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Starting-a-Home Based Catering Business

Vital Information

Start-up Investment

Low - $1,000 (working from your own kitchen)

High - $100,000 + (outfitting a professional kitchen)

Break-even time
3 months to one year

Estimate of Annual Revenue
and Profit

Revenue $80,000 - $1 million

Profit (Pre-tax)
$20,000 - $200,000

[G]astronomical Profit Potential !

Whether you plan to cater small, intimate affairs every day or huge extravaganzas for 50,000 people once a year, the profit margin potential in the catering business is extremely high.

Some caterers manage to walk away with 66% of pre-tax profits.

That figure may seem hard to believe, but when you stop and think about all the ways caterers can keep their overhead to practically nothing it becomes a more credible figure.

You can begin your catering service out of your own home, using a spare bedroom as your office.

You can use your own kitchen (but be careful about Health Department regulations) or perhaps rent a kitchen in a restaurant, school or church on an as-needed basis.

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