december 2018
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a message from jill

I've been really cranky lately. Irritable, tired, short-fused, impatient, or as it was called in my childhood home, owly. I don't know the origin of that Sockmanism or why owls got such a bad rap early on. But while everyone is entitled to the occasional day of being in a Way, I've had too many of them lately to just let it slide. Peace of mind has given way to a piece of my mind a little too often.

I could blame this on a whole host of external happenings, circumstances and situations. I've been really, really, really busy. Too busy. I'm not sleeping well. It's been a special spell from the Universe of "oh you want that?? ... NO." But I've been doing this practice long enough to know that what's really wrong is on the inside, not the outside. I'm out of balance, my priorities are off,and I'm not mustering the energy to right the ship of incorrect perception and bad attitude I've been cruising around in. I'm doing my practice every day, but it's clearly not enough. Time to return to the basics. Time to focus on how I am moving through the external world as a means to course correct the internal journey.

festivus miracle pass & membership sale
It's a Festivus Miracle!  
Our special holiday gift to you. The Festivus Miracle: 5 for $55 class pass is back!
Passes expire 6 weeks from first use and are on sale from December 3-10. No extensions, exceptions or airing of grievances for this pass sale! Limit: one per person.  
Buy the Festivus Miracle here
Maintenance Membership  
While 5 for $55 is nice, why not make a commitment to your practice- at an amazing price- as you move into the new year? For a limited time we are rolling back the Maintenance Membership fee to the introductory price of $58/month. The Maintenance Membership gives you 5 classes per month and the special rate will be good for as long as you keep your membership current. 
The Fine Print:
  • $58 pricing on sale December 3-10 only
  • Unused classes may not be shared and do not roll into the next month
  • 30 days written notice is required to cancel any auto-draft contract.
calling all elves: seva opportunity

The holiday season calls us to share the blessings we enjoy, and this year blue lotus is helping spread holiday magic to the 7,200 children registered for the Salvation Army's Christmas Cheer Program. We have two easy ways for you to join in:
Purchase toy and gift items to drop off before December 15. We have 108 stockings ready to fill and we need your help! Gifts should be appropriate for ages infant-11 years old.
Here are some kid favorites for all ages:

-Markers, colored pencils, drawing pads and other art supplies
- Kinetic sand, clay and slime
- Card, travel games and outdoor toys & gear
- Legos, blocks and play figures  
Bring gifts to our stocking stuffing party. Join Rayneen, Kristina and blue community members on December 15 at 4 pm to stuff the 108 stockings. Families and children are welcome at this service opportunity. Register to join us.  
We are so grateful to have a community that rallies together for good and we wish you a joyous holiday season!

survey says!

  We want to hear from you! 

As we plan our 2019 class and workshop calendar, we want to hear your yoga desires! Let us know your thoughts on this anonymous, 5-question survey. As an added incentive, one survey respondent will win a 3-class pass!
teacher spotlight: Jen Davis
Q & A with Jen

Why should yoga be part of our daily self care?
Yoga gives us the opportunity to connect with ourselves and disconnect with all the busyness that surrounds us. Yoga brings us home.  

How do you practice self care?
Self care begins with an understanding of our needs. While difficult at times, that understanding comes to us when we choose to get still and turn inward .  
Self-reflection, mindfulness, yoga, painting and massage are all part of my practice, and allow me to serve others and to be present with family and friends. This authentic connection with others is also self-care.  
When should a practitioner return to yoga foundations?
Have you ever had the experience of driving somewhere and then have very little recollection the journey to your destination?  You have driven that route so many times, you don't need to pay attention along the way. A regular yoga practice can be the same way. It's possible to be in a pose with very little awareness because you have been there so many times. The body knows where to go- leaving the mind with the opportunity to check out and think about 100 other bits that have nothing to do with the practice. This is a great time to step back into a Level 1 or yoga foundations series. These types of classes reconnect the mind to the body with slow, intentional and mindful movement supported by a lot of cueing to bring your awareness of your body in the pose into the present moment.  
  Jen Davis
Do we need to include restorative yoga in our regular practice?
Restorative yoga is a reset of the nervous system. The restorative practice provides us with the right conditions: low lighting, warm temp, calming music, comfort in the physical body. W hen we combine that with bre athing practices, meditation and mindfulness, we are activating the rest and digest response while reducing the effects of the stress response.

Practice Restorative Yoga with Jen every Thursday at 5:30pm. You'll also be able to catch her subbing L1 throughout the month- just check the schedule. Self Care Sundays with Jen and Kathleen begins on January 6 at 6 pm. Pre-registration is required.

immersions & trainings
with Dani
December 7-9
10 hours RYT200/300 CEU

Open the door to the heart by exploring the philosophy and principles of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion.
with Angela
December 15  
3 hours RYT200/300 CEU
Learn to create a purposeful practice by exploring safe and creative asana progressions leading to a peak pose. This workshop is suited for both the home practitioner and yoga teachers of all levels.    
with Michele
January 12
2 hours RYT200/300 CEU  
Session 1,The Basics, focuses on refining the
fundamental postures of yoga. Poses include: Mountain, Forward Fold, Plank, Upward & Downward Facing Dog, Triangle, Chatturanga, Warrior I & II, Chair, Side Angle, Pyramid and Child's Pose.  
with Jill 
January 25-27 
11 hours RYT200/300 CEU
Prana, often translated as breath, life, or energy, can be consciously cultivated for more contentment and joy in life. Learn how to harness prana through the exploration of the qualities of energy, pranayama, yoga nidra, and more. This workshop is appropriate for all regular practitioners, as there is not a teaching component in the weekend.  

workshops, series & events

Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing
with Amanda May
December 9 | 6-8:00 pm
yoga tune up
with Jane Thibodeau
December 22 | 1:30-3:00 pm
with Kathleen & Jen  
Sundays | January 6-27

special classes

Reclaiming Equanimity
with Kristina
December 4, 11, 18

Yoga Nidra
with Kathleen
December 6, 13, 20

Candelight Flow
with Kristen
December 14

Seva Holiday Project for Salvation Army Angel Tree
with Kristina & Rayneen
December 15

Kirtan by-donation
with Rayneen
December 15

Sunday Sadhana
with Glenda
December 16

Sacred Vibration Flow
with Glenda & Rayneen
December 21

Unwinding Flow
with Kristina
December 25

New Year's Eve
Firebowl Practice
with Yvonne
December 31

New Year's Flow & Stretch
with Kathleen
January 1

Community Yoga - Free! 
December 6,14, 21

Pay What You Can Yoga
December 7, 28

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