We have worked many a lunch hour, late night and off day to bring you, our valued patient, our Benefit Care System (or the BCS). The BCS is a way to access nu's services and top quality supplements on a budget. 

We are super pleased to bring you the BCS, a member-based platform that helps you manage your budget when seeking alternative health care. 

Benefit Care System nuMembers are enjoying...
  • Free auto-ship on all their supplements.
  • 20% off all supplements sold at nuHealth throughout membership.
  • Visits are included and range from 4 to 12 visits per year, tier dependant.
  • 20% off all additional visits as needed.
  • Priority scheduling, select member slots are available.
  • And more!
We're offering, to established patients (that is, patient's under Dr. Neale's care prior to March 1, 2018), an opportunity to become members at a discounted rate. We will waive our $249 initiation fee. This offer is valid through the end of time.

Give Jeimy a call at 360-836-5730 to learn more and see how we can save you money, improve care through more regular contact with Dr. Neale, and improve efficacy through simplifying supplement management. This is a revolutionary approach to ND care! Let's make some waves and raise the bar!

what's nu?
Guess what?
nuHealth is moving!

We have outgrown our current space. We are excited to announce our expansion to our very own brick and mortar. 

We're moving just up the street a bit on McLoughlin and D street. 
1801 D St. Ste 5, Vancouver WA 98663

Here's the haps:
  • nuHealth will be closed May 30th - June 1st while we set up shop at our new space.
  • Please get all supplement orders in or picked up by WednesdayMay 30th!
  • Our phone number will not change. 
  • Our fax number will not change. 
  • Our email and methods of communication will not change. 
  • Our staff will not change.

We appreciate your patience as we transition our practice 
and inventory over to the new space and get situated.

FEATURES of the nuSpace

1. in-house phlebotomy! 

We've teamed up with Aim to Please Phlebotomy  to improve the accessibility and comfort of our blood draws! Aim to Please phlebotomy is pioneering "Naturopathic Phlebotomy" and using non-invasive pain relief methods, such as Buzzy, Netflix, and relaxation methods to improve your blood draw experience. They will be offering more in-clinic  draw slots as well as mobile at-home options. 
*Another functional bonus, they offer online scheduling!

Aim to Please Phlebotomy, our new partners in phlebotomy! 

2. constitutional hydrotherapy

We FINALLY get to bring you a modality of healing that has been used across
the globe  for hundreds of years. This therapy has many applications and indications of use, one of which is to treat infection or inflammation. We can much more quickly resolve sinusitis, chest colds, cough, ear infections, and the flu using constitutional hydrotherapy . It is a gentle and relaxing treatment that uses alternating hot and cold water applications with sine wave electrical stimulation to stimulate lymphatics, circulation, and the immune response! The treatment takes about 45 mins. 

3. TeleHealth as of June 1st!

Can't make your appointment in person because of travel time or traffic? 

Would you like to squeeze your visit in over your lunch break or after work? 

Feel too sick to travel to your visit in person? 

Well, we have a solution for you. Introducing TeleHealthVisit with Dr. Neale from your home, car, or office via your phone or computer using our new TeleHealth platform. 

This service will be available as of June 1st via your current electronic health records login  at no additional cost to you. When you schedule your next appointment simply request a TeleHealth consult and we will walk you through the easy-to-use steps. 

4. auto-ship is back

What is it? 
A tracking system for your prescribed medicines. 

How does it work?
We plug in your prescribed medicines. We enter the bottle count size, the dosage, and the length of treatment per bottle. Then math happens and we are flagged to ship you your next bottle before you run out!

Why do we do it? 
To help keep you consistent and accountable to taking your medicines and therefore on the healing path. 

What does this extra service cost? Auto-ship management and shipping is FREE for all nu members! 

If you are a member and would like to learn more, please give Jeimy a call at 360-836-5730 at your earliest convenience. Jeimy loves auto-ship!

5. SOMA kombucha at nu
more space = more flavors! 

We will be adding a larger kegerator at our new space. Now we will have more fun flavors for you to choose from. We will also be providing glass growlers if you want to take some for the road. We take flavor requests into consideration when we reorder, let us know what your favorite flavor is! 

SOMA has grown! Check them out.

this May we focus on...
National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Moving is more beneficial to your body and mind than any other healthful action you choose to take. I've observed this phenomenon hundreds of times. Lab markers MOVE when you MOVE. I figured out a winning formula. I'll share it with you. 

You'll need the 3 Cs:
  1. Convenience
  2. Camaraderie
  3. Challenge
Get the details on the Cs on 
Need more  motivation? Watch this inspirational video

dr. neale's blog: building foundations. literally.

Foundation 1: Maybe you didn't know this about me. I love to build. I love building houses, tables, doors, wall pieces, desks, and anything from salvaged wood. Now, I'm finally building you a clinic! <insert super stoked emoji face here> 

In this picture I am cutting wood (my favorite part of building) for a wall I dreamed up. Its not going to be your average wall either. Its going to be a really snazzy wall. " Why?" My husband asked when I told him of my grand idea. My reply, "Well, because we are making the world a better place." Then I went into song, "for you and for me and the entire human race, there are - people..." He hates my singing voice. It works every time. 

Foundation 2: I am ever a student of the body and mind and how to effect change within. Starting in June, I'll be taking sabbatical one weekend per month. During this weekend I will be studying herbal medicine under the tutelage of Lee Carroll, Medical Herbalist. Ps. I have a bit of a nerd crush on Lee. He has an Australian accent to boot. Enough said. 

Read the rest of Dr. Neale's thoughts on the  future of nuHealth!

nu snatched jeimy! 

We have all become quite accustomed to nu's
new front desk face and personality. Jeimy, has been a fantastic "front end" manager and I am very pleased to announce that Jeimy has accepted a position with nu at our new location. J eimy will be your main contact. She will know your name, your face, your needs, and your particulars, like what kind of Kombucha you prefer! Please be sure to get to know Jeimy, she is as much of an asset to you as I hope to be. 

oksana and danny are BACK!

Oksana, and husband Danny, took on an impressive endeavor in South Carolina. They bought a huge house and made it beautiful. When it was all finished and ready to be lived in, they decided to leave. Ha! We won! "We" being their family, their friends, their employers, and the collective "you" of course! So, they packed up their bags and their cats, Snix and Bear, and moved back to the greatest place on the planet, the Pacific NW. Sometimes you have to leave to realize what you have, no?  Oksana is back working at nu, she is our "back end" manager and you will see her around from time to time. Be sure to give her a hard time about leaving when you do see her. 
Miss ice cream?
Here's a delightful dairy and cane sugar free product I love! 

Find it at Chuck's, Natural Grocer's and Green Zebra.
A HUGE thank you to Kathy Carlisle for the beautiful portraits. Check her out at and
I'm thoroughly honored and humbled to have your trust and to be on this journey together with you. I look forward to seeing you soon! 


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