Today I reflect on the heinous violence in Las Vegas and wonder how we could create a society where this won't happen. Safer gun legislation will help for sure. I'm glad people are taking action for that. But there's another angle that I don't hear as much mention of: these mass shootings are almost always done by white men.
I am concerned about what little boys are taught about being male; about the toxic nature of white supremacy for white people; about the impact of the glorification and normalization of war on us as individuals; and that white people (including me) are desensitized to our status as oppressors.
Men are encouraged to not emote, to not connect. We hear statistics about women who are sexually assaulted, but what about the number of men who sexually assault? Historically (and still), people become white by leaving behind their ethnic identities (think of the waves of Irish or Italian immigrants for example). When we lose our cultures and our connections to roots, we become less whole.
Please, let's be mindful of how we socialize white men.  If you are someone who creates media, please do so through an anti-racist, feminist lens. If you are in education, do the same. Whatever way you interface with the world, it is on you, on me, on all of us, to change the way white boys and men are allowed, and even encouraged, to act. Most won't go as far as what happened on Sunday, but the 1,000 cuts endured daily by all people of color and other women and transfolk, also kills. 
Whiteness + masculinity + mental illness + access to weapons = tragedy.  
We have the power to slowly turn this ship toward justice. The newsletter below is full of opportunities to work with others to make real change. Whatever you do, don't do nothing. 

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PJC Educational Programs and Events
Banana Industry Presentation  Sunday, October 8, 3-4pm, PJC. Free. Come early for a New PJC Volunteer Orientation at 2:30.

Poverty in an Unequal Economy - and what we can do about it!
Thursday, October 12, 9am-2:30pm, Main Street Landing Gallery, 60 Lake St, Burlington. Facilitated by Equity Solutions. Main Street Landing is host sponsor. $5-$100 individuals, $100 institutions. Register.

Building Empathy & Addressing Racial Oppression Thursdays, October 12, 19, and 26, 4-6pm, International Commons at St. Michael's College, Colchester. Register.

Toxic Whiteness Discussion Group at PJC. Friday, October 13, 12-1pm.

John Brown Celebration and Anti-Racism Symposium Saturday, October 14, 8:30am-3pm at Woodstock Union High School. Register.

Friday, October 17, 4-6pm, PJC. Discussion for those 25 and under. Led by Marina Kisyova. FREE. Email to register.

Privilege and Accountability for Aspiring Allies  Thursdays, Tuesday October 17, 19 and November 2, 7. 6:30-8:30pm at Shelburne Town Hall. Ita Meno and Kyle Silliman-Smith. Register.

Cocoa Campaign: Fair and Ethical Chocolate FOR KIDS! at the PJC. Saturday, October 28, 12-1pm. Led by Amy Crosswhite. Arrive at 11:30 for new volunteer orientation.
For more info on these events visit the Upcoming Events page on our website or contact us at 863-2345 x6 or
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Flynn Center Vouchers
Pick up a voucher for these shows at PJC and pay $2 cash at the door. For current PJC members and volunteers. For information on membership click here. Come to the Peace & Justice Store to pick up your voucher. Limited supply!
Compagnie Herve Koubi,
October 8, 7pm
The all-male French-Algerian and Burkina Faso company's abstract athleticism and hip-hop sensibility ignite elements of capoeira, martial arts, and contemporary dance.  
Sean Dorsey Dance
October 20, 8pm
While The Missing Generation is about the LGBTQ community, Dorsey projects his message to a broader audience as an invitation to reflect on past biases and identify lingering ones. 
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Welcome Neighbor Lawn Signs
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October 3, 2017
Privilege & Accountability Workshop in Shelburne
-Ita Meno, CQ Stragies and PJC facilitator

Ita Meno 
Allyship is work. It's hard, important work. As one of the facilitators for the upcoming Privilege and Accountability for Aspiring Allies workshop I'm grateful for the opportunity to explicitly challenge the notion of learning being enough to dismantle oppression.  
For years, "knowledge is power" was social justice buzz language that determined what was enough to upend oppression. We know better, now. We know that "being" and "knowing" does little, if anything, to smash the dominant paradigm and undo systemic injustice. Learning can only be a beginning. Information is only a slight movement towards liberation, but more is required. What are you doing with the information? Are you engaging in dialogue? Are you pushing for the removal of laws that allow for discrimination?  
If you are interested in joining a group of folks to move through questions presented in a Privilege and Accountability workshop, please register for the one in Shelburne that starts October 17.
From the Blog: Poverty in an Unequal Economy
-Angela Berkfield, Equity Solutions
Growing up poor in rural Vermont, I always knew that my family had less than some of my friends and the families on TV. I built assumptions based on my experiences and observations. The store clerk looked at me differently when I paid for my candy with food stamps-- there must be something wrong with needing Welfare. I felt a prick of envy when I overheard a schoolmate complaining about her family trip to the Caribbean-- she must not have any problems if a tropical vacation was a nuisance.

I struggled with anger and powerlessness around wealth and class until I learned about the facts of inequality in the US...

PJC is co-sponsoring an Equity Solutions training on Thursday, October 12, 9am-2:30pm at Main Street Landing, Burlington. More info here.
Woodstock John Brown Day Celebration
John Brown, 19th century abolitionist known for the Pottawatomie Massacre 
The John Brown Day Celebration and Anti-Racism Symposium in Woodstock honors John Brown as a man who dedicated his life to righting the moral wrong of slavery. The goal of the Symposium is to promote dialogue through listening to understand, leading to action. All three aspects of listening, understanding, and acting matter. Listening to understand the history of abolitionism and anti-abolitionism in the Upper Valley is one focus. Learning teaching and personal skills to actively and compassionately understand and undo racism and white supremacy.  

In the words of Abraham Joshua Heschel: "...few are guilty, but all are responsible." Understanding how we are all responsible for listening to one another and standing up for justice to create a compassionate, just society is the purpose of this gathering.  

For more information on the John Brown Day Celebration and Anti-Racism Symposium to be held at Woodstock Union High School on October 14, please see the Woodstock Social Justice Initiative's website.
Community Calendar
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October 3, Tuesday        
October 4, Wednesday        
October 5, Thursday       
  • 5-6:30pm The Meaning of America: Revisiting 'Our' Origins Story in the Age of Trump, at Saint Michael's College, McCarthy Arts Center Recital Hall, Colchester
October 6, Friday         October 7, Saturday         October 8, Sunday        
October 9, Monday        
October 10, Tuesday        
October 11, Wednesday       
October 12, Thursday      

October 13, Friday 

October 14, Saturday       
October 15, Sunday         October 17, Tuesday       
  • 5:30-8pm Volunteer drop-in at 350VT Office, Burlington.
  • 7-8:30pm Champlain Area NAACP meeting. 427A Waterman Building, UVM, Burlington.
October 18, Wednesday        
  • 6-8pm Center for Crime Victim Services listening forums. Bennington Free Library, Bennington.
  • 6:30-8pm Coalition for a Livable City. PJC.
  • 7-9pm Tournees French Film Festival: National Diploma. Cheray Science Hall 111, St Michael's College, Colchester.

Please email events for our google calendar and enews. 
Action Highlight: Fair Trade Month!

October is fair trade month! There are a number of things you can do to show your support of fair and ethically-sourced products:
  1. Sign this petition to tell Mondelez (the parent company of brands including Cadbury, Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and Toblerone) that you want their Cocoa Life Campaign to guarantee fair payment for their cocoa farmers.
  2. Download and print this flier (as seen below) to let your neighbors know that you support fair trade!
  3. Attend our Fair Trade presentations! We have a some great presentations coming up including a Banana Industry Presentation on the 8th and Cocoa Campaign: Fair and Ethical Chocolate for Kids on 28th.
  4. Buy fair trade chocolate for Halloween at the Peace & Justice store or elsewhere! The last thing we should be giving trick-or-treaters is chocolate made by enslaved children.

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