June 2021
In Pandemic Times
Innovative ways to help you achieve better health outcomes for older adults with frailty.
Delirium is a preventable harm for your older patients which can lead to functional decline and death. Do you have reliable and consistent processes across your organization to prevent or manage it?

Regardless of your type or size of organization, or where you’re starting from (getting started or building on successes, or anything in between), our new Practical Implementation Guide for Ontario’s Delirium Quality Standard is intended to help you elevate your practice in delirium care.

The guide focuses on achieving quick wins and includes:
  • steps for assembling a team, including a sample “elevator pitch”
  • ready-to-use change ideas with tips on prioritizing which one to start with first
  • steps for action planning, including a planning template, an action plan template, and strategies for overcoming common implementation barriers.

Delirium care is an important component of senior friendly care. (SfCare). sfCare is evidence-based and foundational care that meets the unique needs of older adults. It is not an add-on to care, and must be woven into the fabric of care for every older adult across every part of the healthcare system, especially during a pandemic.

The best time to start protecting the well-being of your older patients by addressing the gaps in delirium care is now! Addressing delirium care as a priority during pandemic recovery will be an important enabler for patient flow and outcomes while the system collectively addresses the backlog for healthcare services.

We welcome feedback on this guide, and are happy to answer questions. Feel free to connect with an sfCare coach
Health Equity Webinar Series Part 3: Older Adults Experiencing Homelessness - A Geriatrician’s Perspective
July 15, 2021, 12-1pm, Dr. Jillian Alston, MD, FRCPC, MScCH
This webinar will endeavor to increase awareness of the current state of older adults experiencing homelessness in Canada and empower attendees to care and advocate for older adults that are inadequately housed. It will discuss the concept of accelerated aging and the presence of geriatric syndromes in older adults experiencing homelessness. Finally, this webinar will discuss observations from working with older adults experiencing homelessness to provide practical tips to incorporate into practice.

PRCP Webinar Series: Supporting Older Adults Living with Depression and Anxiety Disorders
July 27, 2021, 9:30-10:30am and 4-5pm, Tara Resnick, BA, RSSWG and Sasha Johnston, RPN

Join us for the 11th webinar for the Responsive Behavior Presentation for Healthcare Workers Series! The speakers will present on an introduction of depression and anxiety, their common causes/risk factors, and some supportive strategies when caring for those who live with depression and anxiety. This webinar is presented by psychogeriatric resource consultants.
Our free webinar series provides an excellent opportunity to learn from and engage with local and international subject matter experts. See past webinars, sign up for webinar invites