The " Catalyze" foundation has reached its first anniversary!
In April 2016, a mother, wife and friend was diagnosed with sIBM, an incurable wasting disease. In April 2017, we launched a single-focus charity to work on a cure with other friends and relatives of ibm patients. Where are we, together, in April 2018? We're pleased to bring you a report and new features. Below you'll find: a review of The Power of Science Philanthropy , some Year One Highlights , a new Online Store , and Everybody's Tag . Glad to have you with us!
Pursuing Medical Hope
Thanks to others, there are good support and education groups assisting patients with inclusion body myositis. Our Foundation's aim is (still) to bring substantial financial resources to serious-minded medical researchers so that they can decode ibm and produce a treatment or cure!
Building Conviction & Optimism
A Guided-Tour Celebration of Charity in Science
The US Government, via the NIH, is the largest source of medical research funds in the world. But you're going to love the story of how voluntary charity both supplements and often out-innovates the huge science agency.
First Anniversary Report
Where We Are Now
Highlights from Year One
Good start
  • Individual supporters, 190
  • Funds raised, $320,000
  • Admin. spending, $0
  • Directors paid all costs, not donors

On track
  • Grant disbursements, now pending
  • Now that the annual total funding is known, the Directors are preparing to make grants

Long way to go
  • Corporate supporters, none yet
  • Consistent monthly donors, few
  • Active fundraising volunteers, few
  • This is our highest potential and greatest need
  • To help, email or call
Now, bring on Year Two!

Spreading the Word & Work
The endIBM and Foundation Store
Some of us joined "Club IBM" with an unwelcome diagnosis. Others to support a friend or relative. Now you can choose from hundreds of items in four main themes to fight back:
  • #endIBM
  • Curiosity = Cure
  • Hope, Help, Heal
  • or Catalyze a Cure
You'll get a quality product that spreads the word, and the Foundation will receive a part of the purchase price to pursue a cure (think win-win).
Everyone's ibm tag
As an organization in the myositis arena, we may be unique in our mission -- but we are not alone! Around the country there are advocates, associations, departments, support groups and specialty clinics. While we think #CatalyzeACure is pretty catchy, we find ourselves using #endIBM to denote the overarching goal to overcome this disease, with others, on behalf of all. Join in!

(And, if you wear the shirt, someone is going to ask...)
The Minutia Minute :)
Q: Hey, sometimes you use "IBM" and other times "ibm." What's up?
A: As a petulant act of defiance, we prefer not to dignify this heartless disease with capital letters, so we like to use the lowly 'ibm.' (And, there's that tech company.) But sometimes, capitals are a useful distinction, such as in combinations like endIBM and sIBM. That's all!
Please Do This
To win, we'll need to work together. Please hit ' Forward' and send to others who care about ibm. Thank you!