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In 2016 the music business showed more growth than it has in two decades. And while some quarters of the business are crowing, we're back, baby!
Summer is here and we've got networking events to please wine lovers, golfers and guitar gurus alike (be sure to check our calendar and scroll down to our Talkback section below) and learn how to win tix to 3rd annual Malibu Guitar Fest!
This month we drop in two mastering houses, meet up with a credited producer offering a recording deal for the right artist. We discover a revival studio in the heart of LA and hear an award winning producer talk about how subtle things add up when making great music.  April is jazz appreciation month, so we celebrate a rising star who is making a social call with her debut album. Stay with us and learn how design goes big and how a guitar guru stays positive to create. Express yourself! 
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Enter Revival LA!
A Social Call Mixed at The Village
Mastering with ATCs and Bettermaker
My Art: Featuring Fischer Music
How Subtle Things Add Up
Go Gear-a-licious with Drawmer, ATCs....
The Hammond Corner with Akiko Tsuruga
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Enter Revival LA! 
Rebirth Of The Historical Complex Studio C  
Circa 80s: George Massenburg, David Foster & Maurice White
photo by: Bruce W. Talamon
Marlon Ray is reviving the historic studio C at the legendary Complex.
Enter Revival LA.  Countless acts including Prince and Dr. Dre came to record here, and if these walls could talk, well...lets just say the vibe is back. 
In an unprecedented deal with Columbia/CBS, Maurice White (leader and visionary behind Earth Wind & Fire) set up his ARC label headquarters here in 1978.   The state of the art recording rooms, rehearsal spaces, acoustically treated and designed to pin drop specifications by the legendary audio engineer George Massenburg, EW&F's principal engineer. George established The Complex as his home base to build his prototype parametric EQ's and compressors.  
"This was Maurice White's favorite tracking room for vocals, overdubs, drums and horns. We want to keep the vibe creative and the sound warm and punchy. Anything you record in this room ends up sounding like a classic record," says Ray.
Who's been recording here lately? Nate Mercereau of Rhye Music session and Bad Bad Not Good came to Revival LA studio a collaboration with Loma Vista Recordings.  Read more here     

Meet Drawmer's New Baby: MPA-90

Ivor Drawmer and his handpicked team of engineers unveiled the new Drawmer MPA-90 two-channel class D power amplifier. Its small dual monoblock design, with tabletop or rack mountable footprint, houses guts capable of delivering 90W per channel (into 4 Ohms) or 180W bridged - all with no annoying fan. Like Drawmer's MC2.1 Monitor Controller, the new MPA-90 treats audio signals with integrity: its output is lusciously transparent, revealing the beauty (and the faults!) of whatever is run through it. Also, like all Drawmer's products, the MPA-90 is built in England to last a lifetime, priced fairly at $695.

"The new Drawmer MPA-90 is the perfect partner to small passive loudspeakers like the Auratone® 5Cs or other small passives" says Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group, Drawmer's longtime US distributor.
"Many Class D amps out there are just raw Class D modules, but the MPA-90 has a Drawmer designed and built custom front end to improve its sound. The MPA-90 sounds excellent and with the bridging feature, provides a future upgrade path. The MPA-90 is really the perfect complement to the Drawmer MC1.1 or MC2.1 Preamplifiers in matching housing, but it works great with any preamp."
Switching the Drawmer MPA-90 from stereo to mono bridged is easily accomplished with the flick of a switch and use of the mono loudspeaker jack. Its inputs are either balanced XLR or unbalanced phono to cover the two universes of gear, pro versus semi-pro/consumer that may feed it. It features thermal, overload, and power-up/power-down protection and front-panel standby, fault, and clip indicator LEDs. Its rugged steel chassis and brushed aluminum cover speaks to the Drawmer MPA-90's design integrity and longevity.
The MPA-90 is now available for shipping.  PRICE: $695.00 MAP

Trans Audio Group Introduces the Boutique Analog Compressor 
TransAudio Group, Bettermaker's U.S. distributor, introduced the path breaking Bettermaker C502V at the AES's 139th Convention earlier this year in New York City. Like the rest of Bettermaker's catalog - which in just a few short years has earned numerous TEC, Resolution, and Prosound award nominations and wins, the C502V combines a boutique analog signal path (newsworthy in its own right) with intuitive, musical controls and complete parameter recall and automation from a linked DAW-based plug-in - high-end analog sound paired with a superior digital workflow. The C502V is the first compressor from Bettermaker, although with three distinct VCA flavors in one 500-series chassis, it could just as easily be described as the first three compressors from Bettermaker! Stereo, dual mono, or M/S modes, as well as USB or analog side-chain with adjustable high-pass filtering and "look ahead" functionality expand the C502V's universe of possibilities.

Trans Audio Group 

How Subtle Differences Add Up 
Producer Rafa Sardina On Pauly Pop Filters and more... 
Don't bother asking accomplished recording engineer, mix engineer, and producer Rafa Sardina if he thinks it might be bad luck to have thirteen Grammy® and Latin Grammy® Awards because (a) it obviously isn't and (b) he's too busy traveling the world in support of projects past, present, and future to respond. On top of an incredibly diverse client list that includes Elvis Costello & The Roots, Stevie Wonder, Placido Domingo, Miguel, Lady Gaga, Tim McGraw, Harry Connick Jr., and Michael Bublé, Sardina keeps busy serving as Governor of Grammy's Los Angeles Chapter, Chairman of Grammy's Los Angeles Chapter Producers & Engineers Wing, Trustee of the Latin Grammy's, and Vice-Chairman of the Latin Grammy's Circulo de Productores e Ingenieros. But if you want to talk gear or techniques, Sardina's always game. And given his track record, you'd have good reason to take what he has to say to heart!
 Such was the case with pop filters, devices that most engineers believe to be too subtle to be worth discussing. Not so with Sardina: "People know that pop filters are subtle things, but they think that means they are unimportant. Some people may not have the training to hear what they're missing with a bad pop filter, perhaps because there are potentially other losses in the signal chain that are as big or bigger than those attributable to the pop filter. So they don't think the pop filter matters, but I disagree with that view strongly. Different pop filters have very different characteristics and those 'subtle' differences add up to the difference between a lively, energetic recording and a flat, boring one." (Remember, this is coming from a 13-time Grammy winner!)
By his own estimation, Sardina owns every single pop filter on the market, and he's done every imaginable shoot-out between them, and even between combinations of them. "First, I do comparisons with and without the filter," he said. "You have to listen to the parts of the recording without the pops to hear the difference. Of all the pop filters I have ever used, the Pauly PR120 Pop Filter is undoubtedly the best. I don't know what magic Pauly used, perhaps it's the way the air moves between the two membranes, but it's as close to utterly transparent as I've heard. The Pauly preserves the high-end information, the air that gives a performance life and existence between the words." On top of owning all of the pop filters on the market, Sardina owns three Paulys!
Recently, Sardina used his Pauly pop filters to record vocals for Placido Domingo, Alejandro Sanz, Calle 13 (there's that number again!), Harry Connick Jr., Jordan Smith, and Ginastera Vocal Works. "But pop filters have many other uses. They're not just for vocals," Sardina added. "Like when I put a condenser on a kick drum: the push of air can cause things to crap out. The same sort of thing happens with a lot of brass instruments." In that spirit, Sardina recently used his Pauly pop filters to record drums, brass, and more vocals for D'Angelo & The Vanguard, Elvis Costello & The Roots, Jumaane Smith, Laura Michelle, Il Volo, Estopa, and Cristian Castro.  Learn more about Pauly at Trans Audio Group
Visit Rafa Sardina at After Hours Studio.

Record A Song With Michael C Ross
Michael C Ross  (Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Carlton, Lisa Loeb) is one of LA's most sought after engineers today having worked with an eclectic client list covering Rock, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Big band, Blues, Country, Gospel, Latin and Folk genres. This month Mr Ross is offering the right female singer with video presence, the opportunity to record a dance pop song, a la Katy Perry meets Taylor Swift.  Recording to take place before June at producer Michael C Ross' studio in Burbank. Video shoot to take place in Los Angeles locations (tbd) following the recording. This project is fully funded and the singing fee is negotiable for the right artist with reasonable fan base. Interested parties can contact claris@studioexpresso.com for introduction and/or to hear the demo with scratch vox.

New ATCs Unveil ed @ NAMM

ATC monitors were at NAMM earlier in January where TransAudio Group showcased the popular near- and mid-field ATC SCM25A and SCM45A monitors, as well the new passive ATC SCM12 monitor and the ATC P1 PRO stand-alone amplifier.  You can hear ATCs at some of the world's best studios: East West, the Village, and Blackbird Studios.
TransAudio Group's Subwoofer Pros Studio Subs complemented the ATC SCM25As. TransAudio Group introduces the newest  and smallest member of the ATC family: the SCM12 Pro. Using the very same "all in-house built" components as its larger siblings, the SCM12 Pro delivers ATC's famous super-detailed "ATC midrange", solid imaging, and ideal balance that have made ATC the gold standard for working professionals across all music genres and audio industries. In a twist, TransAudio Group will combine the SCM12 Pro with ATC's all new P1 Pro 150W/channel rackmount amplifier in a bundle that breaks previous price barriers for ATC. The SCM12/P1 Pro monitor/amp package will carry a bundle MAP price of US $4350. If purchased separately, the SCM12 Pro is $1,990/pair MAP, and the P1 Pro amp is $3,490 MAP.

Additionally TransAudio created a new "free-to-the-dealer" display option.  The four-sided display makes it easy to showcase recording studio accessories, such as Accusound cable, Sabra-Som shock mounts, and Pauly and Hakan pop filters. "This display makes it much easier for the dealer to present and sell higher performance accessories. WE will service the display making it easy for the dealer to add plus revenue," said Lunde.
For more information on  ATCs  
 contact  Brad Lunde at www.transaudiogroup.com  or call  702-365-5155.
ATC SCM25As in stock today at your favorite Pro Audio Dealer. Follow the link:

Trans Audio Group at NAMM 2017, Anaheim unveiling the new Drawmer MC3.1 and the newest and smallest member of the ATC family: the SCM12 Pro, among other cool studio toys. 
Alex Jacobsen of Auratone  Auratone 5C Sound Cubes 
The TEC-nominated Auratone Super Sound Cube reference monitor is a legend in the recording, broadcasting, and motion picture industries for its unfailing ability to represent mixes as they will so often appear in the "real world" - on small-format, zero-crossover loudspeakers.     
For more information on Aurotones visit  www.transaudiogroup.com  or call  Brad Lunde at 702-365-5155.   

Bettermaker, the Poland-based maker of high-end analog equalizers with plug-in control and recall, earned two nominations: one for the Bettermaker EQ502P 500 series module and one for the
Bettermaker EQ232P MKII rack-mount.

Drawmer's 1978 Tone Shaping Compressor, which incorporates different analog character circuitry and variable saturation, and Tube-Tech HLT 2A, which pairs high and low shelving with an innovative "tilt" midrange filter, earned nominations as well. Finally, ATC earned a nomination for the ATC SCM45A, three-way compact near-field monitor with unparalleled midrange fidelity. The winners will be determined by online voting via Mix, Pro Sound News, Pro Audio Review, and Electronic Musician and via professional audio and sound production organizations. 

"All of these nominations go to inventor-owned companies, the kind of companies where innovation is king. We're proud to have these exciting new products recognized with TEC Award nominations," said Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group. It's easy to imagine that there's nothing new under the sun in the world of pro audio, or that anything new is a gimmick, but that's simply not the case. The sound quality of Bettermaker's equalizers would have earned TEC nominations by itself, but the fact that their fully-analog circuitry can be recalled and automated via a plug-in interface has obvious advantages in a modern workflow. The Drawmer 1978 and the Tube-Tech HLT 2A prove that traditional compressor and equalizer topologies are not the only way to inspire fantastic mixes. Taking a different tack, ATC's SCM45A gives engineers a beefier three-way ATC nearfield with fidelity that ensures mixes will translate outside of the studio. Obviously, we encourage folks to cast their votes for these innovative tools!" adds Lunde.
For more information on  Auratones, Bettermaker EQ232P MKII , Drawmer's 1978 Tone Shaping Compressor, Tube-Tech HLT 2A  and   ATC SCM45A  For the latest info on Tube-Tech contact  Brad Lunde at www.transaudiogroup.com   or call  702-365-5155.

Trans Audio Group  
tag crew
l-r: Richard, Todd, Janis and Brad at Trans Audio Group    
For the latest info contact   
TransAudio Group, founded by industry  veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier US importer/distributor and/or US sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm. TAG product line includes A-Designs (USA),  ATC Loudspeakers (UK),
Questions- pricing, availability and dealer locations please email sales@transaudiogroup.com

At The Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood on May 7, 2017 
(l - r): Social media consultant Pip Moore, Grammy-winner producer engineer Rafa Sardina, event planner and host Jane Scobie, producer/engineer Lenis Bent and engineer Irko Maurizio Sera

1st Music Industry Summertime
Wine Tasting and Networking  

May 10, 2017   
6.00 - 10.00 p.m. 

Urban Press Winery
316 N San Fernando Blvd,
Burbank, CA 91502

RSVP to Jane Scobie jane@janescobieeventplanning.com

Live...One Night Only!
Brent Fischer + The Clare Fischer Big Band with Laura Dickinson!
Brent Fischer & The Clare Fischer Big Band; Laura Dickinson

May 25, 8-9pm

Los Angeles Jazz Institute Big Band Spectacular
LAX Westin Hotel
5400 W Century Blvd   Los Angeles, CA 90045
Festival information and ticket reservations here

studioexpresso is pleased to sponsor 
2017 Recording Industry Golf Tournament! and Poker! 

Monday, June 5
at Robinson Ranch
10 - 7 pm  

Honorary Chairs and Engineers Extraordinare, Ed Cherney and Al Schmitt
$1,000,000 Shootout, Good Food, and POKER!!

Organizer Karen Dunn says add the date to your calendar and RSVP here 
3rd Annual Malibu Guitar Fest 
Win TIX courtesy of studioexpresso to Southern California's
Premiere Music Festival By The Sea featuring Mick Fleetwood Blues Band 
2017 Malibu Guitar Festival kicks-off its 3rd Annual event  with a stellar music line-up running May 18-21 presented by D'Angelico Guitars.
studioexpresso is pleased to be one of the media sponsors and happy to offer tix to the first lucky winner who emails
claris@studioexpresso.com   with
"Send me to MGF," in the subject line of your email.

This year MGF features
headliner, Mick Fleetwood Blues Band; Steve Vai;
Jamtown featuring
Donavon Frankenreiter, G. Love & Cisco Adler; Tommy Emmanuel and Hunter Hayes Topping The Bill On Main Festival Day -- Saturday, May 20 -- At Malibu Village.    
Steve Vai Headlines Hot Licks Night On Friday, May 19 At Casa Escobar With Nik West, Lari Basilio , Gretchen Menn, The Band Steele, Zepparella, Dankrupt .    

Vai played at Disney Hall in Los Angeles with "American Youth Symphony" on March 11 and has more shows to come (visit his page)!   
Special Humanitarian Award To Be Presented To Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Chief Of All Stars Nations and Keeper Of The Sacred Bundle For The Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations; Lifetime Achievement Award To Be Presented to Robby Krieger In Honor Of The 50th Anniversary Of The Doors.
Supporting Acts Include Kenneth Brian Band, Duane Betts' The Pistoleers, Hollis Brown, WRENN, The Soft White Sixties, Zack Zotos & Company Featuring Marcy Levy & Deacon Jones, The Buzz Wizards Featuring Cleto Escobedo... 

Festival Includes Opening Night Fundraiser (May 18) and Hot 
Licks Night ( May 19) at Casa Escobar; Main Festival Day (5/20) and Rolling Stones Brunch (5/21) at Malibu Village      
Visit www.malibuguitarfestival.com to purchase tickets & enjoy the show!!
  The Launch Show with an A&R Twist
Big Machine Label Group's Scott Borchetta, who spent two seasons as a mentor on American Idol, is back at it with the launch of The Launch, which is his spin on a familiar artist discovery format. The man who guided Taylor Swift's career from unknown to superstardom calls it "game-changing" and an "A&R-first mission." 
Five artists will qualify as competitors during the six-part series, and two will be selected to record a version of the song with The Launch's production team, with one being declared the winner.
"When we launch this, it goes literally on every digital
platforms, all the Bell Media TV, radio, mobile, internet, etc.," Borchetta says.  
Hopeful contestants can upload their audition videos to ctv.ca/thelaunch for consideration.  Upload now, prouduction goes through summer and the show goes on the air in 2018. Borchetta will serve as one of The Launch's four executive producers , alongside Eureka Productions' Paul Franklin (Masterchef),
who will double as the series' showrunner, and Insight Productions' John Brunton and Lindsay Cox (The Juno Awards, The Amazing Race Canada.)

A Road Map To Inspired Living 

Like all good musicians, Guitar great Steve Vai is a truth seeker. He brings wisdom to his art and that's why he's magnificent.  Vai opened up to Glow Living's Chandra Lynn about overcoming depression and embracing a healthy lifestyle of spirituality, vegetarianism, physical fitness, monogamy and more.
"There's an intelligence behind the expansion (of the Universe) which is infinite potentiality," says Vai. "We came from it...You can not get any better than feeling infinite freedom within yourself to create and find joy." he adds.  And then there are obstacles. Learn what Steve says about obstacles and how to overcome them.
Thank you Ms Chandra Lynn of Glow Marketing for this fabulous interview!
Check out the full interview with Steve Vai here 

"One of the things that has stood the test of time is the publishing. The technology of the way we make music, the way we sell it, the way we listen to it, the way we purchase it-it's constantly been changing, and it's gonna continue to change... But your intellectual rights will follow the evolution of technology if you keep on it." 
-- Steve Vai

Summer days are getting longer. Good time to create and stay cool.
Until next month, take care of your health and music.  You are magnificent. Enjoy!

Music lives and moves!
Claris Sayadian-Dodge, Founder I Editor studioexpresso

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Jazzmeia Horn
A Social Call 
oncord Music Group I Prestige Label
 May 12, 2017

Let's come together in peace and be social. That's Jazzmeia Horn's message in her debut album, A Social Call. "During the creative process, I was pregnant. Every day I was nurturing a growing baby in my womb as a mother, but I was also nurturing the concept for A Social Call as an artist," says the texas-born singer who won top honors at Thelonious Monk competition in 2015. She's now poised to receive international attention, thanks to her new label, Prestige/Concord. 
Indeed, the idea of the birth of a new conscious generation of people is very relevant and timely. Her inspiration for the album came from social issues that exist in the world today: Education, racism, xenophobia, poverty, fear, food, the environment, brutality, .... as she sings  in "People Make The World Go Around," penned by Thomas Bell-Linda Creed.
Ms Horn brings musical maturity, skill and charm beyond her years in "The Peacocks" by Jimmy Rowles-Norma Winstone and "Medley: Afro Blue/Eye See You/ Wade In The Water," by Afro Blue (Mongo Santamaria-Oscar Brown Jr).

A Social Call is produced by Chris Dunn and Jazzmeia Horn.  The album was mixed by Seth Presant at The Village Studios, Los Angeles.  "Jazz and I worked well together. Conceptually I knew what she wanted to achieve so we were on the same page immediately. Jazz picked all the tunes," says producer Dunn.
The band is: Victor Gould, piano; Ben Williams, bass; Jerome Jennings, drums, percussion; Stacy Dillard, tenor Sax, Josh Evans, trumpet, Frank Lacy, trombone and Ms Horn on vocals. " My favorite thing about producing is helping an artist complete their musical vision. It's a great feeling to see them happy about what they have created. This will be the first of many great records for Jazzmeia Horn. She is special!," continues Dunn.
Among her influences are Sarah Vaughan and singing in her pastor/grandfather's  Baptist church at age 3.  Since then she has come a long way, appearing in world famous jazz festivals and legendary jazz clubs such as Lenox Lounge, Bill's Place, The Apollo, The Blue Note, Dizzy's Jazz Club Coca­Cola, Minton's, The Jazz Standard, Smalls Jazz Club, Zinc, Jazz Gallery, Birdland, to name a few. Currently, Jazzmeia is a teaching artist in The NJPAC Well's Fargo­Jazz for Teens Program and Jazz In The Schools Program in Newark, New Jersey.
Album opens with "Tight," by Betty Carter. Other songs include: "East of The Sun" by Brooks Bowman, "Up Above My Head," by Myron Butler, "Social Call" by Gigi Gryce-Jon Hendricks, "I Remember You," by Johnny Mercer-Victor Schertzinger.
Album closes with the bluesy "I'm Going Down," by Norman Whitfield dedicated to those who bring positive change. A positive ending note that will make you look for more!
A 2013 graduate of the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, Jazzmeia is pure joy in "Lift Every Voice and Sing / Moanin'" by James Weldon, Johnson-John Rosamond Johnson. A Jazzy soundtrack for your future marches perhaps!
As they say, jazz is nothin' but soul and this rising star, Jazzmeia Horn, has it!  Now, make time for A Social Call.

 MICROPHONES From Trans Audio Group

Say hello to TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik's flagship Diamond Series -- the ELAM 251E, U47, and C12 large-diaphragm as well as the ELAM 260 small-diaphragm condensers -- now available through Trans Audio Group.  "For the fraction of the price of a vintage unit (assuming one could even find a vintage unit for sale!), TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has come closer to recreating the original 1950's era microphones than any other manufacturer to date," says Brad Lunde. And this is good news for studios who can have interchangeable parts and sonics of the very best vintage models. "Offering faithful recreations of these highly-valued originals has been Telefunken's goal from the beginning," adds Lunde. 

Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Big Band Directed By Brent Fischer  
Clavo Records
Available at ClareFischer.com, CD Baby, iTune and Amazon
Mike Kalajian's Rogue Planet Mastering
In New York's Hudson River  
Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering
where gear includes Bettermaker
Mike is the son of an audio technician and audiophile who was exposed to music and recording equipment at a very early age through family including his Uncle's home recording setup  which fascinated Mike and started to draw him in to the audio experience. Mike's parents say his first word was actually "speaker" and at  9 years old he was given his first guitar along with a 1/4 inch reel to reel . Mike wasted no time and immediately started writing and recording his own music. All of this took him to the next step in audio indoctrination, the building  of his first basement "studio" in junior high where he and a friend  started recording fellow student musicians for $20/song on a cassette 4-track. After high school, attendance at Full Sail followed.  20+ years later, Mike has recorded over a hundred albums and EP's for other artists, toured with his own band, and mastered countless recordings. Of all the facets of engineering he found mastering to be the most rewarding.  

Es Devlin
Queen of Designing Infinite Spaces

When the world is your stage, you go to Es Devlin.  She creates theatrics, where smoke and mirrors meets haut couture design.
She has created stage sets in collaboration with Adel, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, U2, Jay Z, and The Weeknd. She designed the London Olympic Closing Ceremony and the Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony and continues to work in theatre at all scales - most recently 'Hamlet' with Benedict Cumberbatch at the Barbican and 'Faith Healer' at the Donmar Warehouse.
She creates kinetic sculptures meshed with light and film. Es' work has received multiple awards including 3 Olivier Awards, Evening Standard, Critics' Circle and an OBE.
 Es is the woman behind the concepts and is one of the featured designers on Netflex TV series " Abstract." 
She says she designs for people's brains regardless of space or audience size.
She quotes Shakespere from Hamlet "I could be bound within a nutshell and think myself king of infinite space."  It's indeed serving to this response to design and her search for each and every client's truth that has propelled her to reach to such success.


studioexpresso producers featured at
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Trans Audio Group booth at Summer NAMM
A Designs HAMMER 2, an easy-to-use amplifier for both main mixing and tracking.
Bettermaker's Award-Winning 502V 500 Series boutique analog compressor
Daking's Famous Line of Compressors and Mic Pre's
Drawm er's MC1.1

Monitor Preamp and the new 1978 Stereo FET Compressor.
And the Auratone Reference Monitors ever present at every studio!    



250 W Duarte Rd. Suite B Monrovia, CA 91016
The Sound . The S oul . The One 

Hammond Artist Spotlight
Sweet Yam Potato - Akiko Tsuruga Quintet

Known as "Queen of the Organ" Akiko Tsuruga is a Hammond artist and plays on the Hammond SK2 organ.
Hailing from Osaka, Japan, Akiko has been a mainstay in the New York jazz scene since 2001. This talented young organist began playing the organ at the age of three and launched her career in jazz immediately after graduating from the Osaka College of Music. While in Osaka, she had the opportunity to play with numerous top jazz musicians from the United States. Grady Tate, in particular, had the strongest influence on her decision to become a professional musician, performing on her Japanese debut album. After landing in New York City, it didn't take long for Akiko to be embraced by her fellow musicians and recognized as one of the top organ players in the city. A regular and crowd favorite at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola at Lincoln Center, Akiko has headlined many top jazz venues, such as Blue Note, Birdland and Smoke. She enjoys performing as a side musician for other jazz artists. Grady Tate's vocal group and the Lou Donaldson Quartet are just two of the many artists she frequently performs with.   Enjoy Akiko here

Meet more  Hammond artists

  For Hammond and Leslie products in Southern California contact

Come check out this powerhouse package, suitable for studio, stage or worship center.   Call Nelson at 909-599-7899 to schedule a      XK-3 audition
 Click here   

 SK1-73 or SK-2  (artist pricing) available at  
Church Keyboard Center 
Tavis Smiley interview with 'The Ambassador of Soul" and Hammond artist Ellis Hall for PBS  Mr Hall performed two songs and spoke about the depth of his musical career
"Our most successful work is when it sounds like we were never there"    
--Gavin Lurssen, Mastering Engineer
Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen @
Lurssen Mastering Studios with ATC s

George Harrison's music remains vibrant and contemporary. Now Harrison fans can enjoy 
the original master tapes from each album digitized at high resolution using period tape machines at Abbey Road Studios and George's F.P.S.H.O.T. studio under the supervision of the Harrison Estate's archivist Richard Radford, with Paul Hicks handling the careful legwork of restoring the audio. 
Lurssen's team took it from there, treading the line between improving audio quality while maintaining the feel of the records.  
The four-time Grammy Award winner, Gavin Lurssen (Robert Plant and Alison Krauss' Raising Sand to the Foo Fighters' Sonic Highway) along with colleague Reuben Cohen, handled mastering, working closely with George's son Dhani Harrison and George's widow Olivia Harrison for the remastering process over the course of a year. The big challenge? The delicate balance of preserving the original intention of the music while utilizing modern technology to appeal to today's listener.

Steve Vai was all of about 20 years old when he began performing with Frank Zappa in 1980.        


Happy Birthday Ella!

Born 100 years ago on April 25, in 1917, if not quite at the dawn of the recorded music era, then during its infancy, Ella Fitzgerald has done more than most singers to fill the world with beautiful music and spread the joy and the love of the Great American Song Book. The great Ella Fitzgerald was the first African-American woman to win a GRAMMY award...and then go on to win 112 more! Dubbed "The First Lady of Song," Ella Fitzgerald was the most popular female jazz singer in the United States for more than 50 years. In her lifetime, she won 13 Grammy awards and sold over 40 million albums.  In fact, April marks Jazz Appreciation Month, and this year, Concord Records focuses on Women in Jazz, with a special spotlight on the great Ella Fitzgerald. Featured playlist  celebrates a cross section of female jazz artists - from the legends and the ground breakers, to up-and-comers, who are keeping the flame alive! Enjoy   Ella Live in Belgium 1957 sings I Can't Give You Anything But Love.

2870 Rowena Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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