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We wanted to take a moment to remind you that as much as we love the dreamcatchers, our first baby was Choice Fashion + Media, the division of our family's staffing firm that Marissa started 17 years ago in 2005 and Jamie joined 11 years ago in 2011. We have SO many awesome open jobs right now, and wanted to make sure you, our favorite dreamers, are up to speed on all things Choice.


Check our all of our current openings by clicking the button below (sorted under CFM). Don't see anything you like but want to upload your resume anyway and receive our emails moving forward? Please do.

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FEELING STUCK? Don't forget to book your time with us today and gain access to all we have to offer - let us help you sort through whatever it is you are sorting through - your resume, your LinkedIn, your brand identity, your networking/interviewing strategy...the list goes on. More info in our one-sheeter below. Already part of our web? Don't forget to use the dreamDIRECTORY to help you!

JOIN OUR FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: Did you know you can't add someone to a Facebook group if you aren't friends with them personally?! We just figured that out! Help us out and click "join the dreamcatchers web" below to join our exclusive Facebook group!

Reach out with any questions and let's get dreaming.


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