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Extreme weather complications translate into savings for all of you.
We have an enormous and unexpected financial challenge to meet. 
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A very immediate challenge for the Sisters has created what we hope will be a real savings opportunity for our customers. 

Clare can't avoid going outside. Boomer needs his walks.  
Extreme weather conditions in Chicago have overwhelmed our 110 year-old cottage. Last night, as cryoseismic booms created war-like explosions outside, a major electrical melt down that we could hear, see, and smell happened inside. It was all-in-all a really scary night.

Within minutes Chicago Fire Chief Jerry Hughes was at the cottage to assess any potential fire danger. Our internet service provider had thrown up their hands after days of trying to figure out why  we kept getting thrown off the grid; and Commonwealth Edison claimed it was not their circus. We now await the arrival tomorrow of a seasoned  electrician  to further assess and hopefully repair. 

Annie greeting CFD Chief Jerry Hughes last summer as he checked in on Mary following her fall.
In the interim we've trimmed ourselves to 4 rooms. And as the situation remains serious we have: packed our rapid evacuation bags with meds and thermals; stacked pet carriers with food and pet meds at front and back doors; and in general done all sorts of just-in-case and very sobering due diligence. 

For sure, it's cold with no juice to run extra space heaters or even a coffee maker; but, we've always been close sisters so huddling together under shared blankets while we work at intermittently available computers is fine by us. The Fire Chief installed a brand new smoke detector before leaving and a dear neighbor sent down a warming pot of Chicken Pozole Verde with 2 bottles of wine - so spirits are high and tummies are full. It's the bank account we have to worry about now as we had not budgeted what looks to be a major electrical overhaul - later today! 

We're turning to our business to sustain us and turning lemons into what is hopefully lemonade for all of you - or a warming hot toddy if you prefer - with some major savings for folks who can move fast to save big. Anything you can do will be gratefully appreciated. 

A reassuring note to our tried and trues: Mary's electric stair chair has a battery back-up. In the event of a rapid departure she'll be just fine. As Clare says, we'll throw our evac bags out the window and focus on getting Mary and the pets safely down the stairs and out the door. Mary, for one, is glad that there is no talk of throwing her out the window. 

We are grateful as always for all that we are blessed with despite each and every challenge. And we send wishes along the lines of communication that are still working that all of you are warm and safe and hopefully in the mood to do some serious online shopping. 

Thank you for your ongoing support, 

The Duggan Sisters
Mary, Annie and Clare
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