June 2019
NEW -  sfCare Poster!

Many organizations asked us to create a poster to help them convey their commitment to providing senior friendly care. We are pleased to launch the poster in time for "Seniors Month".

During the development process, 95% of clinicians who reviewed the poster said they would put it up in their organizations!
Preparing to become an Ontario Health Team? We can help!
The need for an authentic focus on the goals and aspirations of older people living with frailty (or at risk of frailty) is especially important as health service providers work towards a new model of service delivery as part of an Ontario Health Team (OHT). Older adults living with frailty or at risk of frailty require a specialized, senior-friendly approach to care across the healthcare continuum in order to meet their unique needs. The Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario are pleased to offer their support as a strategic partner in achieving this goal .
For OHTs planning to optimize the care of older adults living with or at risk of frailty, our evidence-based resources help meet requirements in the OHT Self-Assessment.   Click here to learn more .
Change Management 101 - "make it your own"

When implementing best practices there's no need to reinvent the wheel, but you will need to customize it in a way that makes your users want to get in the car and drive.  

For example, the Senior Friendly Care Framework provides an evidence-based road map for what senior friendly care should look like. The framework allows the flexibility for organizations to customize their senior friendly care journey, especially around the implementation of processes of care.

Across the globe there are many examples of processes of care initiatives and tools which can be adopted or adapted to complement an organization's senior friendly care journey. A few examples include:
  • The Age Friendly Health System Initiative in the U.S. which focuses on "4Ms" (Mobility, Mentation, Medication, what Matters), for processes of care. The creators of this initiative connected with us in their development phase to learn about Senior Friendly Hospital ACTION (Accelerating Change Together in Ontario) and how they could adapt implementation concepts in their region, such as creating an "Action community of practice" to share learnings across organizations. Click here to learn more.
  • End PJ Paralysis (#endPJParalysis), a mobility initiative to get older adults dressed and moving. Originating in the U.K., this initiative is now spreading globally. Recently Alberta Health Services embraced and endorsed this initiative and have encouraged organizations to get creative with how they roll it out. Click here to learn more, and save the date for our webinar on Aug 22, 2019 when Paul Wright, Interim Director, Clinical Quality Improvement, Patient Safety and Patient & Family Centred Care will provide implementation learnings and tips, as well as data on outcomes.
Our QI coaches share bright ideas to support people who care for frail older adults, and who want to learn from and inspire others. To share tools and experiences or ask for advice from others, including our QI coaches,  join the sfCare Forum  or email us .
Participate in the development of Ontario's Senior's Strategy
The Government of Ontario announced in its 2019 budget that the province will be developing a new cross-government strategy to improve the lives of older adults.
As part of the consultation process, an online survey has been created, which is primarily targeted at older adults, their family members and unpaid caregivers to hear about their experiences. We encourage you to share the survey link, which will be open until July 19, 2019. In-person consultations will also take place in Seniors Active Living Centres across Ontario over the next 6 weeks.
As a member of the Ministry of Seniors Affairs and Accessibility Liaison Committee, the Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario will also be involved in the strategy's development.  For more information, click here .
Find more senior friendly resources: rgptoronto.ca
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