January 2020 - Special Edition

Expansion of the sfCare Learning Series
We are excited to announce the expansion of the sfCare Learning Series which now includes a learning series for Personal Support Workers (PSWs), and 2 new education modules for clinicians.

sfCare Learning Series for PSWs
Co-developed with PSWs from Ontario, with funding provided by the Retired Teachers of Ontario, the sfCare Learning Series for PSWs comprises:
  • PSW Supervisor Guide - provides strategies for implementing sfCare and includes resources to facilitate learning sessions, such as topic overviews, case studies, and quiz questions.
  • PSW Pocket Guide - is a reminder tool for PSWs to carry and refer to at the point of care.
2 new education modules for clinicians
Co-developed with geriatric clinical experts from Ontario, 2 new educational modules have been launched for clinicians, which builds on the knowledge from the introductory modules on the topics of delirium and urinary incontinence:
About the sfCare Learning Series - The sfCare Learning Series supports healthcare providers in optimizing care for the unique needs of older adults. The series provides free, evidence-based education and tools for PSWs, clinicians, and caregivers on key clinical topics that support resilience, independence, and quality of life for older adults living with frailty. These topics include: delirium, mobility, polypharmacy, pain, loneliness, nutrition, and urinary incontinence.
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