September 2021

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Connect: Outreach & Education

A Summer of Outreach Events

2021 Summer Outreach Tour

Newsletter Graphics.png along with many other addiction recovery, basic needs, and health care facilities have continued to support local communities in need throughout this summer at various locations. Community Assessment & Treatment Services, Oak Street Health, Care Alliance Health Center, The American Legion, Stella Maris and many other organizations have hosted the outreach tour on their own grounds each month.

Thrive Peer Support has supplied incredible resources at each event and are great leaders in the community for us to partner with. They provide narcan, groceries and other harm reduction resources all while allowing organizations like ours to promote the help we provide as well.

As Autumn approaches, we will be continuing our outreach efforts to help as many individuals as possible before the weather turns. To find out where will be next, click here.

Beautiful Day in Dayton with FOA

thumbnail_IMG_1698.jpg had the most wonderful experience at the Families of Addicts Rally4Recovery Event. The weather was near perfect, the crowd was positive and thankful for the plethora of information being given to them and

The 8th Annual Rally hosted by FOA was held on August 29th at Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton. After the incredibly well-run entrance and set-up process, the dozens of volunteers got us ready for all of the guests we'd soon be meeting.

Organizations from all over the state were in attendance and the Dayton residents were greatly impacted and clearly thankful for the help and directions they were provided throughout the day.


It surely was an incredible afternoon of music, food, collaboration, connection and most importantly resources to help families with loved ones struggling with addiction. The greatest moments were those of pride and excitement from individuals announcing their sobriety lengths. Whether 5 days or 5 years, each person at the microphone shouted their amount of time with joy and were sure that their days with drugs and alcohol were behind them. That was certainly the most inspiring part and why this event is so successful each year.

Empower: Awareness

Mental Health and Reentry are a Main Focus

October 10th is World Mental Health Day Instagram graphics part 2  _1_.png

The significance of World Mental Health Day is greater and more important every year. While society is thankfully making strides away from using terms like "crazy" to describe people that may just be a diagnosis and some counseling sessions away from a sound and stable mindset, there is still room for improvement. Addiction and suicidal ideation are two of the devastating symptoms of mental health issues bearing down on many individuals, and's priority is to target any issues that may trigger drug use. has hundreds of mental and behavioral health resources that Ohioans can access at their fingertips. If you or anyone you know are struggling with mental health or addiction, the conversation can be tough to bring up. is dedicated to making that process easier. Counseling, treatment and more are available in your area, and our providers are there to help.

Reentry Resources Help Someone Find Their Second Chance


A worried mother in Cuyahoga County called's business hours phone number in behalf of her son. Her son is currently living in a halfway house after a few taxing years in an Ohio prison and is looking for an apartment.

Now, in full transparency, this request is often a tough one, but our statewide coordinator quickly got to work on the task. Apartments that accept tenants with felony records are few and far between to begin with -- add in other specificities such as 'near a bus station,' 'accepts pets' and a strict budget and this is sometimes nearly impossible.

Thankfully after a few afternoons of searching and phone calls, six housing options were acquired and passed along to this mother and her son to choose from and schedule visits for. has many reentry opportunities and even the challenging cases end in success. If you or a loved one are reentering society after incarceration, visit for the resources you may need.


Restore: Information Makes New Developments

Changing the way you search for resources

Screenshot 2021-09-20 100057.png aims to evolve as often as we can to ensure an easy search process for those looking for resources. On the admin side of our website we are testing out a mapping function that would allow for a user to click on various 'pins' where resources are located on a map rather than a list of possible organizations.

For those who find with visuals helpful rather than the printable list, this new feature will be a great way to find help in your area and understand their proximity to where the user is or to other resources nearby.

If you or a loved one are in need of direction or support through a challenging time, click the link below to find help near you.

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