From the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization | February 1, 2019
RFQs Posted
The MPO has reissued RFQs for Health Benefit Consulting and Retirement Benefits Consulting services. Questions for the requests are due to the MPO by February 8th and the deadline for responses are due February 22nd. Visit the MPO's Contract Opportunities page for more information.
Media Advisory: INDOT 18-month Construction Letting List
INDOT has released list of scheduled construction projects over the next eighteen months. Click here to view a complete list of all projects, including location, contract number, type of work, and more.
Cold Weather Travel Tips
In response to the frigid temperatures that fell over the region over the past couple days, Indianapolis MPO Executive Director Anna Gremling has posted a video on the MPO Facebook page on travelling in cold weather. Learn more.
Biking in the US: 2018
People for Bikes has released a report on the state of cycling in the United States for 2018, including design preferences to increase cycling commutes, bike safety statistics, and methods for creating high quality bike networks. Learn more.
Legislative Roundup
The Indianapolis MPO received a report on important transportation legislation that was introduced at the Indiana Statehouse that affects both the organization and its members. Below is a select list of bills and brief descriptions.
HB1326: Classification of Electric Bicycles

Defines the term "electric bicycle" as a bicycle equipped with: (1) operable pedals; and (2) an electric motor with a power output not greater than 750 watts. Provides that an electric bicycle is not a motor vehicle. Provides that the operator of an electric bicycle is: (1) subject to all of the duties; and (2) entitled to all of the rights and privileges; of a bicycle operator. Provides that an electric bicycle shall be regulated as a bicycle. Provides certain exceptions. Exempts the operator of an electric bicycle from motor vehicle statutes concerning: (1) driver's licenses; and (2) financial responsibility. Exempts electric bicycles from motor vehicle statutes concerning: (1) certificates of title; (2) registration; and (3) off-road vehicles. Requires manufacturers and distributors of electric bicycles to affix and prominently display a label with the following information on each electric bicycle: (1) The class level of the electric bicycle. (2) The top assisted speed of the electric bicycle. (3) The total power output of the electric bicycle's electric motor. Requires all electric bicycles to comply with certain requirements adopted by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Requires all electric bicycles to be equipped with an electric motor that disengages or ceases to function when the operator: (1) stops pedaling; or (2) applies brakes. Specifies where electric bicycles may be operated. Allows a local authority or state agency with jurisdiction over a trail, bicycle path, or multipurpose path to regulate the use of electric bicycles on a trail, bicycle path, or multipurpose path subject to the local authority's or state agency's jurisdiction. Prohibits a person less than 15 years of age from operating certain electric bicycles. Allows a person less than 15 years of age to ride as a passenger on certain electric bicycles. Requires a properly fitted and fastened helmet capable of meeting certain safety standards to be worn by certain individuals when operating or riding on certain electric bicycles. Defines certain terms. Makes conforming amendments.

HB1364: I-65 and I-70 in Indianapolis

Prohibits the Indiana department of transportation (INDOT) from changing the location of the downtown corridor of I-65 and I-70 if the changes include above grade walls and additional lanes. Requires INDOT to consider increasing: (1) connectivity between neighborhoods and areas of commerce that are divided by the downtown corridor; and (2) opportunities for economic development surrounding the downtown corridor; when developing plans to change the location of the downtown corridor. Requires plans for changing the location of the downtown corridor to be submitted to the interim study committee on roads and transportation (committee). Requires the committee to review the plans for compliance and provide recommendations to the governor. Requires INDOT to consider recommendations from the committee.

HB1365: Central Indiana Transportation Projects

Repeals the prohibition that prevents certain counties from: (1) purchasing; (2) leasing; (3) acquiring; (4) constructing; or (5) operating a light rail project. Makes a conforming amendment.

SB89: Safe Distance for Overtaking Bicycles

Requires the driver of a vehicle, when passing a bicycle that is proceeding in the same direction as the vehicle, to maintain a safe distance of at least three feet between the vehicle and the bicycle. (A violation of this requirement is a Class C infraction under IC 9-21-8-49.)

SB145: County Vehicle Excise and Wheel Tax Exemption

Provides that the fiscal body of a city or town may adopt an ordinance declaring that a vehicle registered in the city or town is exempt from the county vehicle excise tax and the county wheel tax (nonparticipating municipality). Provides that a nonparticipating municipality does not receive a distribution of county vehicle excise tax revenue or county wheel tax revenue.

SB285: Public Transit Funding

Allows counties to impose an additional local income tax rate to fund the operations of a public transportation corporation and the operations of a rural transportation assistance program. Provides that the rate must be adopted by the county council and must be at least 0.1% but not more than 0.25%. Excludes from this provision any county that is eligible to hold a referendum on funding transportation projects under the central Indiana public transportation projects statute.

SR14: Urging the Legislative Council to Establish a Study Committee to Study Issues Related to the Regulation of Railroad Crossings

A SENATE RESOLUTION urging the legislative council to establish a study committee to study issues related to the regulation of railroad crossings.
Check out the  MPO's Calendar  for upcoming meeting dates of the Indianapolis Regional Transportation Council and its Committees. All locations are accessible by public transportation.

  • Technical Committee - February 6, at 9am at MIBOR Realtor Association, 1912 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • Policy Committee - February 20, at 9am at MIBOR Realtor Association, 1912 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46202