While the weather here in the US gets colder, there are many places around the world that are just entering into their spring and summer months. Heading into another summer might sound like a good idea to us, but without the proper homes and food available, the summer months can be harsh. Read below about our Kenya mission and how they are hoping to get through the summer!
Expanding the Mission

The Missionaries of the Poor brothers are a God-send to the community in Nairobi, Kenya. From giving homes to orphaned children and elderly to feeding the community however they can, these men are blessings to all they touch. Their plan for getting through the summer hinges on our help! Read their inspiring contributions here! 
Just Around the Corner(stone)...

The Thambipuram community has been hard at work together to fulfill their thirst for the Eucharist! Thanks to your generosity they have almost completed their new church. As you read about their amazing progress today you will see their incredible love for Christ and His Church!
Tuition for Nutrition
Mano Amiga Schools care about more than just 
academics - they foster an integral and holistic view of the human person, just as God intended. To support that, Mano Amiga El Salvador is teaching students AND families all about nutrition and how important it is. 
Read about their impressive nutrition program now!
Thank you!

Your generosity is what makes our mission of globally building the Kingdom of God possible!

Praying for you is part of our mission - whether you send in y our prayer intentions by mail, online, over the phone or by e-mail we will lift you up in prayer. We reserve a special time each week to ask God to bless you abundantly.

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