August 2023

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Experience this love of producing with artists. She elevate femme in this month's studioexpresso video spotlight and he brings Africa to a village in LA. We drop in a new studio in a sunny beach in UK where musicians flock. We have ineffable music and dreamy studio gear. Look who has been promoted in our executive turntable, and more...Remain grateful to you, our valued readers and sponsors.

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Matt Wallace & This Love of Producing

Matt Wallace almost quit being a producer in the 80s. Nearly in tears, he called his mom to ask how to get into real estate. Wallace's perceived "failure" became Faith No More's big success, with their third album, The Real Thing, which Wallace produced, engineered and mixed. It sold more than 4 million copies worldwide. And it lead to historic FNM albums Angel Dust and Sol Invictus with Wallace at the helm. The hits kept coming as Wallace worked with Maroon 5 and Songs about Jane. The album produced five singles that attained chart success, led by This Love, Harder to Breathe, and She Will Be Loved.

Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine says this about Wallace's productions: "That was one of the best contributions our original producer, Matt Wallace, made...When we went into the studio to make Songs About Jane, our debut. We had all of these verses and choruses. He'd say to us, "Hey, come up with a bridge for that!" Since then Wallace has worked with slew of artists to include: The Replacements, John Hiatt, Jason Mraz, B52s, and many others.

More recent projects include immersive mixes forDave Matthews Band - Walk Around The Moon, Nina Simone - Feelin’ Good, Selena Gomez albums - A Year Without Rain and When the Sun Goes Down.

Music Trivia: Did you know? Composers fleeing Nazi Germany in the 30s started using the term "bridge" for a song (also commonly used in classical music to describe transitional sections in music), as they were writing popular music in Hollywood, and Broadway.

Interview with Matt Wallace

Producer/Mixer Matt Wallace, better known on his socials as Wizard Wallace, wants you to focus on:

* Excellent songs

* Good musicianship

* Willingness to work hard

SE: You recently mixed Dave Mathews’ Walk Around The Moon - 1st time ever in Atmos. How does immersive compare to their live concert experience?

MW: Good question. I don’t know as I’ve never seen Dave Matthews Band live so I can’t comment on how it compares to the Atmos mix but, I could imagine that it’s a similar experience in that the listener is truly ‘immersed’ in the music created by the musicians and it’s easier to feel a part of the song and performances.

SE: Describe your Atmos set up at your place at Sound Delux.

MW: There are 7 speakers at head level with Left, Center, and Right to the front. Then, there are two ‘side’ monitors that are at about 3:30 o’clock and 8:30 o’clock (in reference to facing forward), and there two ‘rear’ monitors that are positioned about 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock.

SE: Your other Atmos mixes are for B52s, Replacements (Producer), Quiet Riot's Cum On Feel The Noize and Metal Health, Crisis , Faith No More - Epic, Easy, and Midlife Crisis ---were they all originally stereo mixes by you?

MW: I did do the original Faith No More stereo song mixes for Epic, Easy, and Midlife Crisis. Sadly, I didn’t do the original B-52’s nor Quiet Riot mixes and, while I did do original Replacements stereo mixes, there aren’t any Atmos versions of their music available at the moment (as far as I know).

SE: Earlier this year NAMM presented The Powerhouse Atmos Panel  w Bob Clearmountain, Andrew Scheps, Steve Genewick and Dave Way - moderated by Matt Boudreau. Your co-mixing partner, Will Kennedy also participated. What are some things everyone agrees on?

MW: If I had to guess as to what everyone agrees on when mixing in Atmos, here are my thoughts:

a-First and foremost, our jobs as Atmos mixers is not to have our own, individual, recognizable ‘sound’ or ‘vibe’. Our job is to take the ideas of the people who wrote, recorded, and mixed the songs so that, while Atmos/Immersive Audio is a unique way to experience the music/songs, it will feel as close to the original intentions. 

b-The playback in a studio that has an Atmos speaker set up and, ideally, has been tuned by Dolby, will be the ‘gold standard’ for listening. While many consumers will initially hear Atmos mixes on headphones, the way that streaming companies ‘decode’ the mixes (as a binaural audio file) will continue to improve.

SE: Good is the enemy of Great.--does this apply in your productions?

MW: Well, because the terms ‘good’ and ‘great’ are so subjective, individually and in comparison or in contrast, that’s a difficult question to answer. For me, I would say that ‘perfect’ mixes or productions aren’t always necessarily ‘great’. Sometimes elements that might not sound ‘right’ or ‘professional’ in terms of a performance, unique sonic approaches, or non-traditional arrangement approaches can make a song better connect or stand out.

SE: How has growing up outside US (far east, middle east...) changed your perspective on music and life?

MW: I’m not sure if it changed my perspective on music as I generally had my ear to whatever English speaking music was available and, typically, it was whatever songs/bands that were popular in the U.S. that permeated foreign cultures. 

But, the fact that I was, at times, the ‘odd’ one or an ‘outsider’ by virtue of being the kid who was an immigrant into other countries, this experience made it easier for me to empathize with people who don’t quite fit in to a social structure or setting.

SE: Name three qualities you admire in a good producer?


a-Good listener. 

b-Willing to take risks for ideas and suggestions that she/he feel are important/necessary. 

c-Open to hearing what the band/artist wants.

SE: First time we met at Prairie Sun Studios, up North --you brought a band called Faith No More to record--what became the We Care A Lot album (the title song in Marvel movie soundtrack and covered by Corn in 2016...). What was your goal with those early sessions and how you crafted the genre-bending sounds that FNM is identified with --touch of rap, funk, metal and alt-rock w airy keys, tribal drumming...?

MW: Yes, we recorded all of the songs for the We Care A Lot album in two 3-day weekends at Prairie Sun. My only goal was to try and capture everything that the band could envision, conceive, and perform. The band and I all had big goals, many probably unattainable considering our limited experience in recording a ‘proper’ record in a 24-track facility. We tried everything that we could to create a unique sounding record, we pushed boundaries, we pushed ourselves, and, in the end, I believe we made a really good record. Also, thanks to you for being such a supportive person to the band and me, while also keeping the studio functional and earning money.

SE: My pleasure Matt. Sharing the credit with my studio boss, Mark "Mooka" Rennick, a fine musician himself. Your career as a producer blew up with two relatively unknown bands - Faith No More and Maroon 5. What made you see their potential? How would you describe the process of developing artists?

MW: With both bands, I felt that they had a singular focus, something that made them special. While both FNM and M5 were very different genres, they each had a definitive sound, excellent songs and musicianship and, very important, both bands were willing to work hard. FNM toured for a little over 2 years following the release of their album, The Real Thing and M5 toured for over 4 years following the release of their album, Songs About Jane

The process of developing each band was based strongly on making sure that they had the right songs, rehearsing consistently, making changes to the songs as needed, and trying to pull the very best out of each musician during the recording process.

SE: You heard Maroon 5 demo 1st before hearing them at Whiskey Live. How did you arrive to their sound on Songs About Jane and specific to This Love, a breakup song built around a piano-led strut and a repeating guitar sound? 2nd single?

MW: Live, I felt that M5 came off more as a ‘guitar band’, especially during their show at The Whiskey because there were a lot of solos going on. One of the challenges with the band was that most of their very good songs meandered after the 2nd chorus, which is why they played solos live. I introduced the idea of them writing bridges for most of their songs, followed by a 3rd chorus. Their actual sound was created by the band trying to introduce an R’N’B/urban influence into their otherwise pop/rock songs.

SE: You often give credit to your collaborator, Will Kennedy. What's his role in the mixes when it comes to Atmos?

MW: Will is the brains behind our Atmos mixing in that he has read every single manual about Atmos/Dolby and manuals on pretty much every piece of gear.

SE: It's a crowded music market when it comes to artists and songs. On Spotify alone, there

is an average of 49,000 new songs uploaded daily. As a producer what's your best

advice for a band to stand out, be different and/or things to do to be noticed in the

current space?

MW: It’s very difficult for artists and bands to stand out above the growing crowd of so many people releasing music every day. The fact that Spotify, and other music streaming services, release tens of thousands of songs per day means that a band/artist needs excellent songs, mixes, and production just to get to the ‘starting line’, so to speak. It’s a much, much more competitive world now that it was when I started in the early 80’s and a band/artist needs excellent marketing and promotion behind their song and that is usually only available if they’re signed to a label.

SE: As a producer, what are value-add strategies when it comes to releasing a song or an album? Do's and Don'ts?

MW: Yes, some producers are songwriter-producers or musician-producers and that can be considered value-add but that only helps during the recording of the song. Real value-add after the recording would probably be something like hiring an exceptional marketing or promotion team, or finding unique and novel ways for the band/artist to connect with fans via social media, or giving away special seats at their shows.

SE: Name one technology that you can't do without in your or any other studio?

MW: Great songs and performances are the most important technology to have in a studio. Beyond that, decent equipment to capture, or create, the very best an artist/band has to offer.

SE: You talk about investing lot of time in writing, rehearsing, pre-production--How do you make this work in the economy of lower budgets today?

MW: Unfortunately, budgets have gotten significantly smaller but, the reality is that us producers still have to create a product that sounds like a million dollars. As I expect bands/artists to arrive with songs written, the next step is to rehearse with them, either in a rehearsal studio or in their home, so that we can make sure that the songs are the very best in terms of writing.

SE: I'm listening to a new artist you worked with on Spotify -- gentle jupiter. We're feat KTP in our video spotlight. I understand this is a very special collaboration - what can you say about her and how things came together?

MW: Yes, gentle jupiter was a unique and special collab because it’s my daughter, Amelia Wallace.

She had been showing interest in song writing for a while and, a year prior to recording, she asked me to review her lyrics and give her input. I made suggestions and she went home and worked on them so that when we met up again, they were much improved. We started on one song, that we put together very quickly, Poor Girl and I showed her the keyboard parts so she could play the drum part and then the other parts.

SE: Sweet! One thing you could change about music industry today?

MW: I don’t like the way that Live Nation and Ticketmaster have such a monopoly over live shows, to the point that they are also connected to after-market ticket sales at StubHub and others. I feel that the added on fees, along with the lack of any significant approach to stop ticket scalping/re-selling, has made it so that the average fan is priced out of seeing shows… to the benefit of the added middlemen who siphon off so many hard earned dollars of the fans.

SE: Say you could invite five of your all-time favorite musicians (past/present) to a special dinner at your place. Who would they be?

MW: Marvin Gaye, Jeff Buckley, Karen Carpenter, Prince, and _____________.

SE: Another passion, not related to music?

MW: Renovating homes, hiking, mountain biking, travel.

SE: Beverage of choice?!

MW: Iced green, or black, tea.

gentle jupiter

studioexrpesso Video Spotlight

released July 2, 2022

Lyrics- Amelia Wallace

Music and production- Matt Wallace

KTP Feat. Hannah Rose Lewis and Raul Garcia"

gentle jupiter (all lower-case), otherwise known as Amelia Wallace, is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter born through the infamous 2020 quarantine. She's inspired by dreamy indie pop music fun-sies, and just causes.

"On June 24th, Roe v Wade was overturned. The next day, I headed to the studio to let out my frustration, and grief through this song KTP. Now a week later, I'm putting this out into the world. I hope this can serve as an anthem for empowerment and a call to action to fight the system!... I'm also inspired by Japanese Breakfast, Vampire Weekend, and Caroline Rose. Come follow me on @gentlejupitermusic," she writes in a post.

Her debut includes songs: limousie, swimming pools, plastic personality, and santeria. Her wicked style and sense of humor is at full display in her videos, and her song: poor girl . "It's just a fun song about having a certain style/taste but not being able to afford it. lol," she says.

You hear a more contemplative side of gentle jupiter on yesterday’s broken, and self-sacrifice. Then back to a more chill vibe on, the lake.

Her tasty lyric-driven songs and look might just be contagious with like-minded fans. We think so!

Follow gentle jupiter on Band Camp , YouTube and Instagram

Producer Matt Wallace's Playlist

Tame Impala- Lost In Yesterday 

Tank and The Bangas - Outside 

Alvvays-Archie, Marry Me 

St. Vincent-Down 

Glass Animals-Heat Waves 

Bai Bai-Gulab Sidhu, Sidhu Moose Wala

Lizzo-Good as Hell 

Japanese Breakfast-Diving Woman (Live at 2018 Pitchfork Music Festival) 

Echo & the Bunnymen-Lips Like Sugar 

Michael Kiwanuka-Black Man In A White World

L.T.D & Jeffrey Osborne-Back In Love Again 


gentle jupiter-Self-Sacrifice 

Taylor Swift-the 1 

Téo Lido-Belong in the Sun 

The Dip-When You Lose Someone 


Brandi Carlile-The Joke 

Kacey Musgraves-Slow Burn

Studio Delux Immersive

On Mixing Icons & Comets in Dolby Atmos

Grammy winning producers, Matt Wallace and Will Kennedy (top right) have been collaborating for over a decade, and more recently announced their Studio Delux Immersive venture, a multi-dimensional audio recording facility capable of mixing music in Dolby Atmos, Sony 360RA, and Spatial Audio.

Recent projects include: Dave Matthews Band - Walk Around The Moon

Nina Simone - Feelin’ Good

Selena Gomez albums - A Year Without Rain and When the Sun Goes Down

Studio Delux is located at the Sound City complex and in 2021 it became a Dolby-certified ATMOS mix room, utilizing a 13 speaker set-up. Wallace and Kennedy create spatial mixes compatible with Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal and other streaming services. With a joint resume that includes some of Music’s biggest names, such as One Republic, U2, Train, O.A.R., Sheryl Crow, Deftones, and Queen, Matt and Will bring an unparalleled level of mixing experience to the immersive audio space.

Check out TECHNICOLOUR, the new single from The Comet Is Coming's new album Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam out Sept 23 on Verve Records.

Visit Studio Delux Immersive Matt Wallace @wisardwallace and Will Kennedy @wkproducer.

Hear more Dolby Atmos mixes here

Speakers & Sound

Adjust-ability with Sound Anchor

It's actually worth spending money on good speaker stands. Why? While looks can be deceiving, you must have seen concrete blocks and other DIY configurations used in some project studios. Speaker stands may not be on top of your purchasing list, but this 19-minute video by Colt Capperrune @ColtCapperrune may change your mind. $20 block stands are compared with professional stands ranging from $140 Gators to $1,200 Sound Anchor stands. Can you guess which one performs the best? check it out here

Adjust-ability is also important for Speakers. For optimum sound quality the speaker’s acoustical axis should be at approximately ear level for the most consistent and best sound.

Sound Anchor adjustable monitor stands allow you to adjust the position of the monitors (height, angle and tilt) so you can place the monitors where they need to be for the highest quality sound.

Sound Anchors and Redmount products are designed and manufactured in Palm Bay, Florida U.S.A. using American parts and skilled American labor. click here for Sound Anchor dealers in USA

Photo: Nashville’s Blackbird Studio C

Blackbird Studio C (above) is one of the world’s leading recording facilities, featuring immersive music capabilities with 9.1.6 Dolby Atoms system w/AVID S6 control surface & ATC monitors and self-contained Sony 360RA system w/"in the box controller" and a 'portable' API - The BOX analog setup, that can be rolled in and out of the room, and is used for overdubs and smaller singer/songwriter recordings while accessing the ISO just off the rear of the control room.

Studio F has a 7.1.4 Dolby Atoms system.

For booking contact studio manager, Rolff Zwiep at 615.642.2277

Enter Salvation!

New Uk Music Studio at Sunny Brighton Beach with Neve and ATCs

Designed by ADG chief acoustician and architect, John Flynn , known for his work at Olympic,

Abbey Road Studio, and Skywalker Sound, Salvation Music Studios' control room is built from ground up and features a fully restored 1973 Neve 8068 console and ATC soffit-mounted monitors.

Who has been here lately? Engineers Phil Brown (Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and Bob Marley), Sean Genockey (The Black Crowes, Suede, Manic Street Preachers, Shame), and the Comforts band, to name a few. The studio has a subterranean writing rooms that double as a chill out space.

The lounges are adorned by collection of photographs from the exhibition "Rock Stars Don't Smile', taken by the legendary Danny Clifford (photos below). Oh, and did we mention vintage amps, and a Yamaha C3 Grand Piano!

The premier professional loudspeaker manufacturer ATC's Ben Lily (top right) was in the studio to personally fine tune and calibrate the main speakers. "They sound amazing!" says one studio social post.

"We were recreating the sounds of the Oasis records I worked on - What's the Story Morning Glory and Be here Now. It was a pleasure to work on the ATC's at Salvation. Monitoring there is so good. I really needed accurate, detailed monitoring to tone match the sounds. The ATC's provided that and made the process so much easier. I was especially pleased with the ease of instrument placement and the ability to mix accurately at low volume. Having been involved as a consultant on the Salvation Studios project it's a pleasure to experience such a great sounding control room at the end of it. I'm currently involved in another new studio build and ATC's are now high on my list," says engineer/producer

Nick Brine.

Take a virtual tour here and book your next session @salvationmusicstudiosbtn


Featuring Upgraded, Handcrafted, ATC Dual-Suspension Tweeter

ATC models:

"ATC monitors are something you have to experience to really grasp how different they are from everything else. Lets just say that you can hear details you’ve never heard before, leading you to faster, more accurate decisions in your creative process," says Brad Lunde, President of Trans Audio Group

ATC SCM 25a pro mk2 has been upgraded with ATC’s hand made proprietary SH25-76S Dual Suspension Tweeter, extending the high-frequency response with a reduction in distortion. " Like the original SCM25A, the new upgraded Mk2 is a compact 3-way high-performance active studio monitor loudspeaker, based around the hand made proprietary ATC 3”/75mm soft mid-dome driver and 6.5”/164mm bass driver loaded in a 25-litre vented cabinet," adds Brad Lunde, President of Trans Audio Group. The monitor’s combination of exceptional mid-range clarity, high-output, extended bass response and modest size make it ideal for nearfield monitoring across a wide range of critical applications. ATC of England is the insider’s studio monitor, demanded by the very top level of the music recording community. ATC designs and manufactures nearly all their proprietary components, drivers, and electronics in-house to the absolute highest quality standards. The best of the best rely on ATC monitoring as their main solution for tracking, mixing and mastering. Models range from $5,000 to $50,000 per pair and all share a very similar sound. For larger rooms and midfield, applications check out the SEM45 with dual 6.5-inch drivers and the fantastic SEM150 with a 15-inch woofer and 350 Watts of power. Choose the size that works for your space. More info here



TransAudio Group, U.S. distributer of the finest professional recording equipment in the world, is pleased to announce the new ATC SCS70 Pro, a compact, ultra-high performance subwoofer using ATC’s first, in-house-designed and built sub driver.

Designed by Billy Woodman and his team of engineers, this new 12-inch sub driver delivers the kind of honest and detailed low-frequency information that professionals have come to expect from ATC.
 “Engineers are dealing with greater and greater demand from artists for more sub output and they need accuracy down low. Subwoofers can be a source of distortion, making the mixing or mastering process a guessing game. Now an ATC system, complete with the one or two SCS70 subs, can deliver full bandwidth audio for any genre, enabling superior translation on any system it gets played on, from ear buds to home hi-fi to clubs and everything in-between. Other subwoofers rely on EQ and poorly implemented ports, transmission lines or passive radiators to boost low end and make their subs sound impressive," says Brad Lunde

USA List Price: $5,490.00 USA MAP: $4,990.00
Introductory pricing good through August 18, 2022: $4,490.00.


TransAudio Group, founded by industry veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier U.S. importer/distributor and/or U.S. sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm.


New Album by Maxi Martinez Produced by Grammy-winning Rafa Sardina & Emilio Esteban

Latin crooner Maxi Martinez lists Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and Luis Miguel among his inspirations. He has released his new album, Inefable, in Spanish. All Eleven songs are penned by Martinez and his songwriting collaborators to include: Emilio Esteban, Adrian Chiardo, Claudia Brant, to name a few. Guest artist and virtuoso musicians featured are: Paquito D'Rivera, Alto sax, on La Cita; Nathan East, bass on Cuanta Ironia and Ara Malikian, Violin on Sabe a Ti.

Inefable is co-produced by Emilio Esteban and multi-Grammy winning Rafa Sardina who also mixed the album at his After Hours Studio in LA. Tracking the project took the artist and his crew to some of the world's top studios to include: Abbey Road, London and East West, LA. Sublime!

The photos and album package say big label. The producers have assemble an impressive creative and technical support team to back Maxi Martinez and his songs. And that's Inefable!

Visit artist on his official, Spotify Instagram, and YouTube pages.

Save The Date


11.7 @ 7PM @ VIBRATO

Brent Fischer orchestra (BFO) exudes energy and packs power to delight worldwide audiences.

Hear Grammy-winning Fischer Originals --over 50 titles. The music swings and sparkles with Latin and Brazilian rhythms, and offers layered imagery that’s complex like good wine and colorful and exuberant like modern art.

Hear brilliant solos and sections from featured top LA Cats and musical guests.

West Coast Jazz has never sounded better than NOW with Brent Fischer Orchestra!

Are you celebrating a loved one's birthday or anniversary? Save the date and support LA musicians. Enjoy fine dining and music!

Reserve today @ Vibrato 310-474-9400 

Presented by LA Phil Hollywood Bowl 2023 Jazz Plus Series

Herbie Hancock's All-Star Wayne Shorter Tribute

Herbie Hancock was the recipient of a Kennedy Center Honor in 2013. Now in the sixth decade of his professional life, Hancock remains in the forefront of world culture, technology, business and music. He will be performing at the Monterey Jazz Festival on September 22.

Earlier on August 23, Hancock offered a touching tribute to his friend, the visionary composer and saxophonist Wayne Shorter (1933-2023) at the Hollywood Bowl. Hancock was joined by an all-star lineup featuring Brian Blade, Terence Blanchard, Terri Lyne Carrington, Ron Carter, Jack DeJohnette, Marcus Miller, John Patitucci, Danilo Perez, Chris Potter, Carlos Santana, Cindy Blackman Santana and Esperanza Spalding. Hancock first connected with Wayne Shorter in 1962 at a Donald Byrd recording session. Soon after, Miles Davis hired them both to play in his Second Great Quintet and from then on, they formed a bond so deep and so personal it could always be heard in the music—and in the way they talked about their friendship off the stage.

Upcoming Jazz at the Bowl

Smooth Summer Jazz with Dave Koz and Friends --August 27

Buddy Guy / Christone “Kingfish” Ingram --September 6

Jacob Collier with the LA Phil --September 13

Promises / Sun Ra Arkestra --September 20

Create your own packages are currently available online at or by phone at 323 850 2000

studioexpresso and Trans Audio Group have featured many producers, and musicians over the past ten years of TEC Track's history at NAMM

Curt Bisquera (Sarah McLachlan, Elton John), Kenny Aronoff (Smashing Pumpkins, John Mellencamp, Sting), Greg Penny (Elton John, KD Lang), Rafa Sardina (Lady Gaga, John Legend), Niko Bolas (Neil Young, LeAnn Rimes), Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hedrix, Kiss), Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Faith No More), Cheche Alara (Christina Aguilera), Kim Bullard (Elton John, Kelly Clarkson), Cristina Abaroa (Celine Dion, Enrique Iglasias), Brady Leffler (Hot Chelle Rae, Justin Beieber), Al Schmitt (Diana Krall, Paul McCartney), Alex Acuna (LA Phil, Beck), Teddy Campbell (American idol, The Tonight Show w Leno), Ellis Hall (Ray Charles, Tower of Power), Jacob Armen (Prince), Peter Asher (James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt), Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell, Melody Gardot), Manny Marroquin (Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys), Dave Schiffman (Adele, Limp Bizkit), Gregg Field (Sinatra, Pharell), Sylvia Massy (Tool, Johnny Cash), CJ Vanston (Toto, spinal Tap), Dame Gail Dorsey (David Bowie, Gwen Stefani), Jenny Mason (The Mrs), Neal Pogue (Outkast, Andre 3000), Leland Sklar (Phil Collins, James Taylor), Moogie Canazio (Sergio Mendes, Sarah Vaughan), Daniel Seeff (KJazz, Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz), James Torme, Zev Feldman of Resonance Records (Sarah Vaughan, Bill Evans, Nat King Cole), John Wooler of Mood Media (Flying Lotus, Elton John, Miles Davis), David Benoit, Matt Wong, and Brent Fischer (D'Angelo, Elvis Costello and The Roots).

Bettermaker Stereo Passive EQ

Pure Analog Beauty of A Passive EQ Meets Impressive Digital Plug-In Control

The new Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer replicates that proven formula to bring the famous and deeply-loved sound of the classic passive EQs to modern high-end workflows. No more snapping pictures or relying on misplaced recall sheets to preserve settings. Bettermaker makes recalling settings easy and reliable with unlimited memory via the associated DAW plug-in. Engineers will find the controls on the Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer familiar: low boost or cut at four possible frequencies; high boost at ten possible frequencies with bandwidth control; and high cut at three possible frequencies. Bypass, output gain, and reset round out the controls. But, of course, the real magic of the Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer is its sound, which includes two perfectly matched channels, and comprehensive plug-in control and recall. “The 100% analog signal path of the new Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer has all the heft and ethereal air of the vintage passive EQs that are so loved by engineers,” says Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group, the U.S. distributor of all Bettermaker signal processors.


The Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer is now available and shipping – and is priced at USA MAP $1999

The Bettermaker® Stereo Passive Equalizer (SPE) now nominated for a TEC Award 2023, is for those who seek outstanding EQ quality with the convenience of fast and precise recall and automation. The SPE offers a 100% analog signal path of legendary passive filters. All this with mastering grade sound and patented recall with the speed of a native plugin.
– 100% analog audio signal path
– USB connectivity with MAC/PC
– all parameters are digitally controlled by DAW (with dedicated plugin)
– stereo passive equalizer with extended hi-boost section (air bands: 20 and 28 kHz)
– adjustable output level (+/- 8dB)
Watch here 14-minute review - open your new box of a Bettermaker Stereo Passive EQ and hear its performance in the studio!

Bettermaker builds boutique signal processors worthy of worship in their own right, but then they level-up their incredible products with convenient, easy-to-use plug-in control and instant recall.

TransAudio Group, distributor of world-class audio recording equipment introduces the Bettermaker Mastering Limiter 2.0. The new, improved unit incorporates updated technology boosting the performance of its pure analog signal path with digital control, plug-in recall and automation. Marek Walaszek, Bettermaker’s inventor and founder, took the solid foundation of the original Mastering Limiter and made key improvements.

There’s plenty new! The 2.0 sounds better with a new optimized limiter engine offering greater limiting control and path-to-signal uniformity: -20dB. An improved limiter side chain with a high-pass filter: off or 20-200 Hz, and mid-boost filter: off or 8dB at either 2kHz or 7kHz proves perfect for delicate volume control. As far as clipping goes, the redesigned 2.0 Clipping Section easily handles transient material with a High or Low Soft Clip plus Soft Clip Trim.

Implementing the latest in plug-in advancements, the 2.0 utilizes intuitive GUI and DAW plug-ins. The 2.0 allows the user to update firmware and plug-ins through Bettermaker’s website. Also included is an easy to navigate black faceplate with high-colored display and well-defined high-resolution visuals to provide quick to read metering.

“It’s somewhat hard to believe Bettermaker improved one of the top stereo limiters in the marketplace,” added Brad Lunde, president, and founder of TransAudio Group. “From Grammy-award winners, to top international recording artists, home and free-standing recording studios, the original Mastering Limiter is that piece of go-to gear that adds that particular dynamic edge and significant touch towards the end of the recording process. The Bettermaker Mastering Limiter 2.0 has faster release time, a lowered noise floor and the same 100% analog signal path with the ease of digital plug-in control and recall. This one is a superstar product.” Watch Vlog review by DJ, Producer, Jon Sine of the new Bettermaker Mastering 2.0 here


The Bettermaker Mastering Limiter 2.0 is priced at $3,500 in USA and is now available for shipping.


The Daking Mic Pre 4T

Soulful Circuitry Meets Proprietary Problem-Solving

"The Daking Mic Pre 4T, nominated for a TEC Award 2023, will elevate any recording offering unique solutions to common problems," say Brad Lunde (click top left image for a video presentation by Brad Lunde). The “low-distortion” Jensen input and output transformers offer more linear low-end performance under super dynamic conditions. Daking’s own variable high-pass filter dials out the low-frequency mud that can be subsonic and will decrease available headroom. Built in the USA, Daking uses only high-end parts like Jensen input and output transformers in a high-end design using all-discrete transistor Class A circuitry. Unusually high 24dB of headroom and easy to read twenty segment meters make proper gain staging easy and forgiving under a wider array of conditions.

Auratone's 1st Ever Active 5C: The Super Sound Cube

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Auratone and its US distributor, TransAudio Group, introduced the first-ever Active 5C, now nominated for TEC Awards at NAMM 2023. The mono amplifier is designed and built in Europe in collaboration with the famous hardware manufacturer, Bettermaker. A careful R&D process has been implemented to maintain the original characteristics of the 5C, utilizing the same amplifier design from the NAMM TEC Award winning A2-30 amplifier. The unmistakable six-inch Auratone 5C Sound Cubes atop meter bridges, have guided engineers down the narrow and rocky path to mid-range nirvana. Indeed, its involvement in innumerable hits earned the 5C Sound Cube a NAMM TEC Hall of Fame Award in 2016.


“We were happy to get boutique Polish manufacturer Bettermaker together with Alex Jacobsen, owner, and grandson of founder Jack Wilson, for the perfectly matched A2-30 amplifier. Now, the two companies have collaborated to get a mono amplifier that contains the guts and soul of the A2-30 into each chassis for the active version,” says Brad Lunde, founder, and president of TransAudio Group. Like the other 5C variants, the Auratone ACTIVE 5C is made in the USA.


The Auratone Active 5C is now shipping • MAP: $749/pair

Trans Audio Group -- The Recording Studio Equipment Experts. Call to order from their trusted brands:

A-Designs (USA), ATC Loudspeakers (UK), Auratone, Bettermaker, Daking Audio, Drawmer, Hakan, Latch Lake, Mojave Audio, Mutec, Pete's Place Audio, Sabra-SomSubwoofer Pros, and Tube-Tech 

Questions- pricing, availability and dealer locations please email

Matt B Drops New Album ALKEBULAN

New Videos Revealed at The Village Studios

Top left: Video director and manager Angela Benson with Matt B. Introduce music videos for the new album, ALKEBULAN at Village Studios.

Top Right: Matt B with some of the dancers on the Red Carpet.

Alkebulan (pronounced al-kee-boulan) is the original name for Africa, according to the oldest Nubian and kinetic texts. It means “mother of mankind” or “garden of Eden”.

GRAMMY-nominated global artist Matt B has released his highly anticipated Afro-beats album, Alkebulan via Vitae Records on July 28th.

The press event, one week before the release, took place at the Village studios, where the orchestra for one of the songs from the album was arranged and recorded by Grammy-winning Brent Fischer (with MattB below).

The red-carpet event at the Village Studios was attended by many music industry VIPs. Some of the dancers, along with video director and artist manager Angela Benson were on hand to help launch Alkebulan.

Guests heard fun stories behind each song along with anecdotes and unexpected adventures in Africa.

Matt B has dropped his first music video GUNJALE featuring Ugandan dynamic duo Ugaboys.

Alkebulan is a purpose-driven journey of rediscovery, featuring stunning photography from Uganda, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

"Let your love be my guide... I honor your sacrifice..." are the opening lyrics for GUNJALE. The rhythms will draw you on the dance floor. Guaranteed! Order the album here or visit @mattbworld

Music Executive Turntable

Jacob Fain Elevated to Head of A&R at Elektra

Elektra Entertainment announced the elevation of Jacob Fain to EVP / Head of A&R. Fain came to Elektra two and a half years ago, where he signed rising country star Bailey Zimmerman and shepherded Australian artist Masked Wolf’s breakout single Astronaut In The Ocean into a global smash. He will remain based in Los Angeles reporting to Elektra President Gregg Nadel who said: “Jake is a standout A&R with incredible, creative instincts shaped by years of experience. He has an innate ability to form genuine, meaningful relationships and has helped our artists at every stage of their career articulate their vision and surpass their potential. I’m thrilled for him to take on this much-deserved new post.”

Fain said, “Elektra is building a cutting-edge, forward-thinking record company focused on music that moves culture and developing best in class talent. I’m so proud of the work we have done to serve our artists in an evolving landscape, and to be part of such an incredible team. I’m grateful to Gregg and my Elektra family for this opportunity.”

Jacob Fain brings nearly two decades of A&R experience to his new role. Previously, Fain was on the publishing side at Sony Music Publishing, where he signed Grammy-winning artists such as The Chainsmokers and Leon Bridges, as well as artists like Of Monsters and Men, Russ, and Chase Rice, among others. Prior to Sony Music Publishing, Fain worked in A&R at Republic Records and marketing at RCA Records.

Mick Fleetwood Commits to Healing Efforts in Maui

Fleetwood On Front St. Lost To Devastating Fires

The rock legend posted a statement on his Instagram that his restaurant, Fleetwood's on Front Street, opened in 2012, was burned down amid the fires that have wiped out Lahaina. Rock Hall of Fame drummer who was in Los Angels during the fires, also lost his home on West Maui. Mick has been vocal about his commitment to help rebuild the community. He's planning a benefit concert to help those impacted. "I've already got a lovely sort of catalog of people that are concerned. I will remain mute on who they are," Fleetwood said of the concert, currently in the works. A collaboration between Hawai’s local media outlets, including, local TV stations, titled Maui Ola Concert broadcast raised $1million.

Hawaii officials say the wildfires that erupted on Maui Aug. 8 have become the deadliest natural disaster in state history. It has claimed over 114 lives, with even more missing, and burned thousands of homes, businesses and historical sites, leaving survivors in need of shelter, and necessities.

Click here to make a donation online or call 1-800-RED CROSS.

RIP Sinéad O’Connor

December 8, 1966 – July 26, 2023

Brilliant songwriter, singer, and activist Sinéad O’Connor rose to massive fame in the late 1980s and 1990s with a string of gold records. O'Connor drew attention to issues such as child abuse, human rights, racism, organized religion and women's rights.

By the time she was twenty, she was world famous—living a rock star life out loud.She had a difficult personal life - married four times, had an abortion in 1989 and wrote the song My Special Child about the experience. Health and Financial troubles plagued her later in life, and things came crashing down when her third child, son Shane, died by suicide at 17.

In her book, Rememberings, O’Connor recounts her painful tale of growing up in Dublin in a dysfunctional, abusive household. Inspired by a brother’s Bob Dylan records, she escaped into music. Her voice can be heard on one of her last projects on

Outlander - Season 7 theme, released summer '23.

R.E.M's Michael Stipe says it best about her enduring and influential artistry.

"Her voice on the page is as fearless, riveting and unforgettable as her voice in song. The cadence alone is hypnotic, her story essential. Rememberings is a must-read"

RIP Tony Bennett

August 3, 1926 --July 21, 2023

Tony Bennett wanted to be remembered as a nice person who lived the Good Life (title of his autobiography). He was honored with countless awards and has more than ninety albums to his credit. He won the coveted Grammy Award for Album of the Year at age 68, and sang duets with some of this century's beloved artists to include: Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald, k.d. lang, Elvis Costello, Elton John, Bonnie Raitt, Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin, Diana Krall, Sting, and Lady Gaga.

Bennett’s career lull ended once he re-signed with Columbia in 1986 and released The Art of Excellence. From that point, Bennett’s son and personal manager, Danny Bennett, began an aggressive campaign to market his father to a wider audience, and the following decade proved to do just that. Some 60 years after he broke into the music business, Bennett scored his first number one album with Duets II (2011), which featured “Body and Soul,” a collaboration with Amy Winehouse. At age 85 he became the oldest living artist to top the charts. Great American Songbook recorded with Lady Gaga followed. At the dawn of the 21st century, Bennett still toured and appeared frequently as a headliner at jazz festivals.

Bennett marched with Dr. Martin Luther King in Selma in 1965 and was a supporter of human rights. Tony was “a humanist” in his own words and remains an unforgettable voice in popular music, and art. The beloved singer, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2016, is survived by his wife, Susan Benedetto, his two sons, Danny and Dae Bennett, his daughters Johanna Bennett and Antonia Bennett and 9 grandchildren. With his wife, Tony founded a non-profit, Exploring the Arts, to provide support and funding for arts education in public high schools and as part of that endeavor founded the New York City public high school, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, in his hometown in Astoria, Queens. Mr Bennett is remembered as a nice person and a music legend.

American Federation of Musicians Local 47

Where Local Musicians Are Celebrated & Supported

Above: Bill Holman Big Band rememberes Carl Saunders at Local 47, Burbank

On Sunday afternoon July 30, musicians and friends gathered at Local 47 to celebrate life and music of Carl Saunders. President of musicians union Stephanie O'Keefe (right) and Ken Posten of LA Jazz Inst. were among the speakers. Bill Holman Big Band and Ron Stout Quintet performed some Saunders tunes like You're So Cute and other jazz standards like Monk's Round Midnight, Klenner's Just Friends, Layton's After You're Gone and The Shadow of Your Smile by Johnny Mandel.

Trumpeter, composer, and educator Carl Saunders worked with Stan Kenton, Buddy Rich, Bill Holman, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Tormé, Clare and Brent Fischer, to name a few.

Musicians deserve a fair share of the residual revenues for made-for-streaming movies and TV shows. American Federation of Musicians Local 47 fight for these rights and more. Members benefit from the newly remodeled facility in Burbank with rehearsal spaces suited for solo to 55-piece orchestras.

In addition to rehearsal and recording spaces, a backline and PA system, drum kits and tuned pianos are available to members in good standing. In 2021, Local 47 shattered a more than century-old glass ceiling by electing O’Keefe, the first woman president in the union’s 123-year history.

Contact AFM Local 47 for member rates and priority booking here 323.462.2161.

Address 3220 Winona Ave. Burbank CA 91504. Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 4:45 p.m



TransAudio Group, the U.S. distributor of world-class audio recording gear, announces the

Drawmer 1977 – the company’s most versatile channel strip to date.

Designed by Ivor Drawmer and his creative team, the 1977 gives you the clarity of an ultra-clean preamplifier, the precision of a three-band parametric equalizer, the silkiness of a soft-knee compressor, and the ability to dial in desired warmth with variable harmonic saturation. The Drawmer 1977 is a modern take on vintage gear. The Drawmer 1977 takes the quest for all-new, workplace-perfect, analog-sounding gear to the next level. The silky-smooth compressor gives the user total control of the recording dynamics. Choose clean, warm, or overdriven with totally controlled saturation. The pristine preamp features mic, line, and instrument D.I. with 66dB of stepped gain. The preamp responds easily to your commands whether it is to sweeten up dull audio, heighten instrument performance guitar sounds, or mic match via switched impedance to find the sweet spot of every mic in your studio.

The 1977 incorporates a true parametric equalizer inspired from the 1970’s analog gear. Three bands of fully variable frequency control, a cut and boost of +/-12dB and fully variable control of the mid-band allows the user to modify everything from subtle fine tuning to tone sculpting problematic recordings. Another functionality is giving the user control over the order of the signal path operating as Gain-Compressor-Equalizer-Output or with the equalizer preceding the compressor creating a distinctly different tone quality and coloration. The output section is designed to get the correct level on the first try. With a wet/dry mix for parallel processing controlled by a single knob, an output control cuts or boosts the level to match high-end audio interface input levels, shown on a large backlit VU meter for accurate monitoring. And finally, a preamp direct switch to bypass the EQ, compressor, and saturation for ultra-clean microphone output.


“For over 45 years, Drawmer has been on the forefront of creating and manufacturing beautiful sounding analog gear,” noted Brad Lunde, president, and founder of TransAudio Group. “With the Drawmer 1977, they combined the richness of analog sound with the functionally needed in today’s recording environments. The concept is legendary. The implementation is difficult. Yet somehow Ivor Drawmer and his team made it happen with the creation of the 1977 Channel Strip. I’m excited to bring this product to market. It’s going to meet the almost eternal quest to bring more of that ‘70s analog sound to today’s recordings.”


The Drawmer 1977 is priced at $1749 and is now available.

Swifties Drive A Swift Storm

Taylor Swift is up there with gymnast Simone Biles and swim champ Katie Ledecky when it comes to performance endurance and ability to stay graceful under pressure.

Above all she gets it. Music, like sports, is a powerful communicator and an opportunity to acquire fans.

Swiftie fandom 101: Consume Merch. Enter Etsy-made friendship bracelets (left) fans are wearing, and trading at the Eras Tour. And like most things, the ideas come from her lyrics "So make the friendship bracelets. Take the moment and taste it." While any explosion of beads and colors and creativity will do, most Swifties are including song titles, song lyrics, and other Swift references in their Eras Tour friendship bracelets. She's a good performer, her music is catchy and fun, she can write and play music, and to top it all, she looks amazing. Above all, true to her music, Taylor is kind and non-partisan. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is predicted to earn a whopping $1billion, and the singer-songwriter has already been sharing the wealth. Aside from her headline-making move to give $100,000 bonuses to her tour truck drivers, Swift has been quietly donating to local food banks and hunger relief organizations in the areas she visits on her tour. Miami, get ready, here comes (beginning October 18) the Swifites Storm!

Supporting Creators & Self-Expression

Until next month,

Music is the most powerful communicator.

Use your freedom of self-expression in music to inspire, empower, delight and drive positive change.

Music Lives and Moves!

Claris Sayadian-Dodge, founder/editor

Right: At The Village Studios with Angela Benson and Matt B at the launch of new album, Alkebulan

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