January 2021
How to prepare for conversations about COVID-19 vaccination
Many, but not all, older adults and those who care for them are ready for and eagerly awaiting their turn for a COVID-19 vaccine. For those who are hesitant to roll up their sleeves, the clinician's role as a care partner is vitally important in the decision-making process. 

Do you have clear, evidence-based answers ready for questions like:
1. Does the vaccine contain mercury, aluminum or food allergens?
2. Why should I get the vaccine instead of taking my chances with the virus?
3. Is the risk of getting side effects from the vaccine high?

Ready-to-use answers to these and other common COVID-19 vaccine questions can be found in the PGLO's new Facts and Fiction: COVID-19 mRNA vaccinations slide deck for clinicians. A video of these slides presented by Dr. Kevin Young, PGLO Co-Medical Director (Geriatric Medicine) and Physician Lead, North Simcoe Muskoka Specialized Geriatric Services, and a tip sheet for addressing vaccine hesitancy are also available (see the first new resource listed in the COVID-19 section, below).

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NEW resources! 
Our COVID-19 page provides up-to-date, practical tools and guidance on providing care to older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic.
January 28, 9:30-10:30 am or 4-5 pm
PRCP Webinar Series: Screening for Physical Causes of Behaviour Using the 5D's of PIECES
Presenterspsychogeriatric resource consultants Mario Tsokas, RSW, BSW and Tara Resnick, BA, RSSWG
This is the tenth webinar series for healthcare teams. Speakers will introduce healthcare workers to effective strategies to screen for physical causes of behaviour using the 5D's of PIECES. Register for 9:30-10:30 am or Register for 4-5 pm

Feb 5, 1-2 pm
Health Equity Series Part 2: Uncovering our Diverse Care Environments
Presenters: Mario Tsokas, BSW, RSW
This presentation will discuss the provision of inclusive and culturally competent care as an important step in enhancing health equity. The facilitator will provide opportunities for self-reflection and tips for implementing a Cultural Competency Framework in practice to enhance learner experience. Register for this webinar

Watch Part 1: "Preparing our future - Why ageism affects us all", and download the tip sheet "How to Be Anti-Ageist: Top 5 Tips for Healthcare Providers"

Our free webinar series provides an excellent opportunity to learn from and engage with local and international subject matter experts. See past webinars, sign up for webinar invites 
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