Rocky Bay Equine Newsletter, June 2017
Change = opportunity

Not all change can be planned or predicted.  Rocky Bay Equine has been working through some significant changes for the past few months.  We see it as an opportunity for reinvention, while holding fast to our central focus of being your partner in providing the best possible health care for your animals throughout their lives.

Rocky Bay Equine is returning to its roots as a single practitioner, ambulatory practice.  Both Dr.'s McRae and Allen have moved on to other endeavors.  We appreciate their tenure with us, their dedication and compassion, and we wish them the very best on their new paths.

Dr. Weeks wants to assure you that he is as dedicated as ever to being your "go to" healthcare provider for your horses and small ruminants.  The Rocky Bay Equine staff will continue to provide the excellent healthcare services you've come to expect.  In the midst of reinvention there are some things that remain constant.  You can count on us to be trustworthy partners in assuring that your animals lead healthy and happy lives.  Thank you for your support and understanding as we negotiate our own altered life pathways.  
Number One Cause of Colic
Diet Changes and Feed Alterations

We have "remodeled" what and how horses eat over centuries of domestication so it's important that we pay attention to feed management.   Make any changes to hay or concentrates slowly and methodically over a 7 to 10 day period to reduce the chance of colic.  Dr. Bo says, " I am seeing a colic almost every day right now.  Many are diet related and some are likely induced by the shifting weather patterns."  Ahhh, shifting weather patterns.... hooray for the sunshine and dry weather but don't forget that water requirements are now more of a priority than ever.  With hot weather and a higher activity level your horses need access to clean water at all times.  A neglected water bucket can end up costing you A LOT of money if your horse becomes dehydrated and suffers an impaction. If you are going on rides or horse showing away from home, plan ahead for those finicky drinkers and consider adding electrolytes to help them stay hydrated and happy. 


Avoid the FIREWORKS frenzy!
The wonderful summer holiday we animal owners love to hate is nearly upon us.  Please plan ahead for the safety of your animals both large and small.  In some circumstances the fireworks and loud explosions pose life threatening challenges for the critters under your care.  Medical/chemical assistance along with protective housing may be your best option to moderate that threat.  Contact Karol in the office for more information or if you have questions.

Upcoming educational/training opportunities that we know about include;

Josh Lyons demonstration
Thursday, July 6,
  5 PM - 8 PM      1406 Key Peninsula Hwy South Lakebay 
Demonstration given by Josh Lyons. Meet and greet with Josh Lyons and a special presentation of reining and how it relates to your daily riding.  Josh Lyons/Lyons Legacy 
Advanced tickets $15.00 each or $20.00 each at the door.
Call Dana Pedersen 253-225-8071 to sign up!


For more information contact the host farms at the links provided.
Want help spreading the word for your event?   Submit via personal message on the RBE FB page.

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