News July 24th, 2013 
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Dear team!    

I'm excited to share some great news with you.
USAT has put together a new USAT Level II Endurance Coaching Certification.
Even though I've been a Level II certified coach for many years, I was interested in this new clinic since it is focused on long course races. So far USAT has been more focused on ITU races in their quest to look for potential athletes to represent the USA in the Olympic Games and other international events. So the fact that they have this new certification means that they are now recognizing the importance of long course triathletes and coaches.  
Only 10 coaches in the country were chosen to participate in this certification and I'm honored to be one of them!
The course will take place on October 8 - 11 in Kona, Hawaii, just before the Ironman World Championship, which is October 12th.

I'll learn new thinks to pass over to you and your training; I'll have the chance to watch this great event for the first time and, on top of that, I'll be there to support our racelabber Josh Terwoord on his second Kona IM!
This is very exciting, specially since this will be my first trip ever to Hawaii!


Bettina Warnholtz

Thanks to those of you who attended the Heart Rate Clinic last night at Destination Kona. I hope you enjoyed it and that you learned something new.
Those who missed it, I hope you'll attend the next one.

Here is just one of many topics we talked about:
The most important adaptations at a cellular level that will improve your endurance and fitness occur in the AEROBIC ZONE. The ANAEROBIC ZONE brings also great benefits, but only AFTER a good strong base has been established. Training at a high intensity, when the body is not yet ready, increases the recovery period and also the risk of injury, illness and mental burnout, without any additional training benefits.
Once you transfer to the ANAEROBIC ZONE, depending on your fitness level, the time you spent in that zone and the intensity of the exercise during that time, it may take up to 7 - 9 hours for your body to get back to the AEROBIC ZONE.

Unless it is a specific interval or tempo workout, a 3+ hr bike ride or a 2+ hr run that is not executed at the right intensity, is a waste of time and energy, that will not allow for the desired physiological adaptations to take place and will put you at risk.

The secret to improving performance in endurance sports is consistency, not intensity.
Unfortunately we all know how miserable an injured athlete is, so why risk so much and gain so little by training wrong?
Train slow first to be fast(er) later!

Happy training!

Flagstaff Training Day
July 27th

We're going North for cooler weather! Join us at 5 AM at Lake Mary near Flagstaff for a bike ride and then jump in the lake with us for an open water swim at 1 PM. 

There will be a carpool/carvan leaving from the Einstein Bro's in Desert Ridge at 6 AM so you can buddy up and save on gas.

PLEASE RSVP on the link below!


During the summer the pool space is often limited due to construction, renovation, city swim programs or school swim team practices. We are very fortunate to be able to use the ASU and McDowell Mtn. Pools, even when we have to adjust and make some changes. 
Next week there will be swim competitions at Mona Plummer, so we'll be back at 6:00 AM at SRC (only Tue. 7/31 and Fri. 8/2). After that we may go back to Mona Plummer. Remember that the showers at SRC are limited.

McDowell Mtn. Ranch
Starting August 11th we have to move the swim sessions in Scottsdale from 6:00 to 7:00 AM. The high school teams will be practicing from 5:30 to 7:00 and there will be not lanes available for us at that time.
I know this may represent some time constrictions for some of you. I hope you can still join us at that time.

We will continue to have our Sunday swim sessions at 10:00 at SRC for now.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!
Mountain Man Olympic Triathlon 
August 11th

Race Information 
Please let me know who will be doing this race so we can include you in the list, the organization will be giving us a  $10 reimbursement for each racelabber.

Hotel Information 
We have 10 rooms at Comfort Inn blocked off priced at $127.46 per room that needs to be reserved by no later than July 27th (~2 weeks from today). Each person will be making their own reservation under the racelab group.

Please let us know who will be staying.

Dinner Information
We have a reservation for dinner at the Olive Garden (2550 S Beulah Blvd Flagstaff 86001) next to the hotel at 4:30 p.m. for 30 people.

Family members are welcome!
PLEASE RSVP on the link below!

2013 racelab team events

PLEASE talk to Coach to see which races are good for you and to plan your training and racing season. 
10/3 - Splash N Dash 
10/6 - Urban Dirt Triathlon 
10/13 - Splash N Dash
10/19 - Open Water Swim
10/20 - Soma Half Ironman
10/27- Marine Corps Marathon

11/9 - Splash N Dash
11/10 - Open Water Swim
 11/3 - NYC Marathon
11/17- Ironman AZ

12/8- Tucson Marathon
12/15- Fiesta Bowl half marathon
Let us know which ones you plan on attending and we will look forward to seeing you out there! We will not be able to set up a racelab tent in all of these events, but we look forward to seeing racelab represented!
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Flagstaff Training Day
Mountain Man
racelab team events

Saturday July 27th 
6:00 AM
Einstein Bagels Desert Ridge
9:00 AM
Flagstaff Lake Mary


1:00 PM
 Flagstaff Lake Mary


Sunday July 28th 
5:00 AM 
Tempe Center for the Arts
10:00 AM 
Student Recreation Complex ASU
Saturday August 3rd  
  5:00 AM
(San Juan & Towers



Sunday August 4th


5:00 AM


 10:00 AM 
Student Recreation Center ASU 
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