Operation Write Home eNewsletter: April 1, 2011



i didn't tell mom i was going to send everybody a letter today, so shhh. don't tell her. she might not let me back up on the bed. 

if you don't know who i am, i'm ciara, and my mom runs the card thing. my birthday is this month so i think it should be all about me! okay me and the heroes. i can share. 

i know a lot of stuff about owh since i live at hq, so i picked out fun stuff to share. be sure to let your dogs see it all too!

love, ciara (the golden retriever)


mom's tv show: 2 paws up

every thursday mom does a tv thing on the computer. sometimes i sneak in the background when she's not looking! if you watch you might see me. (i'm the best part, i think!)


you can see the reruns of all the shows so far:

linkie thing


number 3 is the bestest! mom talks about how to make nicer cards especially if you don't have a lot of practice. lots of people emailed her and said it was good, so i give it two paws up.



cards mom & her friends need  

mom and her shipper friends got SO MANY mom cards. they got enough! yeah! you guys are great.


they also don't need hardly any more graduation cards, they got lots already. you can send a couple but you might wanna make different kinds. (i always recommend cards with dogs, those are the BESTest. kids love dogs. husbands love dogs. heroes love dogs. doesn't everybody love dogs?)


cards for dads are next, too. they arent due til later in may. and mom and her friends get lots every year, so if you wanna make dog cards or birthday cards or love cards instead, they need a lotta those too.


anyhero winner

last week, mom promised to make state digis for the state that got the most anyhero letters - here is what the computer said came in:

  • california 250
  • illinois 225
  • pennsylvania 191
  • minnesota 141

so california wins! mom will make a picture and put it on the web thingie real soon. (that s&s one.) she's working on ones for the shipper states and i think she might put them up this weekend.  


if you want your state to be next, send in letters and coloring pages and win for april!


cool stuff for dogs and people
mom and her friends put a lotta neat stuff on the web to learn from. i picked out my favorites:
  • coloring pages with ME on them! kids love these. i like seeing what they color. 
  • tutorials - there's a whole list of cool stuff here, for beginner dogs and people too.
  • glossary - for dogs who don't know what the fancy card words mean
  • guidelines - important stuff to do to cards


my favoritest owh video
OWH | Old Spice
OWH | Old Spice
Operation Write Home
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friend me
i have my own facebook page! i'm gonna tell some behind the scenes stuff without mom knowing it, all month long - if you wanna be my friend i can tell you secrets about owh and answer questions. friend me!