How is California's rental housing assistance program progressing? At a snail's pace, we observe in our first-ever podcast episode.

Under Senate Bill 91, landlords may be able to recoup a mountain of rent debt, but how is the machinery working so far? Daniel gives his assessment in this podcast.
Biden looks to roll back gains on 1031 exchanges

We make our case against the ill-conceived measure in our latest article.
New legislation will require landlords to offer tenants the opportunity to have their rental history reported to the credit bureaus
From the desk of Daniel Bornstein
After a mountain of COVID-related rent debt has accrued, many in our community feel disappointed and deflated because California‚Äôs rental assistance program is not firing on all cylinders. I take a few minutes to feel the pain of landlords who are patiently waiting for a check that never comes in our recent podcast. Hopefully, we can report better news in the near future. 

1031 exchanges have been a tremendous wealth-building tool but the Biden administration is looking to tinker with these tax deferring vehicles. While a proposal looks to target big investors, the measure would in fact have a far-reaching impact that hurts many aspiring homeowners, small investors, and other innocent bystanders, as well as aggravates our housing crisis. We make our case for leaving well enough alone in this article

Unsuspecting landlords have been cast into the role of educators, social workers, and soon credit counselors under a bill set to take effect in July. While we are hard-pressed to argue against the upward mobility that low-income tenants can enjoy by having rent payments reported to the credit bureaus and always celebrate the success of renters, we do have some reservations with the law as written. We express them here

Thank you to our clientele, industry and referral partners, and colleagues for your continued engagement and we hope to stay in touch as we emerge stronger on the other side of the pandemic. It remains tough terrain but all indications are we will return to a state of normalcy in managing landlord-tenant relationships soon and of course, Bornstein Law is ready and able to handle any bumps in the road until then. 

Please remain in the best of health and spirits as we power through your real estate challenges.
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