September 2018
Four faculty members reported to the Board of Trustees on their recent sabbatical projects:
  • Cuyamaca College Engineering Instructor Duncan McGehee, right, demonstrated some of the devices designed to engage students in applied learning and to recruit prospective students into high-demand engineering fields.
  • Grossmont College English Associate Professor Cindi Harris described her project to develop online contextualized grammar and usage modules to improve student writing using an engaging constructive approach.
  • Grossmont College Visual Arts and Humanities Professor Gareth Davies-Morris discussed the research he conducted for a book he is writing about author H.G. Wells’ influence on dystopian science fiction.
  • Cuyamaca College CADD Technology Instructor Cyrus Saghafi developed a certificate program that links computer-aided design and drafting with the growing field of advanced manufacturing.

Board member Debbie Justeson thanked faculty members for presenting sabbatical reports and the work they do on a daily basis. Board President Bill Garrett noted his involvement in the East County Economic Development Council’s strong workforce subcommittee, stating there is high demand for manufacturing and engineering graduates. He extended thanks to Grossmont College Dean of Career & Technical Education/Workforce Development Javier Ayala and Cuyamaca College Dean of Career & Technical Education Larry McLemore for their involvement on the committee and for making our colleges visible in the community. Garrett also noted that many students have signed up for the new Grossmont-Cuyamaca College Promise, and asked for a report at the next board meeting.

Cuyamaca College Student Trustee Kyrie Macogay reported on events at the college, including the display of flags on the Grand Lawn to commemorate victims of the 9/11 attacks and the Latinx College Hour on Sept. 13.
Grossmont College Student Trustee Edwin Hernandez Armenta reported on an internship program at the college; the fall kickoff for the Umoja program, left, a Club Fair to be held in the Quad on Sept. 18 and 19; and the college’s support for the Undocumented Students Week of Action.

At its Sept. 11, 2018 meeting, the Governing Board:
Governing Board

Bill Garrett
Edwin Hiel
Debbie Justeson
Greg Barr
Elena Adams

Student Trustees:
Edwin Hernandez Armenta
Kyrie Macogay

Cindy L. Miles, Ph.D.

Grossmont College
Nabil Abu-Ghazaleh, Ed.D.

Cuyamaca College President
Julianna Barnes, Ed.D.

Vice Chancellors
Tim Corcoran, Human Resources
Sue Rearic, Business Services
Sean Hancock, Ed.D. Student & Institutional Success
Next Meeting
The Governing Board's next regular meeting will be held Tuesday,Oct. 16, at Grossmont College's Griffin Gate.The open session will begin at 6:30 p.m. following closed session at 5 p.m.

Site Reports

Meeting agendas are posted on the District website and in the district and presidents' offices 72 hours before regular meetings and 24 before special meetings. 
8800 Grossmont College Dr.
El Cajon, CA 92020 
(619) 644-7010
  • Heard public comment from American Federation of Teachers Guild President Jim Mahler concerning negotiations.
  • Board President Garrett announced that in closed session the Board took action with a vote of 5-0 to expel student identified as #9369, subject to reconsideration for a period of no less than 5 years.
  • Held a public hearing and approved the 2018-19 Adoption Budget, with the Tentative Budget approved in June as the Adoption Budget.
  • Approved revisions to Board Policy and Administrative Policy 5011, Admission and Concurrent Enrollment of High School and Other Minors.
  • Approved a Memorandum of Understanding between Cuyamaca College and Southern California Foothills Consortium to provide the opportunity for students and faculty to study and teach overseas.
  • Approved a revision of the District’s Student Code of Conduct to shift from legalistic language and punitive processes toward language that is more holistic regarding student development. Trustee Edwin Hiel commended the approach toward more expanded services and referral to community resources for students with conduct issues.
  • Approved purchase orders and warrants issued during August.
  • Approved a resolution setting the District’s 2018-19 appropriations limit in the manner prescribed by the state Chancellor’s Office.
  • Approved completion of a public works project to install five new air handling units at the Cuyamaca College Learning Resource Center.
  • Approved issuance of a bid for Cuyamaca College Student/Veterans Center improvements.
  • Ratified personnel actions, including contracts for new and interim employees: James Dorris, manager, technology programs, District Services; and Andre Toma, Business Services assistant, Cuyamaca College; and Craig Leedham, associate vice chancellor, Human Resources. Following public comment from Administrators’ Association President Aaron Starck, the contract for Joan Ahrens, Grossmont College interim Dean of Arts, Languages and Communication, was tabled and will return to the Board next month after discussion between the District and Administrators’ Association concerning contract protocol for interim administrators.
  • Approved two short-term hourly assignments.
  • Heard an update on Proposition V facilities construction from Gafcon, Inc. Program Manager Fred Parker.
Cuyamaca College President Julianna Barnes said the Auto Technology program is offering a new associate degree that will allow students to work in independent mechanic shops, similar to the programs being offered by Ford and General Motors dealerships. She also said an anonymous couple has pledged a $100,000 legacy gift to fund scholarships for future auto technology students.
Barnes said the Veteran’s Resource Center is being expanded from 870 square feet to almost 2,500 square feet so that veteran services are all in one location.

Grossmont College President Nabil Abu-Ghazaleh said the college’s participation in Open Stax to offer free online college textbooks has resulted in more than $700,000 savings to students, with about 15% of students benefitting from open education resources. He said classes with online textbooks have fewer D and F grades and withdrawals, contributing to student success.

Chancellor Cindy Miles noted the site reports are attached to the Board docket and contain extensive monthly updates. She announced the District’s Proposition V Bond program received a perfect score for transparency of its information from the San Diego County Taxpayers Educational Foundation. This is the 4 th year the District has received outstanding remarks, and it was noted to be one of the “models of success” for dissemination of information. Miles recognized Sue Rearic, Fred Parker and Stephen Johnson as key team members responsible for earning this recognition.