The school year is now well underway and all the homework, tests, and activities that come with it. And, thanks to your generosity, the same is true for many more students at our Mano Amiga schools! With each gift towards scholarships we receive, more and more students are given the life-long gift of education. A gift that breaks the vicious, generational cycle of poverty and enables these children of God to give back to their own community. Read more below about our Life-Changing Education Campaign and other ways Catholic World Mission is building the kingdom of God!
Life-Changing Education
The children at our Mano Amiga schools know the value of education. Each school is often like an oasis amidst the extreme hardships in the children's home life. With the scholarships they receive from generous donors like you they can grow to break the cycle of poverty they are trapped in.
Read more about illuminating the minds of children around the world here!
Clean Water for Cameroon!

Thanks to your generosity, Catholic World Mission empowered the community of Nkar, Cameroon to build a water well and alleviate the suffering of so many. For the first time ever our brothers and sisters in Christ have clean running water! 
Missionary Spirits Ignited in Jamaica

Thanks to your generosity, young people in the United States are experiencing the love of Jesus Christ in new and profound ways. The students from the Catholic Student Union at FSU go on mission trips every Spring and Summer break; for many missionaries it is where they decide to receive Christ into their hearts and strive to live for him for the rest of their lives.
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story now! 
Thank you!
It is your support that makes our mission of globally building the kingdom of God possible! 


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