Photography and Time:
The Ten Years After Assignment

In this exercise you are to make a series of photographs that you will not look at for ten years. It's harder than it sounds - if you choose to take this on, it's best to get yourself into the right frame of mind. For instance, don't try to imagine where you'll be in ten years; rather, see this as a way of sending a message to your future self, about where you are and how your life is now. Focus on really looking at things around you that you feel tells your story - again - don't out think this - be spontaneous.

Start with items around you that you care about, your bedroom, your home, your neighbourhood and the people or pets dear to you. It's very important to get these pictures printed, (if not now then soon) put then in a box or envelope - date them and store them. Don't look at them for ten years. It's a powerful assignment. You are welcome to email me about it if you want more guidance.