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My Favorite Color is October
O hushed October morning mild, Begin the hours of this day slow. Make the day seem to us less brief. ~ Robert Frost #culture

What's up in October? ~Hopefully NOT the temps or humidity, will it ever stop?!

Who are we, we are triathletes! Time to party

We spend most of the year concentrating on SWIM, BIKE, RUN, it's now time to hang up our goggles and hide our running shoes, say hello to our fellow athletes, and reconnect with family. What better way to this than to SHOWER and try to figure out who everyone is with dry hair, real clothes, and makeup (optional for men...and women, this is a judgement free zone).
What ? BSE Tri-Club Social and 70.3 Send-off
When ? October 6th 6:30-8:30
Where ? JuJu Restaurant, 604 Coleman Blvd.
Why ? Because we love our tri-club peeps!

Not done racing yet you say? Okay good. We have more!

What ? She Tris Aquathon
  • Skip the bike! This race is a 250 yard pool swim and a 5k run
When ? October 13th
Where ? Carnes Crossroads, 513 Wodin PI, Summerville, SC 29483
Why ? Because you're awesome and you want to start something different
Sign up here : Aquathon

Finish October STRONG with another challenge:

What ? James Island Connector Run or Duathlon
  • What the what? There are options here people: 5k or 10k RUN OR a Duathlon (that's a 10k bike/5k run)
When ? October 27th, 8:30 am
Where ? James Island Connector...hence the name
Why ? For a whole bunch of reasons -- support a great cause (Gavalas Kolanko Foundation (GKF) and try something new here in the Lowcountry
Sign up here: JIC Run
Monthly Spotlight
Race ritual VS Race routine - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ... and the weird

If you race, chances are you have several race routines or rituals that you do before every race. You may not be aware of them or you may obsess about them, but they're there -- hiding in your subconscious or glaringly obvious to those around you. Why do we have have them? What are they? Are they helpful or some weird artifact of being human?

Let's start with a definition of race ritual vs race routine. Most people use the term interchangeably but typically they mean totally different things.“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
The Princess Bride (1987) -- Know what the word is? Come in to the store tell us and buy 2 CEP socks, get one FREE!

One can be seen as bat-sh$t crazy stuff you do before every race to ensure a good performance while the other one is under your control and helps you get race ready. Hmmm, I know you're thinking that you only engage in totally sane practices and do race routines, nothing you do is ritualistic right? I'll let you decide. HOWEVER, I discovered after doing 'extensive' research that both yield similar results. Both pre-race behaviors get you race ready.

Let me put on my Psychologist hat for one minute to help you understand the difference between a ritual and a routine.

  • Ritual = a 'superstition' that has control over you. There is no practical impact on your performance (Unless you're Tiger Woods and wearing a red shirt and black pants on the final day propels you to a win). And failure to engage in this behavior will only result in a bad race performance.

  • Routine = behaviors you control to help get your body ready to race. This can include eating the same breakfast pre-race because you know it will settle in your stomach and you won't poop yourself (TMI?). It can also include warm up stretches and exercises to prime your body to race well.

Are these mutually exclusive behaviors? Nope. A routine can easily become a ritual if it causes you distress if you can't perform all of it the same way every time. One key difference between the two is flexibility - the ability to roll-with-the-punches. Arriving late on race day? That's okay, you'll simply shorten your warm up. Can't find your favorite WonderWoman sports bra? That's it, race over, failure is imminent.

Right now you're thinking that only routines are cool right? I'm going to have to say yes because it's more under your control and therefore more likely to happen. HOWEVER, both routines AND rituals can keep you calm on race morning. Both routines AND rituals help you remember to bring everything to the race (breakfast, clothes, etc). Both routines AND rituals can get us the race results we've trained to obtain.

How about a test to see if you can pick out the routine vs ritual? (actual pre-race activities polled from our awesome BSE staff and family)

  1. Shower before road races and only road races
  2. Eat the same thing before every race
  3. Listen to Metallica on the way to the race
  4. Put Pepto Bismol in RIGHT pants pocket
  5. Always put right shoe on first
  6. Get up a minimum of 2 hrs before the race
  7. Wear different shoes to warm up in than race in (change them 5 minutes before race start)
  8. Warm up a minimum of 3 miles
  9. Take in nutrition 30 mins before start
  10. Get to starting line 90 seconds before race start

Thanks for taking the test. No I'm not going to give you the answers, I'm pretty sure you can figure out what will help you in a race and what is more questionable. The point is that all of the behaviors may help you race faster, but it's best to stick with things you can control than those you can't and realize that the color of your bra really won't make you faster. There are no real powers in my WonderWoman bra (but I'm still wearing it on race day!).

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" ~ Mahatma Gandhi #peacefulculture
Featured product
Cervelo S2
SPRINT, CORNER, CLIMB, (shampoo, rinse) REPEAT

What are we talking about? We're talking about the best aero road bike on the market at a value-conscious price (yep, you guessed it, Cervelo's words not mine). Here at Blue Sky we have the best road and tri bikes on the market, and as we head in to the triathlon 'off-season' it's time to start planning your winter riding. And what better way than by purchasing a new ROAD BIKE! Swap out the aggressive geometry of your tri-bike for a more comfortable road bike. Spend your winter riding hours perfectly comfortable, working on your cycling skills on the Cervelo S2. It's super cool AND I have a Cervelo road bike too -- I love it. If that's not reason enough, here are some other reasons to buy one:

"Premium Project California-engineered Core Design Features give the S2 pro-level performance, with Future-Proof Cable Management, Partial Seat-Tube Cut Out, and Carbon Drop Outs." Truthfully I have no idea what that means, but it sounds cool, it's on their website, and it has big words so it must be important.

"The S2 carbon aero road bike offers premium aero features with a focus on usability and all-day ride quality ."~ minds out of the gutter people, we're talking about bi-cyc-les! The point here is that the bike is comfortable, but fast too.

Stop by and check out our S2's and we can be bike twinsies. Too cutsie? Then buy one an we'll look like we're on an ultra-cool Cervelo bike team!

“Speed. O jest unseen, inscrutable, invisible, As a nose on a man's face, or a weathercock on a steeple!" ~ William Shakespeare -- what, the what ?? I have no idea what this means, but #culture
The Athletes' Plate  
" You better cut the pizza into 4 slices because I'm not hungry enough to eat 6" ~Yogi Berra

It's candy month! I bet you didn't even know it was national candy month? Not many people do. Why? Because I just made that up, but someone has to start the trend so why not me, why not now! Let's do this people. Can I get an Amen?!

In honor of National Candy Month (I'm using CAPS now so it is official), I thought I would share with you what you will have to do to work off all of that Halloween candy you'll be stealing from your kids or 'buying to hand out but secretly eating it all before halloween". It looks like you'd better get working, very rarely do we only eat one piece of bite-sized candy....

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups -5 miniature : 15 mins swimming (don't tell my husband...)
Kit-kat -2 fun size: 27 mins cycling (good thing I like my bike trainer...)
Sour Patch Kids - 1 fun size pack : 16 mins running
Hershey's Kisses - 9 pieces: 23 mins weight lifting
Butterfinger - 2 fun size bars: 13 mins running
Snickers - 2 fun size bars: 11 mins swimming (if you see me in the pool, now you'll now why)
Twix - 2 fun size bars: 12 mins running
Candy Corn( yes, people really this!)- 19 pieces: 23 mins cycling

Looks like I already need to get out there and get active! Yikes, those 'fun size' candies aren't so much fun anymore. Happy indulging everyone!

Siobhan Maize, Ph.D (not in nutrition but I can provide fun facts and jokes with my degree)

“I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.” The Devil Wears Prada 
YOU Wear It Well Award
Each month we're going to scour the internet to see who 'wore it best'. We're looking for people training and racing in Blue Sky Endurance gear. That means YOU! Did you snap a selfie on a morning run? Did you get an awesome race photo last week? Post it on our FB page or your FB page but make sure to tag us, or #blueskyendurance on instagram. You post it, we'll find you. Why should you care?? Because you will win something! ! And who doesn't like free stuff?! And this month we have TWO WINNERS! !!
Teamwork makes dreamswork and this month we had some awesome teamwork! At the SwimJam swim Donna Engblom totally rocked her swim -- despite swimming the 2.5k swim instead of the 1 mile swim!-- and Coach Cynch was there waiting to cheer her in to the finish line. Way to go Team BSE! Stop by the store in October to pick up your Way-To-Go prize Donna, you deserve it:)
And not to be outdone by teamwork, Lora Thomas made her own dreamwork during the lead up to Hurricane Flo. She hustled herself downtown in her rocking' Blue Sky shirt to be weather-person for the day for the Weather Channel. We LOVE it! Way to rep-BSE and make all of your dreams come true, just like Disney World would...magical. You need to stop by the store anytime in October to pick up your own prize.
"Might wake up early and go for a run. Might also win the lottery, the odds are the same."

RISE & RUN . Get on up and GET OUT ! You, yes you, need to join us for our early morning Rise&Run sessions. Get our and see the sights!! This was an awesome treat-- a tug boat was guiding a huge container ship under the Ravenel Bridge before the sun was even peaking up above the horizon. How many people missed that cool view? too many if you ask me...which you didn't...but I'm offering my opinion anyway.

Our Group Run is Thursday mornings at  5:30, but nothing is set in stone so you never know what it's going to be! Have a preference? Make a suggestion and we'll see what we can do to run where YOU want to run. I 's a great way to see the sights, meet new people, and get in a great workout. And of course the great sunrise is a magical treat. Don't miss out!

" You know what part I love about waking up early? Nothing."
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