Seneca County Republican Party
Well, there goes my plan to switch to the Green Party and single-handedly increase their Seneca County membership by 10%!

The new Seneca County Republican Central Committee met Thursday, June 7 at the Board of Elections to reorganize and select officers. All members of the Central Committee were appointed to the Executive Committee. Here are the new officers:

David W. Koehl, Chairman
Linda Davis, First Vice Chairman
Jim Ehrman, Second Vice Chairman (Central Committee)
Vanessa Treft, Second Vice Chairman (Executive Committee)
Deb Wilkinson, Secretary
YOUR NAME HERE, Women Chairperson

I appreciate the committee's support, and look forward to working with the members and officers for a successful November election. Midterms can be tough, so we need your help.
volunteers needed
There are 12 committee vacancies. If you would like to join the committee, there may be a spot available in your precinct. Enter your name to check your registration , then click on Elected Officials on the right side. Scroll down to the last line to find your precinct committee member. If it's blank, you could be appointed at the next meeting. You could even end up as treasurer, since 28 people turned it down. We also need to fill the Women Chairperson position, since Paulette Miller is very ill. Please keep her in your prayers.

I intend to appoint non-committee members to help set up the many events we will have in the next few months, such as the fair tent, hog roast, and statewide candidate visits. We need lots of volunteers to staff the tent and a fall headquarters. I would also like to revive the Young Republican Club and Women's Club. If you can help in any way, do not hesitate to reply to this email, or call me at 419-447-7205.
A very special thanks to Jim Roberts for his service as chairman the last two years, and decades of volunteering for us. We all appreciate it.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and our community.

David W. Koehl
Chairman, Seneca County Republican Party
Member, Seneca County Board of Elections