September 2021
In Pandemic Times
Innovative ways to help you achieve better health outcomes for older adults with frailty.
The 5 min refresh
When you're busy and feeling overwhelmed consider taking 5 minutes to refresh your mind and mood.

Everyone can make room for 5 minutes in their day. When you refresh, do something that you wouldn't normally do in your day, or would like to do but feel like you never have the time.

  • Learn something new - take a page out of our SF7 Toolkit - literally! Designed for healthcare providers in all sectors, older adults, and caregivers, it's packed with evidence-based, graphic pages that can stand alone. For example, test your knowledge on continence care using the "Urinary Continence Care Decision Tree" on page 33, (developed in Ontario, by Nurse Donna Ruffo).

  • Get the blood flowing - there's something about music that moves us. Put on a favourite song and dance along to it. Extra points for asking your older patients if they would like to hear a song while you provide care and encouraging them to move or sing along to the music.

Our sfCare coaches share bright ideas to support care providers of older adults living with frailty. Questions about sfCare or bright ideas for us to share? - email us!
VHA finds solution for foggy shields
VHA Home HealthCare shares their tried and tested anti-fog solution for face shields and goggles. Great example of practical, real world research and meeting the needs of front-line care providers! READ MORE

Our COVID-19 page provides up-to-date, practical tools and guidance on providing care to older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Oct. 13, 11am-12pm - Part 4 - Uncovering Diversity: Cultural Humility and Safety When Caring for Black Older Adults
A diverse population requires healthcare providers to embody cultural humility in order to collaboratively work with their clients and patients. In this interactive learning session, Dr. Mireille Norris will present information that will assist healthcare providers to contextualize the experience of Black older adults within the healthcare system. Additionally, she will share resources and evidence-based tools that will enhance providers' ability to provide culturally safe care to their Black clients and patients. READ MORE / REGISTER

Oct. 28, Nov. 25, Dec. 16, 12-1pm - Live peer coaching series on implementing delirium care across sectors

Join us for this 3-part, practical coaching series on how you can use the Delirium Standards Implementation Guide to change care in your workplace. Come on your own or bring a team. This will be a dynamic, interactive coaching series where all levels of implementers are welcome. No preparation required. Whether you are just getting started, started but stalled, or on a roll this series is for you! READ MORE / REGISTER

More than a webinar; our free learning sessions provide an excellent opportunity to learn from and engage with local and international subject matter experts.
Sept. 23, 12-1pm - The Other Pandemic - Deconditioning and why #EndPJParalysis matters more than ever
Professor Brian Dolan will be delivering the first City-wide Geriatric Medicine Grand Rounds of the academic year and the 2021 Dr. Rory Fisher Lecture, hosted by the University of Toronto. Anyone may attend.  READ MORE / REGISTER

Sept. 30, 12-1pm - Quality Standard for Delirium Care: How can I help?

The Ontario Caregiver Organization, in partnership with Ontario Health, will be delivering this webinar, which provides an overview of delirium and how family members and caregivers can support people with or at risk for delirium. READ MORE / REGISTER