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What is better for training and racing... Power or Heart Rate? 
This question is a hot topic amongst cyclists and triathletes. Each side takes a firm stand on defending their position... somewhat like sticking to one's favorite football team or political party! It doesn't have to be this way. Each one of these training tools has an individual function. They are different and they complement each other. The key is to understand what each one does and how to apply it correctly according to the goal you want to reach.

Here are some key points:
- Simplified, the key to a successful training effect is to apply the correct stress to the correct body system, recover appropriately and let the body adapt. Of course, many variables and factors come into play since each situation and each athlete is different. The job of your coach is to consider all these factors and to put it all together for you so that you can reach your goals... and exceed them!
- In order to create the necessary physiological adaptations, each training session has to be executed at the correct intensity, duration and frequency. Duration and frequency are easy to measure, but the intensity is much harder.
- Intensity is the amount of energy expended to perform a certain task. 
- When exercising, the human body engages different systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, muscular, phycological, etc), which makes the measurement of intensity even more complex.

Power is measured in Watts per second. Cycling Power measures the energy produced by the muscle and transferred onto the pedals. However, the energy transferred onto the pedals is 25 - 30% of the total muscle energy produced. The rest of this energy is lost as heat. Power training zones are defined by percentages of the FTP (Functional Threshold Power) which is the maximum power the athlete can transfer to the pedals for one hour. Power does not consider internal (other body stresses) or external (environmental conditions) factors, and this makes Power an accurate measurement of pure exercise intensity. 
Heart Rate, measured in beats per minute, indicates the intensity of the physiological stress. This is the energy the whole body requires, not only to perform a certain task but also to keep the organs alive, control body temperature, and adjust to dehydration, fuel depletion, internal stresses like illness, fatigue, as well as environmental conditions like cold, heat, humidity, wind, etc. 
Heart Rate training zones should be defined based on body oxygenation, fuel utilization and lactate accumulation. Because it considers internal and external factors and the energy the body utilizes to deal with these conditions, it is a better measurement of Total Body Stress.

So, with this said, it is necessary to assess the end goal of the whole training season, each training block and each training session, and determine which measurement takes priority for the specific task.
It is necessary to:
- determine the objective of the training / and or workout
- determine which system will be targeted
- understand the training process to achieve the correct adaptations
- assess the impact internal and external factors have in that particular case
- utilize the correct intensity measurement that will help create the desire adaptations.

There is much more to this particular topic, and you don't have to figure out all these things. Let your coach do that for you!
I thought it would be a good first step to understand what each one of these measurements does, and avoid confusion.

Happy Training

Dear Team  
racelab Coached Sessions!
I'd like to take a minute to explain the difference between our COACHED sessions vs our GROUP sessions, since there is a very distinct difference.
Group sessions are workouts where we get together, but all participants do what is on his/her respective schedules (ie. Bike Rides & Runs).
Coached sessions we teach, we analyze, we correct, we give feedback, we correct again... (ie. Swim & Track).
Other groups offer special clinics to do what racelab offers week after week, up to 8+ Coached and Group sessions every week. 
We believe that in order to make real changes and improvements, it is necessary to continuously and constantly do these types of assessments. The camaraderie and fun that results from these sessions are an additional bonus that everybody enjoys and treasures. But it is the quality of the workouts, focusing on different, important aspects of the training process, that gives your training an additional edge. We've had people learning how to swim from scratch by just coming to our Swim Coached Sessions. This says a lot about the efficiency of these sessions, since most people would otherwise need private lessons to achieve that result.
By the way, we do also offer private lessons if requested :).

We will continue to offer these sessions and to always look at ways to improve them. We enjoy them tremendously and we hope that you will always find them rewarding, fun and beneficial.
Happy Training

We have re-vamped our Website! 
It's still a "Work in Progress" but the new one is up and running!
Please take a look at it and give us your feedback.
We value it tremendously!

Feedback goes to stephanie@racelab.com

Mtn Lemmon Ride &
AZ Distance Classic
Sat & Sun , March 22nd & 23rd

On Saturday, we'll be riding our bicycles Up Mount Lemmon!

And on Sunday, we'll be participating in the AZ Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon!


Here's the plan:



Saturday 7:30 AM

Leaving Tempe Marketplace (Target parking Lot)



10:00 AM (approx) 

The ride to the top is about 28miles up a steady hill and should take between 3-5hrs (Map)



At the top! Cookies! Pizza! And more!


AZ Distance Classic PACKET PICK UP


"All About Running & Walking" Store 




Olive Garden - Oro Valley - right next to Packet Pick Up!



Catalina Inn

20% OFF! = $76.79+tax per night!

4 miles from race start!

Call and ask for racelab Group Rate ASAP!




****** We have several people who are looking for someone to share a room with on Sat night!

Please email me (stephanie@racelab.com) if you are willing to share to save a few bucks!


Sunday, March 23rd


Sunday, March 23rd @7:00am 

1/2 Marathon, 1/4 Marathon & 5K


One of the best races in the state! Beautiful and very well organized! 


Contact us for Racelab Discount!




Lake Pleasant - June 1st, 2014 


Unleashed Events (Johann!) is proud to announce the 1st Annual Lake Pleasant Off Road Triathlon & Duathlon. With dirt roads and trails that offer beautiful scenery and an escape from the city, Lake Pleasant is a perfect setting for a multi-sport adventure. Swim in Fireman's Cove, bike on Castle Hot Springs Road and run the awesome Pipeline Canyon Trail. This will be a fun event so don't miss out! 

Triathlon: 1500 meter swim, 32 mile mountain bike, 6.2 mile trail run
Duathlon: 2 mile run, 32 mile mountain bike, 6.2 mile trail run
Contact Stephanie for discount code!
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AZ Kids Triathlon
Lake Pleasant
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March 22nd  
10:00 AM

Mount Lemon, Tucson


Caravan meets at 

7:30 AM

Tempe Market Place

Target parking lot




March 23rd

7:00 AM




7:00 AM



12:00 PM 

ASU Student Recreation Center

Tempe, AZ 



March 30th 
7:00 AM




March 31st

7:00 AM 





12:00 AM 

ASU Student Recreation Center

Tempe, AZ


For more information click here:



3/10      Splash & Dash
4/13      Marquee Tri
4/13      Leadman Tri

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