Celebrating Life After Injury Through
Adaptive Scuba Diving
Aye Pirate,

Our trip auction is underway! Bidding is on! Now through Sunday.
Click the link above to go to the auction site and bid! If you don't bid, be a good pirate and share the auction from our Facebook page and pay if forward for our pirates in training!
Every trip has a buy it now or bid on option, let the games begin!

For pirates with different abilities: These trips have a dedicated travel assistant who can vet accessibility prior to booking specific accommodations or experiences.
Also, the traveler always gets the final say on the itinerary before booking and can have significant input on the accommodations needed at that time. These are good mates, they are!

Translation, they found our treasure
Sie haben unseren Schatz gefunden!
Having fun with my translation app... why you ask? Because the geocache post I just received was in German! It has been awhile since anyone posted about our underwater cache off the shores of Cayman Brac, and according to my translator, "Skeet" has been caching for years, but this is the first time he has created an account, and we were his first post! He thanks Dive Pirates for placing the treasure and creating a fun find... I'll see if he will post some pictures and join the crew, this pic is of past pirates plundering the Pelican box :-)

Don't leave your house without Lita!
Thank you Lita for being a Pirate Partner and supporting our Pirates in Training!
Pirate Partner time, and Lita is amazing, offering hand sanitizer and bug repellent... two must haves for going anywhere!

She also has candles that are perfect for indoors and outdoors for a light bug repellent and wonderful scent.

I love that she also uses all recyclable bottles reducing plastic :-)
Feature Heading
The Pirate Bell at Concho Cove has been painted and recommissioned at Mama Lou's house. She missed her scuba tank/bell and promises to ring it for happy hour! (And you wonder why the rum's gone!)
Have a good weekend pirates!
Theresa the Terrible
P.O. Box 1564
Wellington, CO 80549
Phone: 877-EYE-DIVE