• Maintaining a popular wellbeing weekly art group at The Old Bath House in Wolverton supported by our volunteers
  • Providing weekly, hour-long musical activity sessions for patients in The Campbell Centre, an acute inpatient mental health unit at MKUH
  • Securing a grant from MK Council Public Health for workshops aimed at reducing the risk of suicide and self-harm

Courtyards, Collections, Exhibitions and Engagement at MKUH:
  • Starting to upgrade the “The Wheel” courtyard into a Sensory Garden thanks to funding from the Postcode Trust and MKUH.
  • Resuming (post Covid restrictions) wellbeing volunteering opportunities in our Creative Courtyards, and broadening the range of volunteers to include pupils from Slated Row School, local businesses and hospital staff.
  • Complementing the hospital Collection display with temporary exhibitions by Astrid Bärndal, Naomi Kendrick and David H Jones, refreshing Gabrielle Radiguet’s long-term loan exhibition in the x-ray department and preparing local artist Sharon Paulger’s mixed media display of work exploring intersections between arts and health.
  • Beginning work on a strategic Art Plan for The Collection and how to maximise its use for people’s wellbeing, and to consider how to apply MKUH’s ambitious environmental sustainability plan across our activities.

Image: The new Sensory Garden at MKUH