursdays
Drop-in & class pass friendly
October 4-November 15

Kundalini Yoga
with Amanda May
October 7 &14
Drop-in & class pass friendly!

with Jen and Barbara
Drop-in friendly
October 2, 9 & 16

with Angela  
4-week series | Sundays
Drop-in & class pass friendly 
October 21-November 11

with Glenda and Rayneen
5-week series | Tuesdays
Drop-in & class pass friendly 
October 23-November 20

special classes

Community Yoga - Free! 
October 16 
Kirtan & Flow by-donation
with Kristina & Rayneen
October 17

Vata Pacifying Practice
with Rayneen
October 19

Kirtan by-donation
with Rayneen
October 20

Sunday Sadhana
with Kristina
October 21

Yoga Nidra
with Kathleen
October 25

Candlelight Flow
with Kristen
October 26

Inversions & Arm Balances
with Kristen
October 27 

Pay What You Can Yoga
October 12,19, 26

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