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Artist's Gateway To The World's Top Music Makers
Michael Beinhorn Producing Remotely
Beinhorn Adds ATC SCM20 Monitors to his New Remote Production Room, Vancouver, Canada
Michael Beinhorn is the author of Unlocking Creativity, and an outspoken advocate of the importance of artist development and pre-production within the creative process. What is he up to these days? Not surprisingly, an entirely new creative production process – handled remotely. He envisioned this new concept prior to the Covid epidemic, and it fully blossomed in 2022 with the purchase of paired with stands from Sound Anchors. Beinhorn is ahead of the curve with this new Remote Production Processing concept from his home in Vancouver Island, Canada. The playback system is mainly hi-fi with the ATC SMC20s delivering fatigue-free listening.
When asked what he knew about ATC monitors, Beinhorn replied, “Years ago, an old friend had a pair of ATC SCM150s, and I remember their staggering mid-range presence. I started thinking ATCs would bridge the gap between hi-fi speakers and pro audio studio monitors.”
“I believe my role as a producer needs to evolve with the times,” Noted Beinhorn.
“What worked forty years ago is obsolete. Working remotely gives the pre-production process stability and connections that are rarely available in costly studio setup. While I’m critically listening over and over to a piece of music, I begin to emotionally connect to what the artist is trying to convey. I’m not looking at it qualitatively, I’m analyzing how to improve it structurally. It’s an intriguing process. One that needs creativity, perseverance, and – not an easy concept but it’s mine.”

All multi-genre productions of Michael Beinhorn are driven by his hell-bent creativity. He began his musical career playing synths with experimental New York group Material, which he co-founded. Over the last forty years, the award-winning, prolific producer has delivered legendary recordings with remarkable style, interpersonal skills, and equipment selection to capture his singular vision and artistry. The recording industry is full of anecdotes regarding his deft handling of superstar acts with notorious reputations and his ability to ‘stay on course’. In the 90s, he was Grammy-nominated for “Producer of the Year” for Hole’s Celebrity Skin and Marilyn Manson’s Mechanical Animals.
His work with the Red-Hot Chili Peppers is legendary, turning them from a relatively unknown rock group into chart-topping international recording stars with albums to include Mother's Milk. Beinhorn produced Herbie Hancock’s Future Shock album including the hip-hop seminal single Rockit. In 2004, he was nominated again for a Grammy Award for Fuel’s album Natural Selection. And topping off 2022, his work helped Weezer achieve a Grammy Nomination for Best Rock Song, All My Favorite Songs. Additionally, Beinhorn produced some of the top names over the years – Korn, Soundgarden, Ozzy Osbourne, Soul Asylum, The Verve Pipe and many more.
Beinhorn consulted with Brad Lunde, president, and founder of TransAudio Group about purchasing ATCs.
Initially, he wanted ATC SCM50s yet after some conversation Lunde recommended that the SCM20s would be a better fit, as they were more analytical. For solid speaker placement Lunde suggested ADJ1 Sound Anchors stands for stability and reliability. Taking a leap of faith, Beinhorn called Vintage King, purchased the SCM20s and the ADJ1 Sound Anchor’s stands relying solely on Lunde’s impeccable consulting reputation. "The two-way ATC SCM20 is designed for smaller rooms where performance cannot be comprised. These monitors are a popular choice with top engineers due to their two-way design in an infinite baffle enclosure. Uniquely, the bass/mid driver features a large, soft‑dome center section for smooth and accurate mid‑range performance. Once I began talking to Michael
I knew the ATC SCM20s were perfect for the critical and fatigue-free listening necessary for his remote recording process. All of us at TransAudio are excited by this new remote production process and know Beinhorn is the right person to make it work,” says Lunde.
TransAudio Group, founded by industry veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier U.S. importer/distributor and/or U.S. sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm. www.transaudiogroup.com
Featuring Upgraded, Handcrafted, ATC Dual-Suspension Tweeter
"ATC monitors are something you have to experience to really grasp how different they are from everything else. Lets just say that you can hear details you’ve never heard before, leading you to faster, more accurate decisions in your creative process," says Brad Lunde, President of Trans Audio Group.
Models range from $5,000 to $50,000 per pair and all share a very similar sound. For larger rooms and midfield, applications check out the SEM45 with dual 6.5-inch drivers and the fantastic SEM150 with a 15-inch woofer and 350 Watts of power. Choose the size that works for your space. More info here
ATC SCM 25a pro mk2 has been upgraded with ATC’s hand made proprietary SH25-76S Dual Suspension Tweeter, extending the high-frequency response with a reduction in distortion. " Like the original SCM25A, the new upgraded Mk2 is a compact 3-way high-performance active studio monitor loudspeaker, based around the hand made proprietary ATC 3”/75mm soft mid-dome driver and 6.5”/164mm bass driver loaded in a 25-litre vented cabinet," adds Brad Lunde, President of Trans Audio Group.
The monitor’s combination of exceptional mid-range clarity, high-output, extended bass response and modest size make it ideal for nearfield monitoring across a wide range of critical applications.
ATC of England is the insider’s studio monitor, demanded by the very top level of the music recording community. ATC designs and manufactures nearly all their proprietary components, drivers, and electronics in-house to the absolute highest quality standards. The best of the best rely on ATC monitoring as their main solution for tracking, mixing and mastering.
Spotify’s Downtown LA Creative Hub for Artists and Podcasters
Vibey, Comfortable, and Well-equipped

Spotify at Mateo downtown LA, is recipients of the 2023 NAMM TEC Award in the Studio Design Project Category.
Designed by John Storyk of WSDG, the facility opened its doors to music community at large in December 2022. Chris D’Angelo, Spotify’s Head of Production & Studio Facilities, and William Garrett, Senior Music Producer/Studio Development Leadtwo of the space’s biggest championswere our tour guides and hosts. The comfortable, color-coordinated podcast recording studios host Spotify Originals like Archetypes and video podcast We Said What We Said With Rickey and Denzel
“When we first sat down to design the offices, we wanted to enable music, video, and audio production to happen right here at the Spotify offices in a really great environment,” says Chris. That meant creating a vibey, comfortable, well-equipped recording studio. So, that meant building a beautiful space that’s acoustically balanced, and filled with carefully curated instruments and recording gear. And he's not just talking about any old instruments. Imagine guitars dating back to the 1930s and synthesizers from the ’80s, keyboards used by the likes of LA punk band Social Distortion, a bass amp from Stone Temple Pilots, and the piano that Norah Jones made pm the first recording of Don’t Know Why.

One of the very first recording session was held by none other than producer and songwriter Finneas (below right).

Above Right: William Garrett, left, and Chris D’Angelo, right, of Spotify and John Storyk, WSDG founding partner, center.
Below studioexpresso producer community visiting the opening event in December 2022.
Studio A was designed with a ‘classic’ feel evoking the artist-driven project studios of the past. As such, it features an analog workflow centered around a 48-channel Rupert Neve Designs Shelford 5088 console and is stocked with vintage gear collected from every corner of rock and roll history. Studio B looks to the future with an Avid S4 24-fader Control Surface and Dolby Atmos mix capability making it ideal for immersive audio production. It also shares a purpose-designed Echo Chamber with its neighbor, Studio A. Spotify At Mateo has multiple areas dedicated to podcast recording and content creation.
Studio D is Spotify’s flagship podcast recording studio and includes a large live room designed for VIP guests that can also be used for foley recording.
Studio C is also used for podcast recording and functions as a small soundstage for video recording.
Pod City is a community oriented space designed as the hub of Spotify’s podcast production division. It includes 15 compact podcast studios with identical acoustic profiles and user-friendly interfaces developed and integrated by SPL and designed to make podcast recording and production effortless. It also includes a pair of book-matched post-production rooms and three artist lounges.
Finally, Spotify also has an echo chamber and insert stage for larger video production projects (below).
Ben Powell
New Jazz Standards Volume 6 The Music Of Carl Saunders feat
Ben Powell - Violins / Violas 
Christian Jacob - Piano
Kevin Axt - Bass
Peter Erskine - Drums

Release: April 21
Arrangements by
Brent Fischer
Christian Jacob
Roger Kellaway
Thomas Parisch
Ben Powell 
Scott Tibbs 
Jackson Stock

Ben Powell is a first-call studio musician and muse for heavyweight Hollywood composers such as Alexandre Desplat, Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri and Hans Zimmer (Powell did all of the violin work on the Top Gun: Maverick soundtrack). British born Powell is alumnus of Berklee College of Music where he majored in composition and performance. He has enjoyed cameo appearances on prime time television sitcoms including Two and a half Men, where Ben performs in a scene alongside Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer.

Powell's new album, New Jazz Standards Volume 6, is released this month on Summit Records features music of beloved late American jazz trumpeter, composer, and educator Carl Saunders (R: with Powell). Saunders grew up listening to Classical -- Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D, played by Jascha Heifetz, among his favorites. He was drawn to the splendor of the music's themes and effortless phrasing and musical communication skills of the virtuoso violinist. Saunders went on to perform with jazz luminaries like Stan Kenton, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra. Saunders has appeared on over dozen recordings first with Clare Fischer Big Bands and in the past decade with The Brent Fischer Orchestra.
The two musicians, representing distinctly different generations, met on a golf course in Ventura, California; and a close friendship and plans to make an album together followed.

Powell's album, New Jazz Standards Volume 6, features stellar rhythm section to include, maestro drummer Peter Erskine, Kevin Axt on bass and gifted pianist Christian Jacob, also credited as an arranger on In Simple Terms.
Saunders commissioned some of the music’s finest arrangers. "We picked a colorful combination of arrangers for a violins and violas, all of which Ben would play. Ben picked 12 tunes out of my New Jazz Standards book and off we went," said Saunders just two months before his passing, on February 25, 2023. In what turned out to be his final recording, the 82-year-old delivered the intricate harmonic settings that Saunders knew his buddy would love. Talented jazz trombone player Scott Whitfield is featured as one of the arrangers on Good Vibes Blues. Latin Tendencies is voiced by Powell, who appears with Christian on the last track of the album entitled Sacred Secret, written by Saunders for his former girlfriend. "The fantabulous Roger Kellaway joined the arranging crew and orchestrated a unique and characterful African Dreams. Blues for Dexter Gordon is arranged by the brilliant Brent Fischer," adds Saunders in the music notes.

"It occurred to Carl and I that there isn't much, if any material, that features a jazz string section playing in this way. As a professional classical player I am used to using expressive amounts of vibrato which is generally applied liberally throughout one's playing. Carl challenged me to contain my vibrato as I recorded the arrangements in order to help better find the pitch center of each note," says Powell.
New Jazz Standards Volume 6 reveals a treasured friendship between two generation of excellent musicians, and their passion for good music.

Anderson .Paak's Apeshit Label Signs
The Gen-z Jazz Duo Domi & JD Beck
studioexpresso Video Spotlight: SMiLE
Anderson .Paak is a multi-talented artist known for his unique blend of soul, funk, and hip-hop music. He also directs music videos with his unique perspective inspired by personal experiences, expressing authenticity and charm. It's his use of bold colors, striking and visually and emotionally powerful imagery that have shaped his brand and label, Apeshit, now in partnership with the legendary jazz label Blue Note Records.
His first signing Gen-Z jazz duo, Domi & JD Beck have made big noise in music circles. Their music is melting of jazz, groove, classical, hip-hop, gospel, soul to dubstep. French keyboard phenom, and producer DOMi Degalle, endorsed by Spectrasonics, collaborates with the drummer, JD Beck. They wrote and recorded much of their debut, NOT TiGHT at JD’s house in Dallas on drums and a 49-key MIDI board with just a few mics. The album—which earned them two GRAMMY noms including Best New Artist—features Thundercat.
They also co-wrote Skate on .Paak’s GRAMMY-winning album with Bruno Mars as Silk Sonic.The duo has since performed an unforgettable NPR Tiny Desk Concert, made national TV appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live, and been featured in the line-ups of music festivals across the world from Coachella to the North Sea Jazz Festival to upcoming Blue Note Fest in Napa July 28-30.

Domi & JD Beck's video for SmiLE, directed by Anderson .Paak is in studioexpresso Music Video Spotlight this month!


TransAudio Group, U.S. distributer of the finest professional recording equipment in the world, is pleased to announce the new ATC SCS70 Pro, a compact, ultra-high performance subwoofer using ATC’s first, in-house-designed and built sub driver.

Designed by Billy Woodman and his team of engineers, this new 12-inch sub driver delivers the kind of honest and detailed low-frequency information that professionals have come to expect from ATC.
 “Engineers are dealing with greater and greater demand from artists for more sub output and they need accuracy down low. Subwoofers can be a source of distortion, making the mixing or mastering process a guessing game. Now an ATC system, complete with the one or two SCS70 subs, can deliver full bandwidth audio for any genre, enabling superior translation on any system it gets played on, from ear buds to home hi-fi to clubs and everything in-between. Other subwoofers rely on EQ and poorly implemented ports, transmission lines or passive radiators to boost low end and make their subs sound impressive," says Brad Lunde

USA List Price: $5,490.00 USA MAP: $4,990.00
Introductory pricing good through August 18, 2022: $4,490.00.

TransAudio Group, founded by industry veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier U.S. importer/distributor and/or U.S. sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm.
Stands And Sound

Is it actually worth spending money on good speaker stands? That is the question. While looks can be deceiving, you must have seen concrete blocks and other DIY configurations used in some project studios. Speaker stands may not be on top of your purchasing list in 2023, but this 19-minute video by Colt Capperrune @ColtCapperrune may change your mind. $20 block stands are compared with professional stands ranging from $140 Gators to $1,200 Sound Anchor stands. Can you guess which one performs the best? check it out here
Sound Anchors and Redmount products are designed and manufactured in Palm Bay, Florida U.S.A. using American parts and skilled American labor. click here for Sound Anchor dealers in USA
April 28-30
International Jazz Day – A Jazz Journey Around the World
The All-Star Global Concert will be webcast worldwide on April 30 (4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT) on jazzday.com, unesco.org, hancockinstitute.org and the International Jazz Day YouTube and Facebook pages. Prior to the concert, free educational programs and other offerings will be presented via the same outlets. For more information,
In the walkup to International Jazz Day weekend, PBS will present International Jazz Day From the United Nations.

Herbie Hancock to host All-Star Global Concert with UNESCO featuring performances in 13 global cities by Dianne Reeves, Marcus Miller, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Christian McBride, Somi, Melody Gardot, Sérgio Mendes, Cyrille Aimée, Antonio Sánchez, John Beasley (MD) and many more...
"Use jazz as an instrument to promote peace, encourage freedom of expression, strengthen global respect for dignity and human rights, and help advance and develop a dialogue between cultures."
-- UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and Jazz Day concert host Herbie Hancock
July 28-30, 2023
Blue Note Jazz Festival Napa
Lineup with Mary J. Blige, Nas, Chance the Rapper, and Artist in Residence Robert Glasper

The Blue Note Jazz Festival in Napa is curated by 5x Grammy-winning Robert Glasper and hosted by internationally acclaimed and award-winning comedian Dave Chappelle. Held at Silverado Resort, Napa, CA, it boasts an impressive line-up of cultural icons to celebrate jazz's influence during the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. Artists inspired by the integrity and spirit of jazz, include headliners Mary J. Blige, Nas, and Chance the Rapper. The festival returns to Napa with three stages featuring established, eclectic, and cutting-edge artists who reflect a deep appreciation for jazz. The lineup appeals to a cross-generational audience and includes Parliament Funkadelic featuring George Clinton, Digable Planets, Ari Lennox, Big Freedia, and Cordae.
"Like a blue note in music– which has a slightly different pitch– our festival has a unique tone by presenting big-name artists in small, intimate spaces," said Steven Bensusan, president of Blue Note Entertainment Group. "With Robert Glasper at the helm, the festival represents an expansion of the experiential arm of the Blue Note Jazz Club, supporting artistic creativity and musical freedom," said Alex Kurland, Director of Programming of Blue Note. "I want to make sure the guests and the performers have unique experiences," said Robert Glasper. Additional talent in the line-up includes: NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge), Gary Clark Jr., Talib Kweli & Madlib, PJ Morton, Smino, Rakim & DJ Jazzy Jeff, DOMi & JD Beck, BJ The Chicago Kid, Cory Henry, Meshell Ndegeocello, The Soul Rebels featuring Keyon Harrold, Terrace Martin, Big Freedia, Adam Blackstone, Madlib (DJ Set), Taylor McFerrin & Marcus Gilmore with Bobby McFerrin, Soulive, Rapsody, J.Period, Nicholas Payton,Derrick Hodge, Yussef Dayes, MonoNeon, Ghost-Note, Kenneth Whalum, Weedie Braimah & The Hands of TimeandFrédéric Yonnet. The festival afterparties are sure to be hot tickets with an incredible lineup of DJs, including: 9th Wonder, DJ Trauma, DJ JazzyJeff, J.Period, and DJ Pee .Wee (Anderson .Paak) rounds it out with an all-vinyl set.

The festival dates: July 28–30, 2023. Pre-sale tickets are available on April 5 at 9:00 a.m. PT/12 noon ET for Blue Note subscribers. Three-day general admission and VIP passes go on sale Friday, April 7, at 9:00 AM PT/12 Noon ET on bluenotejazzfestival.com
Bettermaker builds boutique signal processors worthy of worship in their own right, but then they level-up their incredible products with convenient, easy-to-use plug-in control and instant recall.

TransAudio Group, distributor of world-class audio recording equipment introduces the Bettermaker Mastering Limiter 2.0. The new, improved unit incorporates updated technology boosting the performance of its pure analog signal path with digital control, plug-in recall and automation. Marek Walaszek, Bettermaker’s inventor and founder, took the solid foundation of the original Mastering Limiter and made key improvements.
There’s plenty new! The 2.0 sounds better with a new optimized limiter engine offering greater limiting control and path-to-signal uniformity: -20dB. An improved limiter side chain with a high-pass filter: off or 20-200 Hz, and mid-boost filter: off or 8dB at either 2kHz or 7kHz proves perfect for delicate volume control. As far as clipping goes, the redesigned 2.0 Clipping Section easily handles transient material with a High or Low Soft Clip plus Soft Clip Trim.
Implementing the latest in plug-in advancements, the 2.0 utilizes intuitive GUI and DAW plug-ins. The 2.0 allows the user to update firmware and plug-ins through Bettermaker’s website. Also included is an easy to navigate black faceplate with high-colored display and well-defined high-resolution visuals to provide quick to read metering.
“It’s somewhat hard to believe Bettermaker improved one of the top stereo limiters in the marketplace,” added Brad Lunde, president, and founder of TransAudio Group. “From Grammy-award winners, to top international recording artists, home and free-standing recording studios, the original Mastering Limiter is that piece of go-to gear that adds that particular dynamic edge and significant touch towards the end of the recording process. The Bettermaker Mastering Limiter 2.0 has faster release time, a lowered noise floor and the same 100% analog signal path with the ease of digital plug-in control and recall. This one is a superstar product.” Watch Vlog review by DJ, Producer, Jon Sine of the new Bettermaker Mastering 2.0 here
The Bettermaker Mastering Limiter 2.0 is priced at $3,500 in USA and is now available for shipping.
Bettermaker Stereo Passive EQ
Pure Analog Beauty of A Passive EQ Meets Impressive Digital Plug-In Control

The new Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer replicates that proven formula to bring the famous and deeply-loved sound of the classic passive EQs to modern high-end workflows. No more snapping pictures or relying on misplaced recall sheets to preserve settings. Bettermaker makes recalling settings easy and reliable with unlimited memory via the associated DAW plug-in. Engineers will find the controls on the Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer familiar: low boost or cut at four possible frequencies; high boost at ten possible frequencies with bandwidth control; and high cut at three possible frequencies. Bypass, output gain, and reset round out the controls. But, of course, the real magic of the Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer is its sound, which includes two perfectly matched channels, and comprehensive plug-in control and recall. “The 100% analog signal path of the new Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer has all the heft and ethereal air of the vintage passive EQs that are so loved by engineers,” says Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group, the U.S. distributor of all Bettermaker signal processors.
 The Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer is now available and shipping – and is priced at USA MAP $1999
The Bettermaker® Stereo Passive Equalizer (SPE) now nominated for a TEC Award 2023, is for those who seek outstanding EQ quality with the convenience of fast and precise recall and automation. The SPE offers a 100% analog signal path of legendary passive filters. All this with mastering grade sound and patented recall with the speed of a native plugin.
– 100% analog audio signal path
– USB connectivity with MAC/PC
– all parameters are digitally controlled by DAW (with dedicated plugin)
– stereo passive equalizer with extended hi-boost section (air bands: 20 and 28 kHz)
– adjustable output level (+/- 8dB)
Watch here 14-minute review - open your new box of a Bettermaker Stereo Passive EQ and hear its performance in the studio!
The Daking Mic Pre 4T
Soulful Circuitry Meets Proprietary Problem-Solving Features
"The Daking Mic Pre 4T, nominated for a TEC Award 2023, will elevate any recording offering unique solutions to common problems," say Brad Lunde (click top left image for a video presentation by Brad Lunde).
The “low-distortion” Jensen input and output transformers offer more linear low-end performance under super dynamic conditions. Daking’s own variable high-pass filter dials out the low-frequency mud that can be subsonic and will decrease available headroom. Built in the USA, Daking uses only high-end parts like Jensen input and output transformers in a high-end design using all-discrete transistor Class A circuitry. Unusually high 24dB of headroom and easy to read twenty segment meters make proper gain staging easy and forgiving under a wider array of conditions.

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Auratone and its US distributor, TransAudio Group, introduced the first-ever Active 5C, now nominated for TEC Awards at NAMM 2023. The mono amplifier is designed and built in Europe in collaboration with the famous hardware manufacturer, Bettermaker. A careful R&D process has been implemented to maintain the original characteristics of the 5C, utilizing the same amplifier design from the NAMM TEC Award winning A2-30 amplifier. The unmistakable six-inch Auratone 5C Sound Cubes atop meter bridges, have guided engineers down the narrow and rocky path to mid-range nirvana. Indeed, its involvement in innumerable hits earned the 5C Sound Cube a NAMM TEC Hall of Fame Award in 2016.
“We were happy to get boutique Polish manufacturer Bettermaker together with Alex Jacobsen, owner, and grandson of founder Jack Wilson, for the perfectly matched A2-30 amplifier. Now, the two companies have collaborated to get a mono amplifier that contains the guts and soul of the A2-30 into each chassis for the active version,” says Brad Lunde, founder, and president of TransAudio Group. Like the other 5C variants, the Auratone ACTIVE 5C is made in the USA. It delivers 50W into its internal 8ohm load via a balanced combo XLR/TRS input. Like the passive version, it reproduces between 80 and 15,000 Hz via a 4.5inch driver with a signal to noise ratio in excess of 100dB. In addition to an input, the rear of the box provides an on/off switch and power LED. The active 5C has Integrated overcurrent, overheated, and short protection in the rare event of electrical trouble.
The Auratone Active 5C is now shipping • MAP: $749/pair
Review units are available: Contact Aleks Bars at TransAudio Group

Trans Audio Group -- The Recording Studio Equipment Experts. Call to order from their trusted brands:
Questions- pricing, availability and dealer locations please email sales@transaudiogroup.com
Claire McAuley has been promoted to the new role of Executive Vice President (EVP), Global Rights Management at Warner Chappell Music (WCM), the music publishing arm of Warner Music Group. She will remain based in London and report to Carianne Marshall, Co-Chair and Chief Operating Officer of WCM.
During her time at WCM, McAuley has led the charge on a variety of strategic moves to overhaul the publisher’s systems and speed up payments to writers. She’s helped to launch platforms designed to recover missing royalties, secure additional revenue for writers in emerging markets, and better track the global use of songwriters’ music across DSPs, as well as in film and TV production.
McAuley’s promotion and expanded role reflects the changes in the way rights management is being handled at the publisher. What was previously seen as a largely administrative function is now a proactive division seeking to maximise songwriters’ revenue, working with international partners in the global music economy.
Claire McAuley says: “Our strategy at Warner Chappell Music is to do everything it takes to get our songwriters paid for their music, wherever in the world their songs are used. We’ve made considerable investments in our people and our systems over the past few years, and our songwriters are already noticing the benefits of these changes. But there’s even more we can do as the music ecosystem continues to evolve.” She will remain based in London and report to Carianne Marshall, Co-Chair and Chief Operating Officer of WCM.
Rising A&R exec Mateo Dorado has joined Atlantic Records as Senior Director, A&R. In this role, Dorado will work closely with up-and-coming artists including Luh Tyler as well as Alicia Creti. Based at Atlantic’s New York City headquarters, he reports to the label’s Co-President of Black Music, Lanre Gaba. Dorado comes to Atlantic from Alamo Records where he signed multi-platinum rapper Rod Wave and spearheaded the development of numerous acts in the alternative Latin music space.
In making the announcement, Gaba noted, “Mateo has all the qualities you want in an A&R – he has incredible creative instincts, knows how to nurture talent, and is unafraid to explore new sounds. It’s rare to see someone accomplish everything he’s accomplished this early on in their career, and I know it’s just the beginning for Mateo. I look forward to watching him continue to grow while bringing exciting new artists into the Atlantic fold.” With a focus on uplifting alternative Latin music genres like urban, trap, and R&B, Dorado is credited with developing multiple rising stars from Spain, Colombia, and throughout the U.S. including Aleesha, who he discovered in partnership with Josh Marshall of Mogul Vision. Prior to Alamo, Dorado worked A&R at Interscope’s Latin venture in Miami, working closely with the label’s EVP, Nir Seroussi.
NAMM Celebrates Technical Achievement at The TEC Experience
Evening Event Honored Chuck D and GrandMixer DXT; Special performances from Lord Finesse, Resonant Alien, Mike Relm
Hip Hop 50 was a highlight of the evening’s celebrations, which honored the career and legacy of Chuck D, the leader of Public Enemy, a social activist, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and GRAMMY® Lifetime Achievement Award winner. Musician, producer, songwriter and bandmate Brian Hardgroove presented Chuck with NAMM's Impact Music & Culture Award, an award he conceived in homage of Chuck’s ability to move culture through the power of music.
Upon receipt, Chuck D said, “It’s an honor to honor those who make this music, and that’s what I’m using this platform for. Seeing peers and technologists like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Lord Finesse, Arabian Prince and being able to see Keith Shocklee, DJ Johnny Juice. This platform that NAMM provides us helps tell the story, and we need to continue to tell that story. It is important and something I am fortunate to be a part of.”
DJ Jazzy Jeff presented Rock Walk of Fame inductee, GrandMixer DXT with the Hip-Hop Innovator Award for his contribution of innovating the turntable as a musical instrument, the impact of which can be heard in every music genre.
Lord Finesse, an artist, producer extraordinaire, and member of the iconic hip-hop crew Diggin’ In The Crates (D.I.T.C.) gave a special performance to open The TEC Experience. Resonant Alien, featuring Hardgroove and DJ Johnny Juice of Public Enemy capped off the celebration with a performance. A specially-produced hip-hop video and music montage conceived by smash-up video man Mike Relm was also played at the event. Entertainment industry veteran and producer Larry Batiste hosted.
Presented annually by The NAMM Foundation during The NAMM Show, The NAMM TEC Experience recognizes the individuals, companies and technical innovations behind the sound of recordings, live performances, films, television, video games and other media. The finalists of the 38th Annual TEC Awards
3-Gen Award-winning Composers In Special TEC Track Session
David Benoit, Brent Fischer, Matt Wong

The 2023 NAMM Show reunited the global music products, pro audio, and entertainment technology industry at the Anaheim Convention Center over April 13-15. More than 75 pro audio and music technology sessions welcomed emerging and established professionals from all aspects of production and performance, presenting myriad opportunities to grow their careers in preparation for the future of all things sound.
TEC Tracks uncovered topics ranging from a series of how-to’s and key expert insights, including a two-session keynote panel, "3-D Mixing, the Technology, and the Artistry," with Brian Hardgroove; "The Future of Mastering," with Jonathan Wyner on the state of mastering and future trends to watch; "The Future of Personal Expression and Creativity in Popular Music," with Michael Beinhorn and KORN frontman Jonathan Davis; “Brandi Carlile in Conversation with Dave Way”; "The Artist/Producer Relationship With Tony Brown, Frank Liddell, and LeeAnn Womack"; and "Women Behind the Mic: Podcasting in 2023," with Shure Market Development Manager Laura Clapp Davidson, among many other sessions.

Award-winning composers, Matt Wong, David Benoit, and Brent Fischer (below with TEC Track's David Schwartz and studioexpresso's Claris Sayadian-Dodge) presented a special session on Modern Composer Tools & Tips at the Annaheim Convention Center on April 15 during NAMM 2023.
Speakers revealed their go to music notation software, strategies for better collaboration and communication when it comes to working independently or with clients. This session was presented by studioexpresso and Trans Audio Group to a capacity crowd in attendance, followed by an interactive Q&A with the audience. Photo: Janice Lee
studioexpresso and Trans Audio Group have featured many producers, and musicians over the past ten years of TEC Track's history at NAMM
Curt Bisquera (Sarah McLachlan, Elton John), Kenny Aronoff (Smashing Pumpkins, John Mellencamp, Sting), Greg Penny (Elton John, KD Lang), Rafa Sardina (Lady Gaga, John Legend), Niko Bolas (Neil Young, LeAnn Rimes), Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hedrix, Kiss), Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Faith No More), Cheche Alara (Christina Aguilera), Kim Bullard (Elton John, Kelly Clarkson), Cristina Abaroa (Celine Dion, Enrique Iglasias), Brady Leffler (Hot Chelle Rae, Justin Beieber), Al Schmitt (Diana Krall, Paul McCartney), Alex Acuna (LA Phil, Beck), Teddy Campbell (American idol, The Tonight Show w Leno), Ellis Hall (Ray Charles, Tower of Power), Jacob Armen (Prince), Peter Asher (James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt), Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell, Melody Gardot), Manny Marroquin (Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys), Dave Schiffman (Adele, Limp Bizkit), Gregg Field (Sinatra, Pharell), Sylvia Massy (Tool, Johnny Cash), CJ Vanston (Toto, spinal Tap), Dame Gail Dorsey (David Bowie, Gwen Stefani), Jenny Mason (The Mrs), Neal Pogue (Outkast, Andre 3000), Leland Sklar (Phil Collins, James Taylor), Moogie Canazio (Sergio Mendes, Sarah Vaughan), Daniel Seeff (KJazz, Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz), James Torme,
Zev Feldman of Resonance Records (Sarah Vaughan, Bill Evans, Nat King Cole), John Wooler of Mood Media (Flying Lotus, Elton John, Miles Davis), David Benoit, Matt Wong, and Brent Fischer (D'Angelo, Elvis Costello and The Roots).

Reservoir is an independent music company based in New York City and with offices in Los Angeles, Nashville, Toronto, London, and Abu Dhabi. Founded and led by Golnar Khosrowshahi, it's the first female-founded and led publicly traded independent music company in the U.S. The company has grown to represent over 140,000 copyrights and 36,000 master recordings with titles dating as far back as 1900, and hundreds of #1 releases worldwide.

Grammy-winning hip-hop trio De La Soul’s iconic catalog is now available on digital streaming services for the first time ever, with support from Reservoir Media, Inc. (NASDAQ: RSVR) and distribution by Reservoir-owned Chrysalis Records. 
This momentous release stems from Reservoir’s 2021 acquisition of legendary independent hip-hop label Tommy Boy Music. Their first six albums, 3 Feet High and Rising (1989), De La Soul Is Dead (1991), Buhloone Mindstate (1993), Stakes Is High (1996), Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump (2000), and AOI: Bionix (2001), are now available for streaming everywhere. In addition to the digital albums, De La Soul is also releasing exclusive merchandise, vinyl, CDs, and cassettes, all distributed by Chrysalis Records, now available for purchase and pre-order on wearedelasoul.com. Comprised of Posdnuos (Kelvin Mercer), Maseo (Vincent Lamont Mason Jr.), and the late Trugoy (David Jude Jolicoeur), De La Soul released their debut album 34 years ago, today, on March 3, 1989. 3 Feet High and Rising reached #1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, was certified Platinum by the RIAA, and is consistently placed on lists of the greatest albums of all time by critics and noted publications. 3 Feet High and Rising and De La Soul’s subsequent eight albums firmly cemented the trio in music history as one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time. De La Soul said, “Today is bittersweet, finally celebrating our music on streaming, but missing Dave. We’re doing this for our brother and are so happy to celebrate this huge moment with the folks at Reservoir.” DeLaSoul tour begins July 20th in UK.
Faith Newman, Reservoir Executive Vice President of A&R and Catalog Development, added, “I cannot express enough how momentous the release of De La Soul’s music on streaming is for hip-hop. It is an honor to play a part in this milestone for the genre and pay tribute to one of the best to ever do it, Dave aka Trugoy the Dove.”
Reservoir President and Chief Operating Officer Rell Lafargue also commented, “I’m so proud of the Reservoir and Chrysalis teams and for the friendship we have built with De La Soul and their manager Brandon Hixon. This is a long-awaited moment for fans, and we’re honored to help cultivate a new generation of De La Soul listeners.”ABOUT RESERVOIR

Founded as a family-owned music publisher in 2007, Reservoir has grown to represent over 140,000 copyrights and 36,000 master recordings with titles dating as far back as 1900 and hundreds of #1 releases worldwide. Reservoir frequently holds a Top 10 U.S. Market Share according to Billboard’s Publishers Quarterly, was twice named Publisher of the Year by Music Business Worldwide’s The A&R Awards and won Independent Publisher of the Year at the 2020 and 2022 Music Week Awards. Reservoir also represents a multitude of recorded music through Chrysalis Records, Tommy Boy Records, and Philly Groove Records and manages artists through its ventures with Blue Raincoat Music and Big Life Management.

Celebrates Teacher Appreciation with Grants, Activities and Giveaways
Music educators can enter for a chance to win during the Music & Arts 2023 Teacher Appreciation Week celebration at Be Part Of the Musictofthemusic.org/taw
Music & Arts, one of the nation’s largest musical instrument retailers and lesson providers, is throwing a celebration for music educators. As part of a two-week Teacher Appreciation Week event (taking place May 1 through 12), Music & Arts, Be Part of the Music, and the Guitar Center Music Foundation will be giving away:

  • 10x $1,000 grants for instruments from our friends at the Guitar Center Music Foundation
  • 40x $250 Music & Arts Gift Cards to colleagues that YOU nominate
  • 50x $100 gift cards for dinner and a night out
  • 10x gift cards for a new office chair
  • 10x gift cards for new office speakers
  • “I Teach More Than Music” stickers to any educator who wants one 
In addition to all of the prizes, teachers will also be receiving:

  • A Teacher Appreciation Activity for students to fill out
  • Pre-written emails of gratitude for other teachers, staff, administration and parents
  • Details about the next iteration of Project Imagine 

Project Imagine is an ongoing program designed to address issues of access and inclusivity by providing free commissioned works by industry leading composers, to programs and students in need. Brian Wilson, Music & Arts Vice President of School Services, remarks, “With Project Imagine, we are doing more than offering opportunities to programs and students in need; we are building and implementing a model that can serve as a blueprint for the future. This is something with which I am personally proud to be associated and involved.”  

This is the third year celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, and the program has grown in size, scope and impact each year.

Applications will be accepted May 1 through May 5, and selected honorees will be announced daily via the Be Part of the Music dashboard, May 8 through 12.  
Scott Lang, Music & Arts Director of Advocacy, remarks, “We all know that the impact of a music teacher extends beyond their rehearsal room, onto the campus, and into the home. So, we designed our program with the same framework. The grants provide musical funds to be used for the students at school and for the teacher outside of school. Additionally, our pre-written content and done-for-you activities celebrate everyone associated with the educational process, including other teachers, administrators and parents. Finally, we wanted to reward teachers for their tireless efforts by giving dinner and a night away from work. Our goal is to amplify the educators we serve by providing impact in their room, on their campus and at their home.” 
Additionally, as a part of the multi-week celebration, Music & Arts is announcing that Soo Han, Director of Orchestral Studies at the Reva and Sid Dewberry Family School of Music at George Mason University and contributing editor for Hal Leonard’s Essential Elements string method book, will be the next composer in residence for Project Imagine. Soo Han is among the most preeminent voices in string education and promises that the work will bring not only his 25-plus years of knowledge and his experience to the work, but his cultural heritage as well. The composition is under development and will be ready at the start of the 2023/24 academic year. 

To learn more about Music & Arts, visit www.musicarts.com/projectimagine.

The Guitar Center Music Foundation Fundraiser Gala to Benefit
Music Education and Therapy Programs
The Guitar Center Music Foundation (GCMF), a non-profit charity organization focused on granting instruments to music education and music therapy programs, recently held a successful fundraiser gala. Taking place March 30, 2023, at The Canyon in Agoura Hills, CA, the event honored the career of legendary percussionist Pete “Pops” Escovedo as well as the invaluable efforts of local music teachers. A capacity crowd was in attendance, enjoying the evening’s festivities and helping the Foundation raise thousands of dollars in new funds. GCMF Executive Director Myka Miller and GCMF Chairman of the Board David Helfant served as co-hosts for the event.
GCMF presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to the GRAMMY® Award-winning percussionist Pete Escovedo, as he is retiring from touring this year. Pete and other members of the Escovedo family performed at the event, along with several other special guests including Macy Gray, Robby Krieger of The Doors, Judith Hill and Brian O’Neal of The BusBoys. John “JR” Robinson, one of the most recorded drummers in the world and the musical director for David Foster, served as musical director for the evening, leading an ensemble of world-class musicians. And before the event officially kicked off, guests enjoyed additional performances from student musicians from the Teen Music Workshop in San Bernardino, a GCMF grantee. Aside from amazing live music, the evening included a gourmet dinner (for VIP Guests), a 360 photo booth, and live and silent auctions.

The event began with opening remarks from Miller and Helfant, welcoming and thanking the attendees and special guests, as well as sponsors DW Foundation, ASCAP, Blackwing Foundation, Get Together Foundation, Donor360, Eastman, Sony Music Publishing and Guitar Center. Guitar Center President/CEO Ron Japinga, GCMF Board members, and several GCMF grantees also received special acknowledgement. Later, Jeffrey Dante Byrd, an educator at Los Angeles-based CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts, was presented with the first GCMF Excellence in Music Education Award. Amazing live music happened throughout the night, with each artist joining the house band for 3-4 numbers. The grand finale featured a performance by Pete Escovedo himself, leading the E Family band through a roaring set of Latin music.

Silent auction items, included a “Light My Fire” painting by Robby Krieger, a Fender Precision Bass with original artwork by Jerry Garcia, a trip to St. John (Virgin Islands), a pair of Los Angeles Dodgers Box Seats, A Fender 60th Anniversary Classic Player ‘50s Stratocaster signed by Maná, a day-long studio session with GRAMMY® Award-winning producer/engineer Val Garay, a painting by Pete Escovedo and more.

Pete Escovedo’s daughter Sheila E., herself a legendary percussionist, could not be in attendance, but she sent a personalized video message that was played at the event. She said, “Hi Pops, I just want to say congratulations to you for your lifetime achievement award from the Guitar Center Music Foundation. We are so proud of you and all the things you’ve done for us, for the community, for musicians and artists. Everything that you’ve done. You deserve this, and we’re really extremely proud of you.”

Looking forward, plans are underway to make this fundraiser concert a yearly event in 2024 and beyond, giving GCMF an opportunity to foster strengthened connections with both legendary musicians and the wider public.

To learn more, visit http://www.GuitarCenterFoundation.org, or follow @GiveMusicLife on Twitter for more news or to discover ways to support The Guitar Center Music Foundation. Also, follow GCMF on Facebook and Instagram.


Son Lux Music
The Score for Oscar Nominated Film: Everything Everywhere all at Once

TransAudio Group, the U.S. distributor for Drawmer, is introducing Ivor Drawmer's all new 1972 Dual Mic/Line and Instrument Mic Preamplifier. The unit distinguishes itself with its flexibility, unique feature set and simple operation, and is at home in both professional studio and live sound applications. As with all Drawmer products, the 1972 is hand-crafted in the UK with an all-steel chassis for bullet-proof reliability. Noted Brad Lunde, president of TransAudio Group and the U.S. distributor of Drawmer. “As usual, Drawmer studied the marketplace and engineered an affordable dual mic pre with one-of-a-kind features to meet today’s intricate recording issues and live sound applications. The 1972 is destined to be a staple piece of gear in every audio rack.”
The 1972 Dual Mic/Line and Instrument Mic Preamplifier sports two identical channels of analog pre-amplification in a 1U rack chassis. Key to the 1972's versatility is the Select input source switch. It has six switch positions to cover the 1/4-inch front panel Instrument input jack for guitars, basses, or electronic keyboards, and five more positions covering separate rear panel XLR input jacks for microphones with or without 48-volt phantom powering or Line level input sources. Other switch positions are provided to match microphones with 200, 600 or 2,400-ohm impedances. Low impedance passive ribbon microphones sound best when impedance-matched correctly.
MSRP: $1149 • The Drawmer 1972 is now available.
TransAudio Group, founded by industry veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier U.S. importer/distributor and/or U.S. sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm.
Art of Sharon Stone And
A Fine Way To Say Goodbye James!

Left: Actress Sharon Stone with one of her first painting she began during the lock down, exhibited her works at Allouche Gallery in LA .

James Corden announced he was leaving The Late Late Show and that his final show would be in the spring of 2023. Dressed in a crimson dress, Actress Sharon Stone created a painting for her host-friend Corden called “A Fine Way To Say Goodbye”. Stone who returned to painting during the Covid lock down, explains how she was inspired by a famous actor and artist who sold his house to a friend of hers. “He did so many beautiful works in this house. He left sculptures, fountains in the garden…he left so many wonderful pieces of himself back home...When I walked down the aisle (Late Late Show studio) and saw pictures of you (Corden) with Paul McCartney, in the car with Mrs. Obama...and doing all these amazing things and all the ‘Carpool Karaokes’ that gave us so much joy…When you go home, I want you to remember this is a Fine Way to Say Goodbye," said Stone and gave Corden a big hug with her painting bearing the same title.
Songs Dueling In the Federal Court

Watch out for music ideas you get in the shower! The 32-year-old Ed Sheeran was in federal court this week, as he is being sued by heirs of songwriter Ed Townsend, Marvin Gaye’s co-writer on the 1973 song. Townsend’s heirs are seeking a share of profits from Thinking Out Loud, saying that the syncopated chord progression was copied from Let’s Get It On. Townsend died in 2003. Gaye died in 1984. Thinking Out Loud went to No 1 in the UK and No 2 in the US, and won a Grammy award for song of the year in 2016. Mr. Sheeran demonstrated the four-chord sequence at the heart of his song, which he said was written in a few hours in early 2014 with his friend and longtime collaborator Amy Wadge (right). He recounted just stepping out of the shower of his home when he heard Ms. Wadge strumming the chords, and he remembered thinking: “We need to do something with that!”
Supporting Creators & Self-Expression
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