Newsletter December 20th, 2013 
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Coach's Corner

We are again at this time, when we like to reflect on the old and plan for the new. It is a great opportunity to think about the past, and to decide how we want the next year to be. We try to keep the good and make it better and try to change the bad. Most of these changes depend on us, on our attitude, our sacrifices, our determination. But as much as we want to be in charge of all, we'd be naive to think that that will always be the case.
If we want to experience life searching for adventures, setting new goals, and trying to reach our highest potential, we have to be open to confront new situations and challenges and adapt as needed. 
Even when each step is well thought of and geared to the right direction, we'll encounter many surprises along the way. Some may be more challenging than others, others would require a change of direction, but most of them will be more rewarding than we ever imagined, if we keep going.

2013 was a great year for the racelab team!
We had many wonderful events with fantastic presence and results. 
racelab won many team awards and we had personal best and podium finishers in each race. Our team always shines at these events for it's unique camaraderie which is always fun, supportive, encouraging and inspiring!
I had the chance to go to Kona and get my USAT Endurance certification...which makes only two coaches in the Country now who have the two second level certifications.
We had a great representation at the highest level of Triathlon competition in Kona with extraordinary results, as well as a qualification to Duathlon World Championship.
racelab was represented in races all around the Country.
We welcomed many new racelabbers to the team. A couple of newborns and others some years older!

We also added new training sessions, some were on hold for a while, but now they are back starting next year (see below :-).
There were great social team events starting with serving food to the homeless at St. Vincent the Paul and finishing with an extraordinary Holiday Party.
In short, we saw great improvement in everybody's performance and we had fun along the way!

We want to thank you all for your trust and for making racelab as wonderful as it is.

Happy Holidays and may the New Year be prosperous and bring you peace, health and many more wonderful finish lines to cross!

Bettina Warnholtz

Dear Team  

We hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season and we look forward to a great 2014 with all of you.
We are very happy to announce the new group sessions for the Spring (see below).
We are putting together the calendar of great team events for the new year. 
We also look forward to new social team activities.
Please look for e-mails, Facebook events and the racelab website calendar!

The racing team is a group of racelabbers who represent the team in many ways: with results, as ambassadors, mentors and promoters. 
This year we want to expand this group and offer the opportunity to other racelabbers. We are still working on the process and sign up, but if you are interested in knowing more about this program, please contact us ASAP. 

Happy Training

Thursday Evening Trail Runs
5:30 PM - Papago Park, McDowell Mountains
Last week we had our first group trail run at Papago Park and it was a lot of fun! As we mentioned on Facebook, we will be alternating locations between Papago, McDowell Mountains and maybe South Mountain in the future. This week we'll be at the McDowell Mountains! 

We will be meeting at the Gateway Trailhead on Thompson Peak Pkwy, just north of Bell Road (NOT Frank Lloyd Wright). The trail we are taking is the Gateway Loop and is about 5 miles of technical trails. Be prepared for some good climbs and some great descents! 

Wednesday Morning Track Workouts
5:30 AM - Horizon High School
Starting January 8th
It's back! Our Scottsdale track workout was cancelled for a long time because Horizon was remodeling their football field, but starting on January 8th, this will, once again, be an option for all you northerners. 

Thursday Morning Swim Workouts
6:00 AM - McDowell Mountain Aquatic Center
Starting January 9th
This is another workout that we are bringing back. Again, for you northerners, you no longer have to always drive all the way to Tempe to get your group swim in. We'll be starting it back up on January 9th! 
South Mountain Park - 2nd Guard Gate
Saturday, December 21 - 8:00 AM

This will be the last group ride of the year so make sure you make it! We'll also be getting breakfast at the Farm @ South Mountain afterwards. Don't miss out! It's going to be a fun one!

(and Mtn Bike!)
Papago Park - Lake View Dr, under the Mill Ave Bridge
Sunday, December 22 - 8:00 AM

This will be the last group run of the year. You can either come run around Tempe Town Lake, do a trail run in Papago Park, or if you prefer to mountain bike, do that as well! We'll be going to NCounter on Mill Ave for breakfast afterwards!!

Friends are welcome at either of these workouts so bring them along to show them how awesome your team is! 
December 24th to January 1st

Our Holiday Break this year will run from December 24th to January 1st. We hope you enjoy your time with your families and we hope you are excited for the new year! 2014 will be an awesome year for everyone!

Westgate Entertainment District - January 4th

We are planning a fun little trip out to Glendale for a Coyotes vs Philly hockey game! Just a good time with your fellow racelabbers (and families too!)!

We need at least 15 people to get the discounted group ticket rate so please RSVP to Stephanie if you're serious about coming! The tickets are $40 under the discounted rate and we will collect that and then buy the tickets in bulk so again, please RSVP so that you don't miss out!

This will also be preceded by some beers at Yardhouse next door to the stadium. Details on that will be posted down the road. RSVP NOW!!!

The Rocky Point Triathlon at Las Palomas is one of our favorite races. Every year, we bring a big group of racelabbers down to "Arizona's beach" to swim, bike, run and party and it is always a really good time!

Rocky Point is a great race for beginners because of the generally easy course (elements allowing) and because the sprint is slightly shorter than a normal sprint triathlon. This year, we want to try to entice more beginners to join the team and join us for the party so we are offering a package similar to the Tri 101 program we did a while back. Here are the details: 

- 12 week training program
- all group sessions (6+ per week)
- supportive team environment
- discounted entry fee
- cost: $500

This is a great option for family members or friends that want to try the world of triathlon! If you know anyone who would be interested in this, send them our way! 
Lake Pleasant - March 23, 2014

Unleashed Events (Johann!) is proud to announce the 1st Annual Lake Pleasant Off Road Triathlon & Duathlon. With dirt roads and trails that offer beautiful scenery and an escape from the city, Lake Pleasant is a perfect setting for a multi-sport adventure. Swim in Fireman's Cove, bike on Castle Hot Springs Road and run the awesome Pipeline Canyon Trail. This is the perfect way to start the year off with a fun event and enjoy a beer afterwards with your multi-sport pals! 

Triathlon: 1500 meter swim, 32 mile mountain bike, 6.2 mile trail run
Duathlon: 2 mile run, 32 mile mountain bike, 6.2 mile trail run
The post-triathlon season from November to March brings about a lot of really great running events that racelab has been a part of for years. Here's a list of them. Contact us to get the discount code.

2/1/14       Sedona Marathon, Half, 10K, & 5K (discount)
3/1/14       Phoenix Marathon, Half, 10K
3/23/14     AZ Distance Classic Half (discount)

Trail running is a great way to improve your road running and even your cycling. There are a lot of great trail running races coming up so mark your calendars! Click the links for distance information and stay tuned for discount codes on the Aravaipa races...

1/5/13      Xterra White Tanks
1/11/13    San Tan Scramble (Aravaipa)
1/25/13    Coldwater Rumble (Aravaipa)
2/22/13    Elephant Mountain (Aravaipa)

These lists will grow in upcoming newsletters. Mark your calendars though and don't miss out on anything! 
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December 21st 
 8:00 AM

South Mountain Park

Phoenix, AZ




December 22nd

8:00 AM


Papago Park
Tempe, AZ


12:00 PM


ASU Student Recreation Center

Tempe, AZ  

DEC 24


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1/5        Xterra White 
1/11      San Tan 
1/19      P.F. Chang's 
             Rock N Roll 
2/1        Sedona Marathon

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