april 2019
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a message from jill

Being a kid was hard for me. Not because my childhood surroundings were especially challenging but because, as far as I can tell, I landed on this planet ready to be an adult. To be a toddler, a child, a teenager was intolerable because I was on a mission to get some things done in this life, and waiting for needs to be met or just playing for the sake of play didn't fit into my program at all. I wanted to be adulting from Day 1.

sunday sadhana for BLOOMHERE
All class proceeds to benefit BLOOMHERE | April 14
blue lotus was created with the intention to lovingly serve our community and offer ways to connect students with organizations which are making a difference in our world.
On April 14, we welcome you to join us for a special Sunday Sadhana with Jill where all class proceeds go to BLOOMHERE, and donations will be accepted to support their work.
BLOOMHERE is a local 501c3 non-profit providing women survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction a nurturing space to heal and a safe place to live. By nurturing their resilience and providing them with opportunities to live a life of economic independence, we offer women the chance for a sustainable, new start. Each woman accepted in the program receives 2 full years of housing, medical, dental and psychological care as well as skills training and employment opportunities through our social enterprise BLOOMHERE body oils: HOPE, LOVE and FAITH.  
At the end of class, founder and Executive Director Melinda Taylor will share her vision for getting women off the streets for good, creating a solid foundation for a new life in our Raleigh community.  She will also share volunteer and donation opportunities to support the fulfillment of this vision.
We expect this class to fill, so we encourage you to register In advance. Donations will be accepted by cash or check only.    
retreat into nature
Join Glenda & Rayneen in Colorado, September 22-27

In anticipation of their fall retreat in beautiful Winter Park, Colorado, Glenda & Rayneen share some insights on how a retreat can open space for personal growth:
Why choose a retreat?
One of the many benefits of yoga is practicing with the intention to create space so that we can pay attention to what is on the inside. When we attend classes we are mindfully choosing to practice this amidst daily life.

Retreating offers this opportunity for multiple days while also taking us away from regular distractions and to do lists. With more time and space to feed the spirit, we are able to reset and refuel in a profound way. Rather than leaving class and moving to the next activity, we can finish class and stare out at a beautiful view, take a walk or have a conversation with someone who is also making their mind/body health a priority. The meals are provided to allow for even more space for what each individual needs. In this spaciousness we can more fully integrate the practices and have time for reflection - time to hear the whispers (and sometimes loud directives) of the soul. 
Why is reconnecting to nature important?
Being in an inspiring environment with new views allows for a fresh perspective.Time in the natural world is one of my favorite ways to connect with center. Nature herself is a teacher, mirroring beauty, destruction, cycles of birth, death and growth. Whenever I spend time in nature, I feel a sense of freedom and calm that fosters my creativity! It's like a booster shot for my soul!
Rayneen and Glenda
Remember & Reconnect: A Mountain Retreat is dedicated to connecting students with nature, community and the divine through time spent in yoga, meditation and personal reflection. There will also be opportunities for outdoor excursions.
Visit the workshop page for more information and registration.  Early bird pricing ends on April 14!
spring schedule changes!

2018 shoot feet

We're excited to share teacher and class changes starting this month as well as new special classes each Thursday in April.

Class & Teacher Changes
Strength & Stability | Sunday | 2:30-3:30 pm
with Andrea

Flow & Stretch | Monday | 7-8:15 pm
with Kristina

Friday Flow | Friday | 4-5:00 pm
with Jordyn
Thursday Evening Specials

April 4 with Rani

Aprill 11 with Jordyn

April 18 with Kristina

April 25 with Kathleen


immersions & trainings
  Session 2: Forward Bends & Seated Poses  
with Michele
April 13 | 1:00 & 3:30 pm 
2 hours RYT200/300 CEU
Session two focuses on refining the alignment of poses in forward bends and seated poses including Janu Sirsasana, Paschimottanasana, Upavista Konasana, Malasana, Standing Split, and Pigeon. 
with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal
May 6-11 
40 hours RYT200/300 CEU  
This training teaches the foundations of Therapeutic Yoga. Along with the theory and practice of restorative yoga and gentle yoga, participants will learn to support healing in students, sequencing guidelines and how to incorporate hands-on healing techniques.
with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal
May 14-19
40 hours RYT200/300 CEU
Deepening Into Therapeutic Yoga builds on skills learned in Level I and includes new hands on healing techniques and adjustments. Specific conditions addressed include: cancer, auto-immune diseases, neurological/neuromuscular disorders, stress-related illnesses and injuries.

workshops, series & events

Kundalini Yoga
with Amanda
Sundays | April 7-21     
Rayneen 2018  
The Divine Flowing Through Me
with Rayneen 
Tuesdays | April 16-May 14
  Glenda 2018
with Glenda
Tuesdays | 10:15-11:30  
April 23-May 21    
with Carrington
April 27 | 1-5:00
with Jenni Rawlings
May 18 | 1-3:00

special classes
Yoga to Manage Your Mood 
with Rani
April 2 & 9 
Springtime Flow with  
Live Music
with Rani
April 4

Guided Practice
with Jordyn
April 11
Flow for Smiles
by donation
with Rayneen
April 12  
Kirtan by-donation
with Rani
April 13

Sunday Sadhana
with Jill
April 14

Move & Meditate
with Kristina
April 18

Yoga Nidra
with Kathleen
April 25

Fleetwood Mac Friday Flow: Candlelit Crystal Visions
with Andrea
April 26

Kirtan by-donation
with Rayneen
April 27

Community Yoga - Free! 
April 4, 11, 20, 28

Pay What You Can Yoga
April 12. 19, 26

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