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What is the difference between running on concrete, pavement, dirt, trail, treadmill or track? How does the surface affect your performance and injury rate?
Each one provides some benefits and some risks. 

Running is a repetitive sport. When we perform the same movement for a long period of time; overuse, poor technique and an imbalance in strength and flexibility become the main causes of injuries.
Running on trails offers many benefits to avoid these issues. The unevenness of the surface and terrain forces the runner to step and land differently each time, adding a lateral movement to the stride. This engages other muscles and breaks down the repetitiveness of the linear motion of running. Downhill trail running promotes a faster turnover and a smoother as well as "lighter" landing. These are fantastic perks that will help improve running technique, balance, strength, range of motion and will make you a stronger runner. It is important to start with easy trails before hitting more difficult terrain to let the body get used to the demands of the trail and avoid falls.
The difference between concrete and pavement, although much debated in the past, is actually very small. Considering the current technology of the shoes and soles, runners should not notice a difference between these two surfaces when running technique and shoes are adequate. As a matter of fact, it is better to run on concrete (side walk) than on pavement (side of the road) because the side walk is usually flatter than the road which typically has a water run-off incline. When running against traffic, the slanted side of the road will always hit the left leg, creating an imbalance in the stride and causing more injuries than the slight difference in surface hardness. 
Running on a treadmill offers a very safe and controlled environment. This is a great option when running outside is out of the question or when coming back from an injury. The surface is even, soft, the speed and elevation controllable and it is possible to watch TV or read a book during the workout. All this sounds very attractive, but there is a downside. Most runners won't run more than an hour on the treadmill because of boredom, and that is exactly why treadmill running is not ideal. When you're bored, you take your mind off of what you're doing. Running form takes a back seat since there's no need to make adjustments based on your surroundings and becomes sloppy. In addition, form often also changes because of the bar in front of the treadmill, keeping you from leaning forward and promoting heel landing. Landing on one's heel is one of the main causes of injuries. When running on the treadmill, be aware of these things and stay engaged so you don't get hurt.
The surface of the track is the softest and safest for the joints and muscles. This is the main reason speed workouts are better done on track. The surface is even and smooth and the body bounces back making the stride quick and efficient. However, running in circles, especially in the same direction can be detrimental to the running form. The arms don't swing evenly and the inside leg will bear more impact than the outside leg. This is not a problem when the workout is short, but it is not recommended to run on a track often or for longer runs.
Choose the run surface wisely, considering the options available and the purpose of your workout. As with so many things in life, balance is key, not only to keep you injury free, but also to keep the running experience fresh and to see improvements.
Happy Training 
Bettina Warnholtz
Dear Team  
It is good to be back and to see all of you again!
I know, that after some weeks of partying, celebrating and maybe not training much, it is difficult to come back to reality. We all chose this life style of training and exercising. This is not an easy path, but it is the one that makes us healthier and happier. It is what gives us balance to tackle the rest of life's responsibilities.
So, what better way to do this than with your friends and people who understand and support you?

We started the year as busy as always and looking forward to many events, team activities and top notch training for everybody.
It is great to have the workouts again in Scottsdale on Wednesday and Thursday and hope to see these groups grow in the future.
The weekend workouts are in full swing, with added trail running, mountain biking and many races coming up. Next weekend is PF Chang's Marathon and Half Marathon. We have the Hope in Motion Team from Phoenix Children Hospital, which we are currently coaching, and more racelabbers participating and we look forward to supporting you all.

Good luck to everybody and keep training happy!


Thursday Evening Trail Runs
5:30 PM - Mormon Trail
This week, Dave Marks suggested we meet at a trailhead that goes into South Mountain. It's a trail with a lot of climbing but it's shorter so we'll be done in about an hour! Here is a link to a map to the trail head. 

Wednesday Morning Track Workouts
5:30 AM - Horizon High School
Starting January 8th
It's back! Our Scottsdale track workout was cancelled for a long time because Horizon was remodeling their football field, but starting on January 8th, this will, once again, be an option for all you northerners. 

Thursday Morning Swim Workouts
6:00 AM - McDowell Mountain Aquatic Center
Starting January 9th
This is another workout that we are bringing back. Again, for you northerners, you no longer have to always drive all the way to Tempe to get your group swim in. We'll be starting it back up on January 9th! 
San Tan Scramble - January 11th
Elephant Mountain - February 22nd

The trail races organized by Aravaipa are really great events. Well organized, smaller and more intimate, and with the best aid stations, these races are great for the beginner trail runner or the experienced ultra runner and they always have a wide range of distance options. 

Use these discounts to get 10% off of registration:
San Tan Scramble: RACELABSTS
Elephant Mountain: RACELABEM
racelab RACE TEAM
Informational Meeting
January 18th, Warnholtz House, 2pm

As many of you know, we have a group of members that are called the "Race Team". These are members who have been with racelab for a long time, have shown a real dedication to the team, and have acted as outstanding ambassadors of the racelab vision, and brand. 


We are excited to announce that the group is being expanded and spots are opening up! 


If you have any interest, whatsoever, in being a part of this group, please plan on attending a mandatory informational meeting on Saturday, January 18th at the Warnholtz House at 2pm. We will go over what the group is all about, talk about the application process and answer any questions you might have! 


**Note: Current racing team members MUST attend this meeting as all will be required to reapply. 

The post-triathlon season from November to March brings about a lot of really great running events that racelab has been a part of for years. Here's a list of them. Contact us to get the discount code.

2/1/14       Sedona Marathon, Half, 10K, & 5K (discount)
3/1/14       Phoenix Marathon, Half, 10K
3/23/14     AZ Distance Classic Half (discount)

Trail running is a great way to improve your road running and even your cycling. There are a lot of great trail running races coming up so mark your calendars! Click the links for distance information and stay tuned for discount codes on the Aravaipa races...

1/11/13    San Tan Scramble (10% off: RACELABSTS)
1/25/13    Coldwater Rumble (Aravaipa)
2/22/13    Elephant Mountain (10% off: RACELABEM)

These lists will grow in upcoming newsletters. Mark your calendars though and don't miss out on anything! 
Lake Pleasant - March 23, 2014

Unleashed Events (Johann!) is proud to announce the 1st Annual Lake Pleasant Off Road Triathlon & Duathlon. With dirt roads and trails that offer beautiful scenery and an escape from the city, Lake Pleasant is a perfect setting for a multi-sport adventure. Swim in Fireman's Cove, bike on Castle Hot Springs Road and run the awesome Pipeline Canyon Trail. This is the perfect way to start the year off with a fun event and enjoy a beer afterwards with your multi-sport pals! 

Triathlon: 1500 meter swim, 32 mile mountain bike, 6.2 mile trail run
Duathlon: 2 mile run, 32 mile mountain bike, 6.2 mile trail run

The Rocky Point Triathlon at Las Palomas is one of our favorite races. Every year, we bring a big group of racelabbers down to "Arizona's beach" to swim, bike, run and party and it is always a really good time!

Rocky Point is a great race for beginners because of the generally easy course (elements allowing) and because the sprint is slightly shorter than a normal sprint triathlon. This year, we want to try to entice more beginners to join the team and join us for the party so we are offering a package similar to the Tri 101 program we did a while back. Here are the details: 

- 12 week training program
- all group sessions (6+ per week)
- supportive team environment
- discounted entry fee
- cost: $500

This is a great option for family members or friends that want to try the world of triathlon! If you know anyone who would be interested in this, send them our way! 
Table of Contents
Dear Team
New Workouts
Hockey Game
racelab Ambassadors
Important Races
Lake Pleasant
Rocky Point
Group Training Sessions
Upcoming races
January 11th 
5:00 AM
Papago Park
Tempe AZ


7:00 AM
(10% off: RACELABSTS)
San Tan Mountain Regional Park, AZ


8:00 AM

AJ's on Pinnacle Peak & Pima

Scottsdale, AZ




January 12th

8:00 AM

McDowell Mountain Preserve
Fountain Hills, AZ


12:00 PM

ASU Student RecreationCenter

Tempe, AZ 
January 18th 
7:00 AM
Dreamy Draw
Phoenix, AZ


8:00 AM

San Juan / Towers

South Mountain, AZ





January 19th





For more information click here:



1/11      San Tan 
1/11      12 Hours in the 
1/19      P.F. Chang's 
             Rock N Roll 
1/25      Coldwater
2/1        Sedona Marathon
2/2        Xterra McDowell
2/9        Runner's Den 
             Pancake Run
2/15      24 Hours in the 
             Old Pueblo
2/16      Lost Dutchman
             Marathon & Half

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